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Paris Arrives for Audience with the King

6/27/2007 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ cameras caught a post-pokey Paris arriving at CNN studios on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, ready to tape her first TV appearance on tonight's "Larry King Live."

Paris was sporting a fetching cream colored frock, much better than the county-issued duds she's been rocking for the last 23 days. Paris and posse (including aunt Kyle Richards) arrived in three separate limos. Paris, King and crew psyched out the news crews waiting for her outside the studio by pre-taping her "Live" interview.

That's hot!


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Parents Need to Know    

The taxpayers in CA should get a good lawyer and file a class action suit against the HILTONs to recoup the money they have to pay for this piece of trash to stay in the "HILTON WING" at Lynnwood!

2642 days ago


OMG. Them damn glasses are back. WTF. If you're really an alien, go back to the mother ship

2642 days ago


God works in mysterious ways...wait and see, something good will come of this.

2642 days ago


I always thought that Larry King interviews his guests live? Since when do they pre-tape the Interview? I guess Paris is receiving more special treatment.This really sucks because I was hoping that Paris would say something totally stupid on Live TV! I guess this way if she makes a fool out of herself they can edit it out! Of course they will make her look good!

2642 days ago


if I were Paris I would leave the U..S. move oout to Europe, take a trip to Asia, no
more L.A.

2642 days ago


ENOUGH OF THE PARIS DRAMA! WHO THE HECK CARES??? I hate turning on the news anymore and hearing about Paris. She's a stupid blond that thinks her wealthy parents are going to bail her out of anything that she illegally does. Obivously her jail stint proved that theory wrong. Let's get on with the real news and forget about what's her name!

2642 days ago


She is nothing more than a million dollar whore. Somebody get a life and stop chasing that waste of space around getting pictures

2642 days ago


I love Paris in the spring time, I love Paris in the fall (summer,too)

2642 days ago


Pre-taping? Live Interview? What someone else wanting to protect her?? WTF

2642 days ago

Paris Fan    

Since you ask #31 don. Paris Hilton is a pleasure. Unlike all the ugly things, and people you mentioned . And the so-called smart people who never seem to fix anything.

But always have their hands out. Whining about every thing.

And posting the same hateful message over, and over again. Is just lame people.

2642 days ago


Mr. King, it disgusts me enough that you divorce you wive's every couple of years and get yourself a younger model, but this is even more despicable! James Woods and yourself don't actually think these young, beautiful women marry you for love or looks, do you? As for you, Sir, after you actually interviewed that person, I tend to think you do believe that!
Not that I watch your show often, when you have politically or socially relevant guests, I tune in. Never More, Quoth the Raven. Edgar Allen Poe, my favorite opium addict , ever.. Due to the fact, he wrote intellectually and with intensity while high, he did not take his coach out high, he had a coachman!!!!!

2642 days ago


Hmmm...pre-taped you say? How convenient!!! What, so people can't call in and let Paris know what they think of her??, nice.

Again...TMZ, get your heads out of her butt!!. You suck for sucking up!!

2642 days ago

paris fan    

the hiltons do not need to pay the media. they swarmed over paris. watch 'em just when she walked out of lynwood bldg. it's not paris fault to be rich and popular. she worked for it. and all those nasty things said about her?? - they're from people who envy her to death.

2642 days ago


Hey!, I just found out that Us Weekly is on a Paris blackout!!! it Christmas already???
Everyone should buy this issue to show all the tabloids and the media that they don't need THAT to sell papers. Yes, I agree with post #35...the world IS a dumber place for her being in it!!

2642 days ago

BOEING 787    

If you don't like what TMZ is doing, go somewhere else, this is what they do #40.---jen---,
I think #37. --Paris Fan-- is right, is just to easy to dump on Paris Hilton when people have nothing productive to write down and know very little about her.

2642 days ago
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