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The Atonement of Britney -- Or, Whatever

7/5/2007 4:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears makes a bald move once again.
Britney Spears
On her official website, she posted a note apologizing to a paparazzo for her furious pre-rehab, head-shaved umbrella attack. She explains that her act was part of a "stunt" while preparing her "character" for a "roll" (sic) in a movie. "I take all my rolls (sic) very seriously and got a little carried away," justified the formerly hotheaded pop wreck. "Unfortunately, I didn't get the part," reveals the Britz.

The website also asks her most diehard fans (is there anyone left?) to help name her upcoming album. The choices? "Omg is Like Lindsay Lohan Like Okay Like," "What if the Joke is on You," "Down boy," "Integrity," and "Dignity."

Britney rolls on!


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I think the real reason she shaved her head was because a hair analysis would have revealed her drug use.

2667 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

Keep them coming beyotches. I am so flattered that you try to copy me. Like a said have a great day. Peace. *kiss, kiss*

2667 days ago


baily are you sure you're not queen elisabeth? She is a chronic pointer outer of TMZ's spelling.

Did you know google's spell check doesn't work? So I hope people don't use it thinking wow I'm a good speller look no mistakes. It just plum doesn't work.

2667 days ago


Lila quit your flip flopping. Pick a side and stay there. Now hurry up and go to the store I'm thirsty.

2667 days ago

Pregnant at 44    

Do you want me to bring it back in a brown bag? lol

2667 days ago


I think that this young mother needs some serious professional help..If she starts hearing voices maybe someone will do something.

2667 days ago


When is the state going to step in and stop this train wreck. God help her children. If she doesn't have an addiction she is mentally ill. I hope she gets help, if not I hope someone takes those children away from her. No one can possibly be that stupid.

2667 days ago


Okay sweetie, Here is my advice. Stop making a joke out of your life, please!

We understand your going threw alot but the thing is you don't have to show the world your going threw it.

You need to pace yourself and really lay low. You should really take a two year break and not do anything and just spend time with your kids. They are still babies and they need there mother. You don't need a man to help you raise these boys. You can do it on your own and show the world you are a better mother than your own mother.

I always said the best artist are the ones that take several years for there next album to come out. And those are the ones that are the hits and the ones that sell. It's not good to make back to back albums. Usually those are the ones that suck!

We are the same age and trust me I think you already lived threw your party age because I know I did. It is good to party and get it out of your system every now and than but since you have kids you just need to slow down the party scene. Don't get sucked in to the wrong crowd. Your not a youngster anymore, you should know right from wrong.

Just relax and enjoy your son, trust me they really need you @ there age. And don't jump into another relationship too fast. You need to pick the right guy that will love you no matter what and will love your sons as well. Don't bring a guy that will treat you wrong and will try to talk down to your kids when your not around. Really pick the right guy and take the time to get to know that person and don't call them your boyfriend right away. Take it day by day and get to know someone first before jumping in bed with them.

Brittney just relax and have fun with your kids.

2667 days ago


Is she trying to get a jab in to KFed? She just needs to hire a good publicist or NEVER open her mouth because she just isnt smart enough to make statements. Does she think anyone is buying the I was practicing my charcter act?" plleeeeaaaaasssseeeee! Dont they have studios or couldnt she have practiced at home where no paps?

2667 days ago


I wish that she would just ROLL on out LA....

2667 days ago


She doesn't have any "people". She is estranged from everyone. She is flying without a net. She doesn't even have anyone to proof her copy before it is released to the public. She is not well educated and ill-prepared to deal with life outside of the spotlight. She craves this attention, any attention. Tabloid ridicule is a form of fame these days (ask Paris). As a detached onlooker my fear is that she will up the ante to get the attention she desperately needs. I'm thinking suicide attempt, Playboy maybe even straight up porn. I agree with many on here who say she needs to get help. The problem is that she is so isolated there are no avenues available to reach her. Maybe when the money starts to run out that will be a splash of cold water. In the meantime look forward to bad outfits, bad choices, bad career moves, bad boy friends and more and more absurd behavior. There wasn't much talent there in the first place and now that the real Brit is out there for us to see it is not a pretty picture. She may be able to do a Vegas style burlesque show or maybe something on the internet. I bet in her mind she thinks she will once again rise to her former heights. She doesn't have an audience. All of her so-called fans are in their 20's now and have moved on. If she were smart she would get Alanis Morrisette on the phone. The was a teen pop princess (think Debbie Gibson, Tiffany) in Canada long before she cranked out "Jagged Little Pill".

2667 days ago


Those poor kids, I hope she curbs these 'spending sprees' so she will be able to afford their therapy. They will need A LOT. I am really scared for those little boys. I believe she is hands down the queen of rationalization lately. She is just sad, the girl has lost her damn mind. It's like watching a sinking ship and having to watch the water creep up higher and higher. And she is not the brightest crayon in the box to boot (roll?---slap some butter on it, y'all!)

2667 days ago


Does this girl know how to spell?
Does she have a spell-check program?


Please, she has 100 million dollars and no one can proofread what she is writing?

2667 days ago

team bridget    

she will never make a comeback, she doesnt have the TALENT. there are so many more with better voices. she had her time and now its over... who the hell wants to see her shake that FAT ass and lip synch.???? BRIT! GIVE IT UP! YOU ARE DONE! BAKED!

2667 days ago


Yes Lila brown paper is good. Don't be drinking it all before you get back here.

2667 days ago
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