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World Wrestling DEADeration

6/26/2007 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The shocking and gruesome double murder/suicide involving wrestling superstar Chris Benoit isn't the "sport's" first brush with mysterious and untimely deaths.
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From exploding hearts to drug use -- and even to some unsolved cases -- some of the musclebound who've entered the squared circle have checked out early.

TMZ has assembled a gallery of the dudes and chicks -- knocked out too soon.


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Don't forget Davey Boy Smith aka The British Bulldog. He was 39, and he dropped dead from a heart attack, and steroids were considered a culprit in his death. The same with Rick Rude too. They can damage the heart. My cousin now has trouble with his heart valve.

2620 days ago


Eddie died of heart disease and alcohol abuse.

2620 days ago


Keep taking those steroids.

2620 days ago


I do feel that it was very disrespectful to the Benoit family, Nancy Benoit's family and to all family members greiving the loss of that sweet little boy, Daniel.
To deny it was not due to the use of injectable steriods is ridiculous. They are a very dangerous drug, when used over a period of time and in excess. 'Roid Rage' is very true to the name it was given. They bulk you up quickly, but they cause extreme abusive violence towards anyone in their way. not to mention all the other organs in the body that start to shut down, causing death, as well.
Athletes are under constant pressure, get bigger , faster, stronger, quicker. It doesn't say much for the majority of athletes that stay clean. Only takes a few bad know the rest.
My deepest sympathies to the families of all three victims, although it's unclear if Benoit himself was a victim, it does not make him any less dead to his family.

2620 days ago


Eddie Guerrero, thanx Lita & others, obviously a little controversy over how he died, but i do agree he was clean 4 a few years prior to his death,,,,,HE WAS A POSITIVE MAN, SD is a very cool place, WRESTLERS R N' great shape but over the years like a REAL skateboarder, football player,,,,your bodys gotta be thrashed,,,,,,,sad story, some mental stuff in this one

2620 days ago


NO ONE KNOWS IF HE WAS ON STEROIDS. They were founf in his house, not in his bloodstream (that we know yet). Did they say they were his, did they say if they had been used? NO. No one knows because the tox reports have not come back. Dang, let the tests be done, than judge.

2620 days ago


congratulations TMZ, now you joined the likes of HBO in attacking the Wrestling industry. why don't youo guys put the #of deaths the music industry has had, or the movie industry, or even the television industry. put them all side by side and I'm sure the wrestlers are angels compared to these other entertainers.

2620 days ago


Perhaps you should mention how many of these performers wrestled for years in WCW, a Time Warner company. And how most of them picked up their habits there.

2620 days ago


Let's face it. Things could have been worse. He kept his killing spree to himself and his family. With all the steroids pumping through his veins, it's a wonder he didn't go postal and take out the entire neighborhood as well.

2620 days ago

kim suck    

Big John Stud died because of drug use but he did not go and KILL his wife a kid!?!??!?

2620 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

That was sick TMZ!

2620 days ago

Levin the sellout    

Hey Harvey think you could have had any LESS class listing the demise of those wrestling stars? Do you or have any class whatsoever? It's time to get rid of the free summer interns.

2620 days ago


I cannot believe that this website has sunk this low. These people still have families and friends. Can you not give them a little respect after all they have been through. This story is a tragedy. Does anyone remember that a mom and a little boys life was taken? I just found this site a few weeks ago, but today will be my last visit. It is one thing to have these stories about living, breathing people, but when you disrespect people who are no longer on this earth, you have gone way too far.

2620 days ago


I may be able to take something positive about this. My son is 9 years old and a big WWE fan. He heard about what happened to Chris Benoit but didn't really understand it.

I calmly explained that sometimes living with Mommy and the kids can make a man go cuckoo and kill them all. We just kind of stared at each other in silence after that. Then I looked off and stared at a spot on the ceiling for a couple minutes.

I think he got the message. I think that boy is going to be a lot more obedient around here than he is for the two weeks before Christmas. He picked up his shoes off the ground and told me he was going to make his bed. I just gave him another blank stare. After he left I took a sip of my coffee. Damn, this is good coffee.

2620 days ago


I don't take the title as offensive. It is reality the World Wrestling Federation needs to STOP before more people are dead, kids look up to this Gong show. God bless the families who have been devastated by this tragedy. The claim to fame (especially while on drugs) is a high price to pay - with the final paycheck being "death." Our bodies can only take so much pain (medications, steroids)before we turn into savaging animals. The WWF said they had steroid testing in ya know how easy it is to pass an unregulated urine test??? You can buy products over the internet that cleanse your system and some drugs are not traceable...get with reality...get rid of the WWF AND THE WWE Federation!!!!!!!!!

2620 days ago
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