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Paris -- Totally Sketched Out

6/26/2007 11:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Paris Hilton was released from Lynwood this morning, her lawyer, Rich Hutton, slipped Harvey Levin a personalized sketch and note from the heiress herself.

The drawing, a self-portrait of Hilton at a pay phone inside the jail, features Paris in her jail issue with an incredibly accurate depiction of our fearless leader hosting "Larry King Live" on television in the background.

Sorry folks, you ain't gonna see this one on eBay.
Paris' card to HArvey Levin


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Gads, the handwriting (printing) does look primary school, also all the little hearts, very juvenile.

Sigh.....what else does she have to do? Sleep, dress, eat, party, sleep, dress, eat, party.....

So exhausting.

2621 days ago

Nita Drink    

That's probably the first pay phone that Paris have ever seen, let alone used. It's hard to draw stuff you're not familiar with.

2621 days ago


I cannot help but crack up after seeing this! has she gone off her rocket?

2621 days ago


Harvey, are you sleeping with Rick Hilton?

2621 days ago


Guess she has selective reading in that the comments made are not unbiased and she's making attempts to ignore them. The comment section is more truthful. They will haunt her.

Dear Paris -- you are a self-absorbed, believe you have entitlement, law breaking mindless slut who should go away for a while -- far, far, away. I won't begrudge you your family -- take the whole Media Whore family with you. Oh, and make sure to take Harvey -- that's your Mom's new boy toy.

Just to keep you up to date -- she's being doing him since you were put in jail. That's the way she's been paying him off for his "unbiased" reporting.

A Mom who has trashed everything you appear on in our house so that no picture or anything is available to further lower the self esteem of little girls, something you might have to ask someone of intelligence about cause your Mommy has no brains either.

2621 days ago


So, I guess it's up to the American people to make their individual stand... whilst for the most part, I do enjoy reading a little TMZ every now and then.... this is the last post and last article I will read about Paris Hilton.... Enough said...

2621 days ago


Seriously, why is half this page filled with several stories on Paris being released? You only need one damn story.

WE ARE OVER IT! Stop kissing Paris' ass.

2621 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Now I think I really am going to barf !!!! What slimy idiots are Paris, her family, her lawyers, her PR people and everyone else who thinks she's so great. Unless Paris goes to Africa to help the poor and starving people, I will never have any respect for this useless, dumb piece of waste. Her parents should be locked up for raising such a horrible creature.

2621 days ago


My six year old niece writes better than this and she's in first grade! What would Paris ever do if she didn't have the media and websites like this to propogate her skanky career as an illiterate bimbo? Wouldn't it be ironic if a drunk driver came sailing along and hit her?

2621 days ago

getting tired of crap    

Let's send her to France for an art education. That'll teach the soft cheese eating surrender monkeys.

2621 days ago


There is absolutely no doubt.

This chick is mentally challenged (retarted!!!)

2621 days ago


well, how does it feel to lose the last tattered shred of anything resembling dignity, harvey? not that you had much to begin with, but this is truly a new level of lame. even for you.

2621 days ago

Over it in Georgia    

Paris is just another one of the spoiled little brats of the world that's received her fame from Daddy's money. Being in jail for 23 days isn't going to change her! Send her back and make her stay a year. That might change her. Celebrities are always getting off easy. IMO, the punishment should be the same regardless of who you are, who your parents are, or how much money you may have.


2621 days ago


Lol...cute drawing. I like her autograph, very cool. I truely hope that she will now pave the way for all the "troubled young Hollywood" to get back on the straight and narrow road so we can enjoy them for years to come (vs early deaths/etc). I'm a big wrestling fan, so the Chris Benoit death (regardless of cause) is tough enough to handle......I'd rather be able to enjoy my musicians/actors/wrestlers/sports stars/etc past their 20s/30s/40s. God bless!

2621 days ago


Im jealous of Harvey. I didnt get a letter or a picture :-( Dear Harvey you suck! lol

2621 days ago
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