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Asian Megastar Rain -- Snow Job in Hawaii?

7/4/2007 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The biggest pop star in all of Asia -- Rain -- is facing a hailstorm of legal trouble in the US. A Honolulu concert promoter claims in a federal lawsuit that the so-called Korean "Justin Timberlake" defrauded them out of more than $500,000, and never had any intention of performing in the first place. And we're told that the legal mud-slinging could just be starting.

Well-placed sources tells TMZ that local promoters in Los Angeles, where Rain also canceled a concert an hour-and-a-half before the gig, are contemplating millions of dollars in legal action against the singer and his management company. "It isn't going to be pretty," says one source. All in all, Rain canceled two gigs and postponed three among his five US dates, citing a trademark suit in Nevada and technical glitches for the missed gigs. (The New York and Atlanta shows are supposed to go on this fall.)

Rain's Korean promoter, StarM, blamed its local counterpart in L.A. of financial mismanagement for the while V2B Global (the local guys) said that StarM tried to use a giant LED screen that wasn't up to code and disputes StarM's accusations.

In the Hawaii suit, filed in US District Court late last month, local promoter Click Entertainment alleges that Rain and his managers and promoters actually knew they wouldn't be able to perform because of the trademark suit in Nevada, but booked the gig anyway.

The day after the axed L.A. show, Rain told the L.A. Times he felt "ridiculous" about the snafus, but that the Staples stage "wasn't set up." His reps didn't return calls for comment.

UPDATE 3/19/09: Rain was ordered by a judge to pay $8 million dollars in damages.


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2632 days ago

Boo Hoo    

I don't know who this guy is, but there is no way he has success in the U.S.

2632 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Take your fried crickets and go back home. You are a nobody here.

2632 days ago


LOOOOSER - go back to Korea.

2632 days ago


It is amazing the gaul of people who eat cat and dog! Who in Atlanta is going?

2632 days ago


He is awesome. He will be in the new Speed Racer film and will eventually come out with an album here. Rain wants to conquer the world, but we'll see if he becomes the first Asian megastar/singer in the US.

2632 days ago


Rain is on this blog so he is somebody!

2632 days ago


I can't believe how quick some of you are to start throwing around racist comments. What the hell does race have to do with this story? C'mon guys - you're better than that!

2632 days ago

Me.....not U    

I am not Korean, I am not asian, butin 2003 I found myself living pretty hipplyin La's Ktown. I am a avid music lover and a young artist in the ent industry. I decided to just blindly go into the Korean music shops and buy music. One of the first cds I got was Rain's first cd. From the second I heard the first beat and his thick voice along with the music video that came on the disc and i was able to see how this guy outdances justin(who I love) I was hooked. I am sad to see that the first 5 comments are racist and hateful, why people hate I will never know. I am so glad to see rain get the sucess he has and will. he will be huge one day here, reguardless of what his current reps messed up on in this deal. I just never posted a comment on any website, but I just had to say shame on you five for you wasting your life, it will only come back to you ten fold. Please wake up and come join the party of life dudes stop being iggnorant and school yourself!

2632 days ago


I am Asian and I don't find you appealing at all.

2632 days ago


Dear BY

You are surely ignorant! There was nothing veiled in those comments. They were meant to be racist!!! And your issue is what? Free Speech!!!!

2632 days ago


It's people like billyboy that makes the U.S. one of the most hated countries in the world. "The gaul of people who eat cats and dogs"?? The gaul of "you people" who promote slavery in other countries by using children sweatshops. The gaul of "you people" who lash out at other countries for supposed violations while you hypocrites commit them yourselves. The gaul of "you people" whose soldiers kill two young girls and for "justice" extradite them to the U.S. where no time is spent in jail. Who are "you people" to judge any other country? People like you and your ignorant comments is what makes foreigners hate this country. Either smarten up or govern yourself accordingly.

2632 days ago


billyboy- the sterotypical racist, most likely uneducated and unloved. Even worse, you seems to be proud of your stubbon animosity. Are you serious, quoting the 1st amendment to defend your idiocy? Freedom of speech comes with limits and "hate speech" is definitely NOT what our forefathers intended on.

2632 days ago


As an asian living in Asia, I am just speechless reading some ignorant comments here. Yes, I'm likely to hate America even more than before because of some racist like you. Rain is called "The pride of Asia". Justin?? Usher?? They are not even close to Rain in Asia now. He might have not been known in America though, he got tremendous fans all over the world. u never know how many Rain fans out there and how much they care for him and love him. They respect him and admire him because of his work ethic, sincerity, and good personality. He is a role model to the young generation not like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, or Lindsay Lohan. He is not smoking, he is not on drugs, and his motto is "endless effort, endless endurance, endless modesty".. sounds like he is not American's cup of tea. huh?..

Unfortunately, he couldn't perform this time because of some stupid lawsuit and poor production problems, he will show you the asian charisma after shooting the movie "Speed Racer." And even if the american wouldn't recognize him, it's o.k. He got devoted fans all over the world, so It wouldn't be a problem for him to soar with his wings. Good luck! Rain!!!

p,s, tmz people, why did you pick the worst pic of him? he got a lot more hot pics than that one posted.

2632 days ago


White America and America are not the same thing. Steve, it seems as if you have defined White America as some superior section of the country...Nazi much? Your WHITE AMERICA is the one of yesterday...the horrible, racist nation that everyone despises. The TRUE AMERICA is one of opportunity, a true melting pot, where everyone is EQUAL. One of the foundations in this country is also education, so learn how to spell (at least past 5th grade level) before you go around accusing people of "illegeal asian singing", which of course there is no such thing because it's not illegal to be either ASIAN or to SING. Also, I believe Rain is from South Korea (NOT Communist) so get it straight..

2632 days ago
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