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Nikki Links Alleged Kid Killers Cutts, Benoit

6/27/2007 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bobby Cutts, Jr. and Chris Benoit, the alleged child murderers whose cases are all over the news, have an unlikely lady link -- former NFL cheerleader/model Nikki Giavasis.

Giavasis has been everywhere -- "Today," "Good Morning America," CNN, MSNBC -- portraying Cutts, her former boyfriend and baby daddy, as "aggressive" and "threatening" -- and testifying to his potential to be a murderer. Cutts is the father of Nikki's nine-year-old daughter, and he has two other kids. In 1998, Giavasis was at home with former NBA star Shawn Kemp, when Cutts allegedly tried to break in.

Here's the crazy link: Giavasis was also featured in Wrestlemania XX, the WWE showcase that was won by none other than Benoit. Nikki was part of the WWE "Hot Team."

Giavasis' other credits include a starring role in the instructional video, "Becoming a Pro Cheer Leader" [sic] and appearances on reality series "The Casino" and ProActiv spots. She also claims in her bio that she has a genius-level IQ.


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How could a mother let her daughter go live with someone like Cutts, even as she is saying all these terrible things about what she thought about him before he became a murderer. No wonder our society is going down the drain. No wonder our kids are terrors in school and everywhere else. If you are reading this Nikky, I hope you look at your selfish ways and start being a mother and a dad to your kids and give them your total time attention and devotion. Its not to late.

2653 days ago


She is nothing but a wannabe slut. always has been always will be. That girl has never been abused by a man a day in her life. she is nothin but a darma bitch trying to get famous off of somebody elses tragedy. where did she get the IQ test, cracker jack box?

2653 days ago


She is a whore she goes out with anybody.who would want to be tide up with that....Poor kid she has with a whore master.

2652 days ago

i know her    

none of us know her? wait a minute sallydaniels...i know her she is a low-class slut who neglects her children for any man that will have her. nikki is not the best advocate for domestic violence being that she is currently in a relationship with a man who beats her up all of the time and degrades her in front of her children she promotes violence in her household once again by not pressing charges and rewards him by buying him drugs and vacations what a dumb bitch! worst of all i warned her that this man had a criminal history of abuse against women and four active restraining orders, nikki being the groupie whore that she is still got involved with him and recently called me screaming and crying at the top of her lungs because he punched her ,and dumb bitch if you are reading this remember what i told you...that for every second you spend blocking the lines of communication between father and son your children will suffer a full year of life, look at you now you stupid bitch :) you deserve worst. stop sleeping with married celebrities for a paycheck you whore take care of your children they always look deprived stop spending their childsupport on surgery. you look worst than the cat lady.

2651 days ago

sad2say fromcantonohio    

this tramp needs to stop using bobby's tragic crime........ as spotlight time. she trying to get her money. and by any means. bobby's in jail. shawn kemp hasn't made a lay up in how many years? think about your child for once you freakin chicken head!!!!

2650 days ago


It seems that the message board is a haven for people that have no life and like to be negative about other people.
I'm sorry but the ones posting negativity obviously have no idea what it's like to be a victim of an abuser. It's a terrible tragedy and almost impossible to get out.
As far as all the crazy comments I've seen which are full of negativity and lies, I do know the truth.
I sought help at Ms. Giavasis' foundation and she helped me turn my entire life around.
I got protection from a horrible man who abused me for 6 years. He controlled everything I did. I had to leave everything and start over.
Nikki was amazing and she's absolutely breathtakingly beautiful in person. She's also very thin and fit.
She is a true angel.
She helped me get a beautiful home, wonderful job, and counseling.
She still reaches out to me to this day. I've met her beautiful family and they're all closely knit and extremely warm and loving.
I could go on and on about how much Nikki saved my life.
I know she did the right thing by speaking out against that terrible cruel murderer.
She had enormous courage to speak up in the face of adversity. Nikki is a hero and I will be forever grateful to her.

