Lilo -- Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Bro Gone?!

7/5/2007 10:36 AM PDT
Lindsay Lohan had a minor scare yesterday in Malibu when she lost track of younger brother Dakota at a beach party.

TMZ cameras were outside the Polaroid Beach House, which was holding a party for the 4th all day yesterday, when a bikini-wearing Linds came running onto the beach to find her brother. Though she quickly spotted him surfing with some older guys a couple houses down (whew!), Lindsay and her sister Ali frantically ran through the sand to get to him as paparazzi closed in on the rehab resident.

After a minor chiding from big sis in front of all the cameras, Dakota and the rest of the Lohan clan hoofed it back to the Polaroid House, where LiLo watched her brother surf -- from the security of the balcony.