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WWE -- No Killer Zone

6/26/2007 11:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After authorities revealed the grisly details of Chris Benoit's final days, the WWE is changing their tune. In a televised statement, aired just moments ago on Sci Fi Channel's ECW, Vince McMahon made it clear -- they will no longer honor the memory of the murdering wrestler:

"Last night on 'Monday Night Raw,' the WWE presented a special tribute show, recognizing the career of Chris Benoit. However, now some 26 hours later, the facts of this horrific tragedy are now apparent. Therefore, other than my comments, there will be no mention of Mr. Benoit tonight. On the contrary, tonight's show will be dedicated to everyone who has been affected by this terrible incident. This evening marks the first step of the healing process. Tonight, the WWE performers will do what they do better than anyone else in the world -- entertain you."


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All in all, he was nothing but a sadistic child slaughtering waste of life

2646 days ago


Looking at the "timeline" the WWE has provided and the estimated time of deaths (that's been released) it makes it quite interesting.
1) Nancy was murdered sometime Saturday
2) Text messages go out on both Chris and Nancy's cell phone.
3) Sometime Sunday the son is murdered.
4) Sometime Monday Chris hangs himself.

No. 2 seems very much a cry for help (for want of a better word).

Does this in anyway excuse the crimes. No. Obviously Chris knew what he was doing was wrong and still did it.

The way the murders were committed don't point to the classic description of roid rage. Though he may have been using steroids or some other drugs they may or may not have been a factor. It feels to me like Chris fell into the abyss and took his family with him.

As for WWE's decision to do a tribute show. The only wuestion that needs to be answered to assess blame for the tribute shos is when did they know Chris was the murderer? If it was after the show ran than they are only guilty of hoping against the worst. That being said they or USA network should have pulled the westcoast feed/repeat once the authorities made the announcement.

2646 days ago


You know what pisses me off about this whole thing is how people keeping bringing up the DAMN STEROIDS wtf is wrong with you people you want to know why the word "STEROIDS" is being brought up so much I'll tell you because it's been done before simply put the media is using this to knock wrestling mostly Vince McMahon and the WWE because if you want to talk about steroids look at Chris Benoit the guy was solid as a rock and he has been for many years MANY YEARS look back at tapes from 1996 till now so STOP with the damn excuse of steroids you people that agree with that are just jumping right into the media's hands in trying to give WWE a bad name for whatever reason........The fact of the matter is this as far as we all know a man killed his wife and 7 year old son over the weekend then hanged himself as sad as it is this has happend before and can you sit there and tell me that all these other men or women who have killed their family took steroids COME ON the only damn reason the word steroids is even being thrown around was becasue Chris Benoit happend to be a WWE Wrestler and I am damn sick of it get a life media i'm not sure why the media or wrestling haters in general take every sad chance of a wrestler dying as a way to knock WWE this was not Vince McMahon's fault this was done by a grown man Chris Benoit for whatever reason killed his family and none of us no why and we will not really know this story until everything comes together in the investigation but stop with using this sad tragedy as a way to ruin wrestling just stop with that crap right now it may come out he had steroids in his body at the time of the murders so what I am willing to bet anything that had nothing to do with what made this man snap and do this we may never know why he did this but enough with the damn steroids playing a factor if that was the case Chris Benoit would have snapped YEARS AGO damn and another thing I can't stand when the media talks about all these dead wrestling personalities dying before 40 or a lil past 40 yrs of age again like it's Vince McMahon and WWE's fault even TMZ right now has a list of wrestlers who died young among them Earthquake who died of CANCER Yokozuna who died of a heartattack because he weighed like 600LBS and Dino Bravo who was shot and killed GANGSTYLE so stop media stop with this BS against WWE if you are going to go there then get your damn facts straight

2646 days ago


Hey guys- yes, what Benoit did was ridiculously horrible. but that still doesnt change the fact that 3 people died. You can't help what you feel- and I feel sad knowing I won't ever get to see Benoit wrestle again. And I dont want to believe it, but apperantly Benoit is a murderer, but no one can take away that fact that he was a great wrestler and all these people talking trash on the comments saying what wonderful people we must be for still wanting to remember that just need to get outta here.

2646 days ago


Um, hello people. It's sad that Americans, on the whole, don't take the time to check out their facts.

According to everything that's on the web, Chris didn't get into Atlanta until Saturday and according to what authorities are saying, Daniel could have been killed as early as Friday. That would have meant that only one person could have killed him and that would have been his mother.

And Vince McAsshole really needs to cut the sanctimonious garbage. Here's a guy who has dragged professional wrestling through the mud (and then some!) for over 20 years, he shoved his untalented family on the public week after week on his beyond boring programs, no one cares (which is the reason why the buy rates for his shows are more abysmal than ever), and he continued with his moronic storyline of being blown up in a car after Sherri Martel's death.

