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Anderson Wags Yalie Finger at Paris

6/28/2007 4:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comAnderson Cooper -- once famously dubbed the "Paris Hilton" of cable news -- gave the real Paris Hilton the third degree last night, bagging on her for doing, well, nothing.

The silver-haired Yale graduate and Vanderbilt family scion laid into the GED-educated Paris on his show last night, which he grudgingly devoted to Hilton, who had just been interviewed on his good friend Larry King's show. "I don't understand her," said Coop, "I don't understand the appeal ... she's 26 years old. Why hasn't she been substantial until now?"

What was big, mean Mr. Cooper doing when he was 26? Oh, that's right -- reporting from war torn and disease-ridden countries like Vietnam, Somalia, and Rwanda.

Yeah, whatever -- how many Carl's Jr. spots does Dandy Andy have under his racquet-patterned grosgrain belt?


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He's just another Idiot    

We love you, Anderson Cooper. Keep up the good work.

2670 days ago


(413) Re: So he was projecting his feeling about his mother's lifestyle onto Paris. No wonder.

Well, Paris Hilton has NOTHING on Mother Vanderbilt.

Anderson Cooper admitted on Letterman that he knew his mother "had a past" and, believe it or not, she forced him to vet the manuscript of her memoir. :)

Tom Shone diagnoses the sexual narcissism of "Gloria Vanderbilt's It Seemed Important at the Time: A Romance Memoir" in The Observer (excerpts):

Do you wish that you’d found the time to have sex with Frank Sinatra? Is it a source of eternal regret that—in between bouts at the dry cleaner and walking the dog and the gym—you never did squeeze a young Marlon Brando between your sheets? If so, then Gloria Vanderbilt’s book, It Seemed Important at the Time, might seem just the tonic.

It wasn't to be with Howard (Hughes). What was to be was her marriage to "world-famous" conductor Leopold Stokowski ("archangel come to earth, entering my body, possessing me as I breathed, in and out, out and in"), although Leopold is just a tap of the baton before the full orchestra unleashed by Marlon Brando ("If Leopold was God, here was Zeus"),

"Instead it was Gene Kelly dancing in, singing in the rain of my heart, so to speak. We drifted off into another room and started kissing." Onward and upward!

When one ex-lover, the movie executive David Begelmann, commits suicide, Ms. Vanderbilt remarks that he left 20 suicide notes, but "not one for me, boo hoo!" It’s hard to know what to say.

2670 days ago


Why does Anderson hate Paris so much?? Even when the others on the panel were trying to sort things out--if they said something favorable--he would make a horrible, hateful face and say something nagative!! Is he so PERFECT???

2670 days ago


1. Paris is a product of her upbringing, children that are ELEVATED to a status that they did not EARN. A lot of parents do that, rich or poor. This in turn makes the kids turn out like they own the world and deserve our adoration for doing ... nothing. 2. Anderson is much like Paris. 3. Keep it up, Anderson, with the nonsense and your "career" is going downhill, as I get the distinct feeling it is doing now. 4. I think Anderson and Paris would make a great couple, I think he has the hots for her, whatever his sexual orientation. 5. I have stopped watching Anderson as he is giving any credence to Paris being "NEWS". What utter nonsense. 6. I'm losing any respect I had for CNN, other news programs are right up there with getting us the news fast. 7. Re-read # 5.... many many times. But, who am I? Just a mediocre psychic.

2669 days ago


#420 Armat:

Exactly, this is all I've been trying to say, Paris Hilton is the Gloria Vanderbilt of the 21 century thats all. I have nothing against Coopers reporting and if he wants to educate himself in two different colleges, good for hm why shouldn't he, that would not work for Hilton, it didn't work for his Mother, don't you think he should understand this in view of the fact his mother makes Paris look sick when it comes to being flighty. Not everyone feels the need to be a news reporter. No matter how many times peoiple say it , Paris does work, I won't go over that again but why does every Paris basher say she does nothing even if they read here that she does? She made 7 million dollars last year, probably as much or more than Anderson Cooper, she is young, she's not as educated as cooper, maybe she just didn't want to go to college, she can always go to college, Jodi Foster went back to college after working for years in the movies, lots of people do that, I just don't see how you can compare a 26 year old girl to a 40 year old man , what does he do for the world that a hundred other reporters don't do? Most of them have gone to Iraq at one time or another as well. I think Anderson Cooper has a good show, I've watched it a few times, I like it when he is on Location, thats Anderson Cooper, Paris is not Anderson Cooper, she is part of pop culture, there is a big difference and I don't see why she should have to become Mother Theresa because she comes from money. Where is it written you have to devote your life to the world because you have a few bucks? I don't see any of the big movies stars out there giving their money away or even doing charity work, except for Angelina Jolie and only a few years ago she was wearing a vial of Billy Bobs blood around her neck and acting like a jerk . As for the Paris private Sex tape, when she broke up with her boyfriend he sold it, so did Pam andersons tape get out through a theft and there were a few more stars who found themselves in that position. In all honesty I don't know how people can mention coopers brother or his sexuality because they dislike him, I think that is really low and calling Parris Hilton a whore and all the rest of it shows what kind of mentality people can have, I think cooper has class, of course, why shouldn't he have? Paris is not as bad as some but not as good as others but she does work, she does make her own money and she doesn't owe anyone an explanation for her existance. She is one of lifes needed diversions, we can't think of the war and doomsday all the time, this fills the bill so she does serve a purpose. Right now she is splashing around in Hawaii, she isn't thinking about you and what you think, that should really tick some of you off. I'm sure Anderson Cooper doesn't read TMZ either.