2647 days ago

bod man    

Amen sallydaniels. Nikki is obviously beautiful and intelligent. If more people had listened sooner, that worthless killer might have been stopped.
She was very brave to speak out against cutts on national tv when noone else would call him a suspect. Turns out she was right and everything she said was verified

2645 days ago

i know her    


2643 days ago

Elegance Epitomized    

Haters are hilarious. I feel so sorry those with such a sad miserable life, so obsessed with someone else and unable to focus on yourself. Find a hobby, better yet, build your own life and you won't have time for all the negativity to eat you up like tapeworms devouring you from the insite out. Forgive yourself, realize the truth, deal in reality, and you can let the anger and bitterness go and learn to live a happy life focused on positivity and not evil negativity and drama.

2642 days ago

lion overthetopoulos    

what a disgrace to the fine Greek community in Canton, Ohio. Ms. "PAY ATTENTION TO ME DAMMIT" lapping at the media like a dog and advertising that she's a piece of easy A$$ for both a NBA hound and a cop who makes 24K a year. How very non-discriminatory of you, ms. pathetic. Get some public speaking skills, a new colorist and a decent lipo job, and just maybe you can get a job as a Food Presenter at Sam's Club. You'd certainly be amongst your own kind, ............

2640 days ago

Elegance Epitomized    

I encourage you to let go of your bitter obsession with Ms. Giavasis. Move on with your life. It's quite sad and disturbing that it's been almost 4 years, yet you still troll the message boards to voice your obvious misery at every turn. If you'd fill your life with fulfillment, love, and happiness, you wouldn't be so achingly obsessed and miserable. It's very sad.
Rather than harboring negative feelings, which are obviously pointless and self-depricating, I hope that you can find a way to move on with your life as it's been far too long.
It's time that you deal with reality and realize that your relationship was over a long time ago which was your issue. Directing all your negativity outward means that you haven't focused on your inner issues from the relationship not working out. It's been ignored and only gotten worse. Hopefully you will get into a new relationship so you can move on and let the bitterness go.
Until then, it's time that you realize that the relationship was over in 2003. Posting remarks on every message board under different aliases is not only illegal, but sad and ridiculous.
It's very sad that you spent all your money but it's over now. This behavior isn't going to get it back. He didn't want to stay with you, that's why he filed for divorce. It's time to get over it and move on. Focus on your life and your child. He needs you to let go of all your bitterness and negativity and move on appropriately.
It's been 4 years. It's doing you absolutely no good. Let go for your own sake.

2640 days ago

Elegance Epitomized    

I'm not going to check back so good luck with your life. The alias posts are too obvious as are the emails (ex. emj_42). This is definitely gotten boring and I hope you've gotten some insight into the importance of improving yourself and letting your misery and anger go.
Once and for all it's best that you deal with reality and understand that your relationship fizzled due to the problems in the relationship. That was 4 years ago. Any other issues are being handled accordingly for that situation. Spreading false libelous and defamatory statements are illegal and ridiculous.
I truly feel bad for whatever happened with you that made you want to keep pursuing a relationship that was over. Obviously, if he wanted to pursue it, he would have.
Seek inner peace and you can get beyond these issues that stem from an obvious series of past events. Realize that it is okay to let the past go and you can move on with peace and happiness if you do so. Lost relationship, money, etc can't be retrieved and focusing on the past is only the catalyst for ruining your present and future.
Good luck and God bless

2640 days ago

lion overthetopoulos    

Bet the family back in Canton is just REALLY proud ...two illigitimate kids and a fine career in 'venues' like the pro wrestling circus. If I had a track record like that, I sure as hell would not be advertising it on any media outlet who'd listen.......THINK OF THE CHILDREN, please.

Your baby daddies sure aren't........

2640 days ago

i know her    

the funny thing is i do not use alias names i am "i know her" thats it. lol emails? lol. you are a nut. admit it! you did this to yourself :) this is a comment board with your masculine mug on it . why aren't you mad at everyone else? lol. its funny to see you sputter out of control about what you think happen to sweet justice. we know what happen to us and that is ours. i am not going to smear S name as you would. i was taught growing up that personal matters are to be kept private:) at least now when you try to put him on blast nobody will fall for it. lol. you are a sick girl, and your actions speak very loudly SELFISH AND DESPERATE TO BE SEEN. jesse davis was murdered you dumb bitch and all you could think about was yourself? it should have been you.

2639 days ago

Elegance Epitomized    

did everyone lose their mind on this one? looks like a hissy fit's goin on. say it with me
cat fight

2639 days ago
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