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WWE to Canada: Take Off, Hosers

7/3/2007 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Chris Benoit double murder/suicide is still rocking the WWE, as they announced the cancellation of all Canadian events for the next month -- all because of the former "Canadian Crippler." While WWE sources claim that the "postponements" are to show sensitivity to the fans of Chris "Rabid Wolverine" Benoit, the WWE has a track record for bailing on the Great White North when troubles arise.
Chris Benoit and the Canadian flag
The death of Benoit's friend and teammate, Owen Hart, in 1999 kept the company away from parts of Canada for an entire year. After wrestler Bret Hart and WWE big cheese Vince McMahon's infamous "Montreal Screwjob" in 1997, they hid out until late '98. However, others say that the REAL reason for the cancellation is to avoid the ire and the loud, often profane chants of the live Canadian crowds. Chants of "You killed Owen!" and "You screwed Bret!" filled Canadian arenas for months after those scandals.

Perhaps the WWE isn't taking any chances on two live tapings of their RAW and SmackDown programs being filled with angry chants of "You killed Chris!"


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Standards are badly needed.    

Chele seems so kind and generous spirited that the husband probably RAN to her if the wife
sounded anything like 'oh yeah' and her/his comment.

Thanks, Chelle and Dymo.

2646 days ago


Okay one of my earlier posts didn't work...perhaps because there was an ample amount of swearing...I don't have the time nor the energy to write it all out again so here's the synopsis...

First of all I think Dani you pulled those stats out of your a**...the earlier Canadian bashing rolled off my back but yours made my blood are some correct statistics...

*The US crime rate is 2.5 times HIGHER than that of Canada...
*In the late 90's top 20 cities for crime 9 were from the US...the top 6 were all from the US with the #1 city being your capital...Washington DC
*Although you did have something right...Toronto had a murder rate of 78 last year and it has jumped since didn't mention that 78 is NOTHING in comparison to the 366 murders DETROIT saw last year...
*Your sexual assault stats?? Granted...US does have more than Canada but since the definition of sexual assault differs so greatly between the two countries you can't even compare the two
*70% of all US murders are commited with firearms versus Canada's 30%
*The US has THREE TIMES the amount of drug arrests than Canada does annually...
*And these stats don't incorporate US murders in other countries...say in oh I don't know IRAQ for instance?!?

That's all I can remember off-hand...basically Dani shut your ignorant mouth unless you know what you're talking about...

I'm not going to lump in this stupid jack off in with the rest of you Americans...Happy Independence Day!!

2646 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

#44, 'Chele: Thank you for that, and God Bless.

2646 days ago


There are bigger problems in the world than you all bickering over
which country is better. Maybe if you invested half of the time you
spend on this site trash talking you could actually do something
productive with your lives. Remember, one day we won’t be around so you should spend this precious time with your family and friends. Oh and yes I know I am on here too and I live in the U.S. but I have nothing against Canada and I look forward
to visiting soon. When in Rome do like the Romans. I don’t blame the WWE for canceling their Canada shows. They need everything to settle down before visiting there again. Time will only tell and hopefully the WWE will enforce a sticker drug testing policy.

2646 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Hey, costa mesa boy - You obviously haven't partied in Canada, have you? And Pam Anderson is just the tip of the ice berg. And their beer is stronger, heh heh. Come for a visit, and then see what you think. I know there are just as many beautiful women in Canada from personal experience. One is not better than the other. Just further north, lol.

2646 days ago


Well Happy Independence Day tomorrow...I just thought I'd clarify that before I got bashed for being a stupid Canadian

2646 days ago


Dani, Chris did have a form of dwarfism. It was told to me as a condition, and what it's name is I have no clue. But if you look at his body proportions you can see it in his overall body stature. Limbs, trunk, etc. This story is so horribly tragic. And it's a tragic story anytime a family is destroyed by it's own. There is NEVER an understable reason why.

2646 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

It's pretty damn good here. Ignorance is not bliss.

2646 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

#48, So many people believe what the U.S. Government tells them. The Officials there are just slags from the HMO companies that control how people get care. And I know, I have lived in the U.S. Perhaps we should put in a bid to buy Florida? Then it would be a tolerable place to live...

Our care is public not-for-profit, and wait times are PUBLIC knowledge. visit and see for yourself.

Oh, and while prescription drugs aren't paid for Provincially, our Government gets very good rates for them... You suckers can pay $400.00 a month for your Lipitor, while we pay under $20.00.

2646 days ago


Well this started another love fest!!! everyone grab a beer and cheer EH

2646 days ago


i dont have a problem with canada and i love the WWE

2646 days ago


Just the WWE trying to distance themselves more from the whole steriods, Benoit, blah, blah, blah....

If I was an employee of the WWE I'd be pissed because you're supposed to stand behind your employees/talent until proven guilty or what have you.

It's all about the Benjamins for Mr. McMahon & Co. LAME!

2646 days ago


#66...just make sure it's a Canadian think we can all agree on that

2646 days ago


I'd just like to clarify that my comments weren't meant to be "Canada vs. America the next WWE smackdown"...even though some of them came across that way...I just got exceptionally angry at the ignorant comments made by Dani for which I do NOT apolojize...I love the US and most of the people that come from there...I was/am sick of people trashing a country that does absolutely nothing to deserve it...sorry guys...

2646 days ago

Maple leaf forever    

#70, why the competition, you are forgetting something, many Americans CANNOT get health care, at any cost. It's something called a Pre-Existing condition clause. If you have an affliction and change jobs, and lose your healthcare it is next to impossible to move to another insurer. Yes, you have COBRA but there is a very limited amount of time you have to sign up for that.

It's more fair to say everyone is equal and we can all be covered, and of course our Employers here give us supplementary care so our Prescriptions/Optical/Dental are covered.

I personally know someone who needed heart surgery and the Provincial wait time was deemed a risk, and the Province paid to send them to the Cleveland Clinic to have the surgery carried out, and picked up all costs. Would your Government help you out like that?

I doubt it since one in ten Americans have no care at present time.

2646 days ago
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