2669 days ago


#421 >She is a 26 yr old woman who depends on everyone doin' it for her... her life is all abt partying and drinking and shopping

Well, Paris Hilton made seven million dollars last year, she can afford hair extensions... like, you know, "Dream Catchers Hair Extensions By Paris Hilton." Talk about free advertising! :)

Yes, Anderson Cooper is a "serious" journalist. He was also the host of The Mole and The Mole II.

#421 >... lets not compare Hilton to Vanderbilt, because honestly is thats like comparing Apples with a monkey...

I don't know about monkeys, but heiress Gloria Vanderbilt was the Paris Hilton of her day. People who live in glass houses...

2669 days ago


I remember reading in one of my photography books, quite possibly it was the great Hurrell, who took a picture of the young Gloria Vanderbilt & said that she never spoke to him, treated him like a servant.

So, both families are snotty & not the kind to invite any of us over for a cup of tea........

2669 days ago


MSNBC's Keith Olbermann called Anderson Cooper a hypocrite, blasting Cooper's decision to stay in "The Glass Closet":

Don’t tell me you don’t want to talk about personal life when you wrote a book about your father’s death and your brother’s death. You can’t move this big mass of personal stuff out for public display, then people ask questions and you say, ‘Oh, no, I didn’t say there was going to be any questions.’ It’s the same thing as the Bush administration saying, ‘We’re going to war, but you really aren’t allowed to know why.’

Don’t tell me you can’t talk about your personal life and then, when they send you overseas and you do a report that consists of your voice-over and pictures of you in a custom-made, blue-to-match-your-eyes bulletproof vest, looking somberly at these scenes of human devastation—like a tourist—and that’s your report. Your shtick is your personal life.

Keeping him honest!

2668 days ago


For all of the Paris supporters, choose carefully what you support. Anderson Cooper is a highly educated and successful news reporter who, like many others, feel that Paris Hilton is a joke. As far as being gay or not being gay, who's business is it? My God, stick with the subject!!!

2667 days ago


Anderson Cooper is "highly educated?" A BA from Yale = "highly educated?" He's a journalist not a model!

George W Bush has a BA from Yale and a MBA from Harvard. I guess he's "highly, highly, highly educated!"

TMZ's Harvey Levin has a law degree from U of Chicago!

Keith Olbermann graduated from Cornell at the age of 20! I happen to agree with Olbermann, who called Anderson Cooper a hypocrite.

Here we have a self-proclaimed "honest" anchor who doesn't have the guts to come out as a gay American!

Also, Anderson Cooper told Larry King, “I believe very much in being OBJECTIVE. I know it's a popular thing in cable news these days to take sides. I just don't do it; nor will I ever do it. I think it's much more interesting -- viewers are smart enough to make up their own minds. I don't need -- they don't need, you know, an overpaid, blow-dried anchor like me to be telling them what to think or how to think.” As he said again and again on his show, "WE DON'T TAKE SIDES on 360."

A self-proclaimed "objective" anchor wagging his finger at Paris Hilton because she didn't go to college!

BTW, Cooper was reporting from war torn and disease-ridden countries like Vietnam, Somalia, and Rwanda because ABC wouldn't hire him, and he figured if he went places where there weren't many Americans, he "wouldn't have much competition."

As he told Larry King, "After college, I tried to get an entry-level job in news. I tried to get an entry-level job at ABC, answering phones, being a gopher basically. And I could not get this job. Which I, you know, show you the value of a Yale education, I guess... And I figured if I went places -- I mean, it's ludicrous. I figured if I went places where there weren't many Americans, I wouldn't have much competition. And if I went places that were dangerous, where most people wouldn't want to go, I'd have a better shot at becoming a reporter."

2666 days ago


Paris works? Paris promotes-there's a difference. You don't need jack for talent to promote.

AND money can buy a lot of things. Clearly is does not buy class.

Cooper's got my vote. Sorry Paris fans. No competiton there.

2666 days ago
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