Vince is true to his white trash roots. I sincerely hope he drops dead real soon because I don't who died and left him in charge!

2646 days ago


The "steroids" that were found in the house were prescribed by a doctor. HOWEVER, they were not for Chris Benoit. As silly as it sounds they were prescribed to his son Daniel to help treat his disease. Young Daniel was born with Fragile X, otherwise known as Turner's Disease/Syndrome/Disorder, which is a form of mild mental and physical retardation. As stated by Web MD it is defined as: defect of the X chromosome which causes mild mental retardation. The disorder occurs more frequently and severely among males than females. This condition is the leading known familial cause of mental retardation in the United States. Language delays, behavioral problems, autism or autistic-like behavior (including poor eye contact and hand-flapping), enlarged external genitalia (macroorchidism), large or prominent ears, hyperactivity, delayed motor development and/or poor sensory skills are among the wide range of symptoms associated with this disorder. One of the known treatments for this is putting the patient on human growth hormones or small dosages of anabolic steroids. Also for those of you who believe this was done during a "roid rage" evidently don't know what a roid rage is. Someone who goes into a steroid induced rage does not think clearly. Benoit eveidently had a clear thought process if he bound his wife before he strangled her and then placed a Bible next to each of the bodies. Have you ever heard of someone going into a clearly thought out and executed roid rage? A roid rage also does not last for 3 days like the amount of time these killings spanned. Someone on a roid rage does not "cry for help" like Benoit did by sending texts to his friends. I'm not arguing on his behalf. I think what he did is the worst thing any man could do. I am arguing the "facts" people post on here. If you're going to claim it was a roid rage at least try to back it up.

2646 days ago



why would he bound his wife?

Isnt he like 100 lbs. heavier than her?

He could have easily overpowered her.

2646 days ago

Malsol Kraskes    


Why did Chris Benoit kill his wife and child and then commit suicide?

What daemons caused this aberration?

Was it steroids?

Was it dealing with Vince McMahon?

2646 days ago

Malsol Kraskes    

Murder and suicide are bad for business but Vince McMahon;'s death by terrorists bomb, while he sat in his limo, was acceptable theatre?

Vince McMahon is a hypocrite!

2646 days ago

Malsol Kraskes    

Vince McMahon wants to distance himself from this tragedy purely for business purposes. Vince erases all of Chris' wrestling accomplishments from his web site.

Vince you are a son-of-a-bitch.

2646 days ago

Malsol Kraskes    

It is so sad that four people in WWE died. Yes, four. Remember vince McMahon died in his limmo when it was blown up by a terrorist. That was an official WWE storyline.

Then without any resurrection explanation, Vince appears, alive, to comment on Chris.

When death is good for business, Vince and the WWE exploit it but when it is bad for business, they run away and try to distance themselves.

Shameful conduct.

2646 days ago


To Sabrina any ANYONE else who is making excuses for this PIECE OF GARBAGE Chris Benoit:

I dont care what his problems were. He murdered his wife and his child in COLD BLOOD and then killed himself because he was too much of a punk to deal with what he had done.

He is not a man. He is not a hero. He is a monster who deserves to not only have his name tarnished as much as possible but to also rot in the worst possible hell that exists.


Not only did he murder his wife and his 7 year old son, but he did it one of the worst ways possible... he SUFFOCATED THEM!!!

If his B*tch a$$ could not deal with life, then he should have killed himself and left his wife and his son alone... especially his son, who had his whole life to live....7 YEARS YOUNG!!!

Rest in Peace Nancy and Daniel.

To Chris Benoit, May You Rest in HELL. May you meet your maker and let him judge you how you should be judged!

New Jersey State Police - SWAT
United States Marine Corps - 1st FAST Company

2646 days ago


The truth is HE did kill his family, and then himself... like a coward. I can only hope Vince learned from this, and will move forward. I pray Chris rots in hell! Sick bastard.

R.I.P Nancy and Daniel.

2646 days ago


"Vince erases all of Chris' wrestling accomplishments from his web site"

He damn sure better if he knows what is good business. Smart man, atleast today anyway.

2646 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Poster 96 Joe stated "The "steroids" that were found in the house were prescribed by a doctor. HOWEVER, they were not for Chris Benoit.

The boy was taking human growth hormone. And, the police also found anabolic steroids in the house, the two are 2 completely different forms of hormones. The police are compiling a list of all the RX drugs found in the home and will be releasing it shortly. And, from some of the brief statements made by investigators, it appears a real potpouri of RX drugs were at that house.

2646 days ago
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