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WWE to Canada: Take Off, Hosers

7/3/2007 2:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Chris Benoit double murder/suicide is still rocking the WWE, as they announced the cancellation of all Canadian events for the next month -- all because of the former "Canadian Crippler." While WWE sources claim that the "postponements" are to show sensitivity to the fans of Chris "Rabid Wolverine" Benoit, the WWE has a track record for bailing on the Great White North when troubles arise.
Chris Benoit and the Canadian flag
The death of Benoit's friend and teammate, Owen Hart, in 1999 kept the company away from parts of Canada for an entire year. After wrestler Bret Hart and WWE big cheese Vince McMahon's infamous "Montreal Screwjob" in 1997, they hid out until late '98. However, others say that the REAL reason for the cancellation is to avoid the ire and the loud, often profane chants of the live Canadian crowds. Chants of "You killed Owen!" and "You screwed Bret!" filled Canadian arenas for months after those scandals.

Perhaps the WWE isn't taking any chances on two live tapings of their RAW and SmackDown programs being filled with angry chants of "You killed Chris!"


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Canada is a great country, i moved from Canada to USA, i gotta say Canada is better in some ways and the US is better in other.

Canada laws are better, free health care, Canada doesnt have a dumb leader, and Canada is not the worlds most hated country. USA well, good thing is taxes are much lower, things are cheaper (except meds) thats about it.

But after living in the US for a while i must say, No wonder jobs are going to India, america is full of idiots. They cant even name 10 countries world wide and believe it or not, some people think people drive on the other side of the road in canada and better yet, some people DONT EVEN know where the hell Canada is.

2635 days ago


I really hate all this name calling: Canada sucks! America is ignorant!

Cut it out guys. Our countries have been friends forever. We have our differences, sure. But we also have one of the longest undefended borders in the world--and we've lived in harmony for over a hundred years. I'm Canadian, and proud of it, but I admire and respect my southern neighbour. You are big, brassy, inventive, courageous, and imaginative, but please . . . be proud not arrogant. And you Canucks who are slinging word-stones, and getting pissy and pious, give it up. Hell, you don't even sound Canadian to me.

Happy 4th of July, my American friends!

2635 days ago

Stern's Mommy    

LMAO! A thread that will show the world just how ignorant some Americans are. LMAO!

To the Americans who aren't ignorant but are, instead, intelligent, Happy 4th of July. The ignorant Americans can kiss my ass. LMAO

2635 days ago


Oh and btw, for all the ignorant Americans (the intelligent ones know better), Canada's healthcare system is NOT free.

There's a little something we pay up here by the name of "taxes". Part of that little something called "taxes" funds Canada's healthcare system.

Now I'm telling you this fact to spare Canada from any of the ignorant Americans rushing up here thinking they'll get something for free. LMAO

2635 days ago


25. Canada can go to hell, they have been hiding behind the USA for 140 years. Not one good thing has came out of that cowardly country.

Posted at 2:23PM on Jul 3rd 2007 by Who

THIS is WHY we should pull ALL CANADIAN TROOPS from Afghanistan!! I read the local papers, Canadian after Canadian DEAD because of backing a STUIPID War for America!! " MANY from "FRIENDLY FIRE"!!!! AKA.....A dumbass American killed them....COWARDLY COUNTRY????" Read a little History !! Ask about Americans overseas...THEN ask about Canadians...WE wear our protects us, Americans are TARGETED if they wear thiers!!!! WHAT does THAT tell you!!!!

Americans, as proven by the above posts, appreciate NOTHING!!! Prime Minister Harper, PULL OUR TROOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2634 days ago


99. I am Canadian and cannot figure out how blog entries that are suppose to be about a Canadian wrestler's death end up being about trashing Canada! Canada is not the one that said it's health care is better than the U.S......Michael Moore did. Not one of the 911 terrorists entered your country from let them in! It seems it is always easier for Americans to point the finger and the blame at another country rather than take responsibility for their own mistakes. I am just that you all hate Canada so many countries are there left in the world that are your friends?

