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Lilo Gets


7/2/2007 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Happy Birthday! It's official. If Linds wants to drink, she can drink. She's 21 and legal!

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TMZ salutes the coming of age of the rehabbed hottie, 21 today, with this photo gallery chronicling her evolution. From her first red carpet appearance to her bumper car ride outside the Ivy, to her flattering pix while doing what asthmatics shouldn't do, Lindsay's life in pictures is a thrill ride -- if you can stay conscious!

Check out our Happy Birthday Lilo gallery!

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No Avatar


Just turned 21 and sober !.. HAHAHA...that sucks !.

2670 days ago


I wonder who is going ot be the first one to tap it once she gets out of rehab.

At least she has stopped calling me all of the time. I thought I was going to have to change my number.

2670 days ago

Could it be TRUE?? ONE can only HOPE    

I, personally, am praying that this rehab truly works for Lindy. I am praying she can come to grips with her demons and that her life gets turned around. The she find Her truth's and that she lives a good, clean and sobber life. She has had so many demonds to fight, and took a wrong path. I have compassion for her unlike the so called "IT" girl....( she is just trash)

Happy Birthday Lindy....May you be healthy and stay CLEAN!!!!! If not....from this point lose!!!

2670 days ago

Is it Just me?    

Lilo gets legal? lets hope Lilo gets sense!

2670 days ago

baby girl    

She's 21. Does this mean she's done with rehab?

2670 days ago


I really hope that rehab works for Lindsay. I wish her the best. Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!! I really hope that she is doing her best to correct her life and realize what she has been doing wrong in her life. She has too much talent to just throw it away.

2670 days ago


I just think it is sick to post a sex video. Leave the girl alone. I am not a fan , but be real the girl is only 21, she partied a little too much, not the first person to behave that way. She is in Rehap and needs a little support. Tough love is not the aproach you should take with a girl that age , she will only rebel. People usually become out of control with drugs and alchohol when they are hurting inside and don't know how to deal with whats hurting them. Until they can validate that hurt they will continue to use. By idiots that put the negetive pics out there for all to see, you are becoming part of the problem, therefor if she does go out and hurt someone when she is druged or drunk you can thank yourselves. You helped her. whether you like what I am saying or not you are the problem. So remember that there are innocent people on the road when you go chasing her in her car and you can kill someone with your quest for that picture.

2670 days ago


happy b-day lilo..much luv and good luck...F**k DA HATERS

2670 days ago

All American Girl    

She been drinking and drugging since she was 15. Whats the big deal? She has nothing to look forward to. To bad so sad!!! Boo Hoo.......

2670 days ago

Jeanie Dranked the bottle    

But,, not a ho right TMZ?

2670 days ago

Dr. M    


I want to wish you a very sincere "Happy Birthday"
(and many, many more)

Be good to yourself
Nosce Te Ipsum

May the God of peace (Jehovah Shalom) be with you always -

Dr. M


2670 days ago


Rehab or retard?

2670 days ago

All American Girl    

CostaMesaBoy- I live in a FREE Country. Freedom of speech dope head. She a druggie and has no family value. I have values and that makes me the All American Girl. So go snort yourself into Heaven with Lindsay Nohands. She uses her nose to suck the coke up with.

2670 days ago

stop the madness    

Washed up has been

2670 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDSEY from a big fan its my birthday 2!!!!!!!!!it sucks taht yor in rehab 4 your birthday ive had situations az bad happen 2 me!lindsay is a great actress i hope she haz a party including liquor or watever soon!party on lindsay

2670 days ago
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