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Cameron Diaz: Homewrecker?

6/30/2007 10:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Criss Angel's wife, Joanne Sarantakos, filed for divorce yesterday in a Long Island court. She claims that their 15-year marriage, which Angel insisted was kept secret to boost his image to women, was destroyed by his freaky fame and his recent relationship with blonde bombshell Cameron Diaz.

The Post reports that Sarantakos' lawyer will subpoena Diaz for the divorce trial. For his part, neither Angel nor his lawyer have denied the affair.

Howard Hails Cabbie Off the Air

"Crazy Cabbie" was fired from the Howard Stern Show by Sirius Satellite Radio after claiming he was in possession of a Howard Stern sex tape. Cabbie, whose real name is Lee Mroszak, says he destroyed the tape after talking to his mother, and told Page Six that he believes he was actually fired because of a pending lawsuit against the Stern show from 157 Ignite, a weight loss drug that Mroszak shills. 157 Ignite is suing after Stern claimed on-air that Mroszak looked fatter after using their product.

Artificial Spice

The Spice Girls will have a little extra help -- thank God and technology -- on their upcoming reunion tour. According to the Daily Mail, the Spices will be using a high-tech computer program to enhance and digitally fix their voices when they sing live. Now if only the same could be done for their outfits.

Party Favors...In with Audra, out with Merrin...

According to TV Guide's Ausiello Report, Audra McDonald was chosen to replace Merrin Dungey as Kate Walsh's BFF on the "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff, "Private Practice."


No Avatar

He's Boring now    

Wow Criss, sleight of hand even when it comes to marriage. Nice Trick on the Public, but I wouldnt get too comfortable with Diaz, she'll dissapear faster on you than anything you have ever made go away.

Cabbie, you erased an easy million with that Tape, why show any allegiance to a guy who would never do the same for you? The world needs to finally know how truly "small" Stern is

2669 days ago


By the looks of things a whole lot more than that is artificial here. LOL.

Hell, at least they will sing.

2669 days ago


Ok I will try this again since my first post did not go through. I do not think Cameron is a homewrecker. If Angel and his wife kept their marriage a secret then Cameron probably did not know Angel was married. I blame Angel not Cameron.

2669 days ago

jProud American Author    

Cameron ? What's up with you girl?
Howard Stern: Just ugh, ugh and gag.
Spice Girls: Technology for voice? I rather see Alvin and the Chipmunks...all I really, really want is for it all to go away! LOL.

2669 days ago


Oh, goodness, Cameron has been out of the limelight, and she's trying to have a controversial comeback. This is one overrated celebrity. I guess after Justin Timberlake dumped her for the public to see she got desperate for a man, even a married one.

2669 days ago


Cameron Diaz is a skank. I am sick of these ho's breaking up marriages. Are there not enough single guys in the world? And this guy is ugly, just as Timberlake is a little toad. Go ahead, Angel, throw away somebody who probably loves you, for a fling, and that's all it is.....she never stays with anybody. She's a HO.

2669 days ago


whaaaaaaaat? that gal is the only real thaang in hollywood ....
you blamin' her??
TMZ said the dude kept his marriage a SECRET...
cameron is cool & at least she don't do plastic body parts & has real legs too!!.....the others are munchkins wearin' 10 inch heels & look the same standin' as they do sittin'........or hidin' their big ugly forehead & jaw under hair and phoney blubber lips with their bones hangin' out....ala' jolie ugh!!!! gimme a break !!!!...
timberlake dumped cameron? i doubt it VERY highly !

2669 days ago


hahaha. cameron diaz is so fug she's not worth 5 bucks. now this guy is gonna lose all his money because of her. maybe she can start adopting kids now so that no one sees she's a skank.

2669 days ago


obviously she is worth more than 5 bucks to somebody...
all'z ya' gotta do is check it out on the ol' internet...

2669 days ago

pattie in cali    

CHRIS you will find the woman you want, tell your wife shes hateful selfish, GET RID OF HER, move on. YOU ARE OUTSTANDING. YOU ARE THE BEST EVER, CHRIS ANGEL ROCKS

2669 days ago


Wait a minute. When Ugly Angel and Cam the man hooked up, there were stories that he had recently become engaged to Minnie Driver. So was engaged to, or involved with Minnie too?

2669 days ago

Ricky Rockhardo    

Scary Spice is looking fresher than ever lately, got dayum... Eddie , you're trippin' fool you needa get back with that, playboy. On some real ish.

2669 days ago

Happy To Be Me    

PEU - May God Save the world,if the Spice Girls make a comeback. Sans Posh, it might have a small bit better chance of working? But, I don't think so. Look at Britney, PEU!!!

2669 days ago


I don't believe page six has the Stern story correct.

Cabbie doesn't have a sex tape containing Howard Stern (who;d want to see that horror?). The issue has to do with a sex scene that was filmed in Stern's old fashioned radio station studio of which Stern was not aware.

2669 days ago


I really hope this story about Cameron Diaz and Criss Angel’s relationship is not true. She seems like a woman that has more self-respect for herself than to steal someone’s husband. I have not heard much that is positive about Criss Angel. He is said to be quite a womanizer. Of course this is all gossip, but if it’s true, my gosh, are there no single men or women out there anymore? Why are all of these celebrities taking up with married people?! I know Hollywood is not the most moral of places, but weren't these celebrities raised better than that prior to coming to Hollywood?

2669 days ago
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