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WWE -- No Killer Zone

6/26/2007 11:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After authorities revealed the grisly details of Chris Benoit's final days, the WWE is changing their tune. In a televised statement, aired just moments ago on Sci Fi Channel's ECW, Vince McMahon made it clear -- they will no longer honor the memory of the murdering wrestler:

"Last night on 'Monday Night Raw,' the WWE presented a special tribute show, recognizing the career of Chris Benoit. However, now some 26 hours later, the facts of this horrific tragedy are now apparent. Therefore, other than my comments, there will be no mention of Mr. Benoit tonight. On the contrary, tonight's show will be dedicated to everyone who has been affected by this terrible incident. This evening marks the first step of the healing process. Tonight, the WWE performers will do what they do better than anyone else in the world -- entertain you."


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Yes. continued steroid use causes rage but it also causes paranoia. Paranoia just doesn't jump out of you, it takes time to build. For V. McMahon to say it wasn't steroids is dangerous and deceitful. This waste of skin is in denial and should really keep his mouth shut. This is coming from word to describe him......who is a proponent of steroid use and hasn't done enough to discourage or stop it in his industry. He figures he has a monopoly on wrestling and that people are not going to care, they will just eat up the sleaze and filth he cooks for them. Unfortunately many people are so hungry for entertainment that they will eat anything including B******T. This is an industry that needs stringent regulating. You would think he'd have gotten a clue when Owen Hart was killed......but no!!!!

Now no one forced Chris Benoit to take steroids, although the competition in wrestling could be considered an inducement. Remember if your not buff or muscled, you don't get air time. With a family to support that would be inducement enough for some people.

My heart goes out to both families because everyone involved was a victim and it is sad that McMahon doesn't see that . Maybe the steroids are blinding him. Compassion needs to overcome greed and denial and the overriding thoughts to cover his own tush.

2619 days ago


it's about time that WWE sees the sleaz by honoring this men.
I am embarrased to be an American and soon I be skipping out of this country.
I cannot take the life overhere anymore, cheap, skanky ,riddled with materialism,
and corrupt to the core.
Moving to a STILL classier place called Europe ( Euro Trash we call them remember?)
Who is the trash here ? we sit in the Glasshouse and throw rocks.
Good riddance , and I be fine if you say the same, eat your heart's out.

2619 days ago


How can anybody overlook Chris's drug use and the fact that he is a drug using careless asshole. Real men don't off their entire family and consistently abuse drugs in presents of his love ones. John is exactly right he did say it was steroid rage. How he know i don't know.

2619 days ago


OK- At the time of the tribute show, no one knew the circumstances of the Benoit tragedy so people should stop getting mad at the WWE for "paying tribute to a murderer". The next day on Tues. nights WWE ECW show, Vince mentioned that they now know what happened and will no longer mention the Benoit name, but will honor those affected, which I think was a classy thing. If you go to, they removed all tributes and are only reporting the facts. And for those blaming steroid use as the problem, again go to and read what the WWE had to say: all drugs were prescription; the toxology results are not in, so there is no telling if there were roids in him; "roid rage" is rage, not a series of attacks that lasted 2-3 days with deliberate thought- his family was asphyxiated, not beaten out of rage, plus he had the thought of putting a bible next to their bodies. So, quit buying into the speculation and just go off the facts that are out right now.

2619 days ago


HEY Tonia 149? How can anybody write anything positive about a murderer and addict.

2619 days ago


Duh LA LAWYER. Yes, the WWE knew it was a crime scene before they aired the tribute. Anytime there are 3 dead people in a house it's a CRIME SCENE. Even if you don't know who did what to whom. I'm sure even the might Vince didn't know all of the details when the show aired.

Benoit should be honored as one of the best method wrestlers but that's not how he's going to be remembered.

Does anyone remember OJ's football career anymore???

2619 days ago


Chris was great . Let this be a lesson . this is what happens if you don't tap out from the crippler crossface.

2619 days ago


Shock... saddness.....So different from the man we all came to know as a family man.
what snapped? We'll will ever know what really happened?
I hope they finally get every one off of steroids.
I tears and pray for the family they left behind...
HAs anyone thought of them.

2619 days ago


About time! Since I live only 15 minutes away from the WWE's Corporate office in Stamford, CT, I'm glad Vince is turning away from "honoring" Chris Benoit.

Too bad between the last text message received & 12:30pm when someone FINALLY decided to contact the police, they didn't get over there sooner.

I would have LOVED to see Chris get arrested and face the death penalty...he deserves it!

I hope Eddie Guerrero is kicking his butt in Hell!!

2619 days ago

"Ruthless" Ryan    

I cant believe what has happened over the past couple of days. i always watched Benoit and thought he was one of the greatest. the only way i could see this happening is if drugs were involved. i bet he got so messed up that he didnt no what he was doing and when he saw what he had done, he took his own life. its me dream to be a pro wrestler and Benoit was one of the guys i looked up to. now you see what kind of guy he really was.

2619 days ago


the whole " wrestlin " concept is at the very least borderline homosexual .

2619 days ago


well John, if you know anything about roid rage... They snap.. he killed his wife one day, and his son the next??? Thats not snapping. We dont know what was going thru his mind, not that this gives him a right to kill. But to say you knew why he did it is wrong. Noone knows but him, and hes dead . and as far as Vince giving him a tribute. The man did not know what had actually happened. The details of how they died were not released until after the show.

2619 days ago


People on here are idiots. One of the treatments for the x chromosome disease his son had was to administer Human Growth Hormone. Who the hell would think that he gave his kid steroids? Are you all idiots are just play one in blogs? And to anyone who know anything about psychology or roid rage, roid rage is not planned. Your trying to say he ahd roid rage for 3 days? If he was talking it, another side effect is depression. I can believe that he was depressed and did this, then realized what he did. Just like woman go through post pardom and kill their kids . . . . .WWE is in a hard situation becasue they worked with this man for years, and many called him a friend. Do you honestly think WWE would put on the tribute show knowing what he did? Like the info wouldn't come out? This is sad all around, but read the facts and stop assuming. The police have never at anytime said steroids were found in the house. And the police have said the perscription meds they foudn look legit.

2619 days ago


My thoughts and prayers go out to all the family members and friends of the Benoit family. This entire situation is tragic on so many levels. The devastation his actions have caused so many is unbearable. It is also tragic that an individual who dedicated more than 22 years of his life to sports entertainment will have his entire career forgotten due to the recent headlines. I realize it is hard for us to seperate the two and honor him for the tremendous efforts and accomoplishments in the industry he loved without thinking "what a pa thetic loser, what a killer". Personally I am torn and not really sure how to feel. I hope and pray that upon toxicology reports we may find answers that perhaps can help us understand what happened and how he could take the lives of his loved on es. As for them pumping up his son with hormones bc he is small is just disgusting. Steroids is an enormous issue with every athletic venue (football, baseball, olympic athletes) unfortunately it is glorified when it comes to wrestlers due to the massive physiques of a huge percentage of these superstars. All in all Chris was a truly accomplished wrestler who gave the buisness some if its best moments and now unfortunately he also gives the buisness some of its worst publicity.

2619 days ago

maybe their afraid    

I think Vince is in damage control mode solely because he is afraid the doctors they just busted will start talking about how they are linked to other wrestlers and what people within the organization knew about and assisted getting wrestlers set up with this company.

2619 days ago
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