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Paris Arrives for Audience with the King

6/27/2007 6:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ cameras caught a post-pokey Paris arriving at CNN studios on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood, ready to tape her first TV appearance on tonight's "Larry King Live."

Paris was sporting a fetching cream colored frock, much better than the county-issued duds she's been rocking for the last 23 days. Paris and posse (including aunt Kyle Richards) arrived in three separate limos. Paris, King and crew psyched out the news crews waiting for her outside the studio by pre-taping her "Live" interview.

That's hot!


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paris fan    

#43 how could you say paris makes the world dumber - she is an industry - a business. as product endorser she sells and it has a positive effect on the economy - more sales, keeps the business going - employs people, pays tax and y'know where taxes go - roads, health, social services...etc. you think it's dumb?

2590 days ago


Why is her aunt mentioned so frequently? Is Kyle Richards so desperate for publicity and acting jobs that she does this to keep her name in lights? I didn't see any "real" Hiltons showing up over the past few months.

2590 days ago


Welcome Home Paris!!!! The world is once again a much more beautiful place with you back in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay strong...stay beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

2590 days ago


They say Paris Hilton, her aunt, who in my opinion, is still seeking her 15 minutes, and the others all arrived in 3 seperate limos? You'd think they could use the money they wasted on those to help someone in need but then again... they are Hiltons so what else can you expect?

2590 days ago

paris is a dog    

Paris is a whining jerk who isn't even that pretty, have good taste, or do anything to benefit the world.

2590 days ago

paris is a dog    

Paris didn't need jail, she needs boot camp!

2590 days ago


oh my God. She's still striking poses whenever a camera is close by. Cannot deal with the posing------don't see any change so far. She still seems to think that she is overly special but then look what do her parents do keep her that way.............

2590 days ago

Blah blah blah    

I wonder if Larry was instructed what questions to ask and what subjects to stay away from? He never mentioned the video tapes, sex, and the nasty, racial, down right terrible tape of her drunk and daning, oh wait there were a lot of those tape. She has not changed. I felt for Larry, that hour must have seemed like a week. You could see the frustration on his face. The interview was all about Paris. She has had 3 weeks to come up with a plan for all these changes in her life to improve hersef, yet, she didn't have a clue as to what she would be doing. All she could say was how terrible, how scary, how trumatic it was for her, her, her, ALL ABOUT ME. Who cares how or even if she suffered. She didn't own up to what she did wrong, all she could say was how unfairly she was treated, SO WHAT.
I would have expected her to at least say, this is all behind me now, I was wrong, lets move on, it is what it is, I will go on and live a better life.
No, she has not changed, she is the same self center, selfish, liar she was before her terrible, terrible experience.

2590 days ago


WTF?? Slow news day TMZ?? Half of your first page is of Paris "the slut" Hilton.. STOP THE MADNESS Let her vanish into obscurity.. No one gives a flying f*** about her.. Harvey get a life.. Quit obsessing over this little tramp.. Move on to some REAL News..

2590 days ago

Don't Believe It    

Does anyone else think that Paris Hilton paid her body double to go to jail for her? I think the person that went to jail and who did the interview on Larry King Live was Paris's Double. This is the same body double that she had play her on here Simple Life show. Look at the interview on Larry King and the video of Paris leaving jail... it doesn't look like her. I think should check this out.

2590 days ago


She doesn't look "fetching" unless fetching now means "used up coke whore"

2589 days ago
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