Posted at 7:32PM on Jul 3rd 2007 by mary


2634 days ago


America has to stop trying to be the moral compass of the World. THIS is why they are so hated. Different Cultures have different beliefs. The American way is NOT for EVERYONE and you all have to make your Politicians STOP trying to run the WORLD. The WORLD doesn't like it.

Canada has MANY different Cultures living together in peace. We respect differences and don't try to tell others how to live. Our only mistake was going to Afghanistan. We should NEVER have done that. The US spilled the milk, let them clean it.

2634 days ago


25. Canada can go to hell, they have been hiding behind the USA for 140 years. Not one good thing has came out of that cowardly country.

Posted at 2:23PM on Jul 3rd 2007 by Who


Why would Canada have to hide behind the U.S.? LMAO!

Canada is loved and respected worldwide, unlike your sorry country that is hated by 9/10's of the world.

Another thing, the next time you hop on your local bus that takes you to your local welfare office keep in mind that Canada is the #1 supplier of oil to the U.S. dumbass. No good things coming from Canada? LMAO! You're lucky your stubby little legs don't have to walk to your welfare office.

2634 days ago


This will be my last post up here because it's getting pretty repetitive...but i think i found a way we can all guys can keep pamela anderson...but to do that you must also keep celine dion (sorry...we don't want her back)...and i also found some common ground...i think american, canada, black, white, pink, orange, male, female, democrat, republican, liberal or conservative we can all agree on one thing...the fact that we think costaMesaboy is an idiot...

RIP Nancy Benoit and son...

and Happy Independence Day USA!

2634 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

I don't think the WWE was right in this case to assume Canadians would blame them for Benoit's death. Perhaps it was roid rage, and after the raid his doc may be held accountable for over prescribing; but Canadians are smart enough to know that Benoit made his own decisions, and is probably ultimately responsible for the heinous acts. Also, his marriage had a shaky history, and that was added to the roid mix. McMahon is gun-shy after the Owen and Brett Hart reactions up here, which are totally different matters ethically as they were absolutely connected directly to McMahon and Co., and did indeed create ill will amongst Canuck fans, and valid questions about the whole WWE setup. The Benoit matter has not so far been connected to the WWE apart from the question of roid use, and that is actually an ongoing problem for more than one sport. Benoit's case seems to be a more personal matter. Vince perhaps ought to have backed Canadian fans here, but whatever. It's only for a month according to above article. It's a P.R. move, whether it's out of respect or a Public Relations move to distance themselves from poor Canadian reaction. Pulling out looks a bit like some kind of admission of guilt, where I don't see so far that the WWE really has any here from what's been reported so far. It's a sad and tragic ending of three lives, regardless.

2634 days ago


Yep, you gotta watch us Canucks, we're sneaky that way, lol. The world loves us and that's the truth. Why when Americans actually travel outside of their little world they have to call themselves Canadians so people will be nice to them, what does that tell you?

2634 days ago


From one Canadian to another,let this blog go.It is not being used for what it was intended for.It has turned out to be a forum for the U.S. and Canada to bash one another.Some of the Canadian blogs are starting to sound like Americans wrote them...the "my dad's bigger than your dad syndrome".There is nothing worse than sounding self righteous.
May the Benoit family Rest In Peace.
For the U.S.A......Happy 4th of July!!

2634 days ago

sandfa is cool    

sandfa, i'm sorry for egging you on earlier, i guess i was demeaning myself to the tone of the posts here. Yes i'm canadian, but i've lived in the states. no offence but i prefer canada, happy 4th to my americans. Sandfa don't let costamesa (or whatever) get on your nerves. Clearly he's an alcoholic and is not posting sober. I don't understand how this topic got sooo way off base, lets stick to the topic. May Nancy and Daniel rest in peace, that's all i have to say.

2634 days ago


i agree...i had already said that earlier but then costa started lipping off...RIP Nancy and Daniel...

2634 days ago
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