Firecracker Maims Teen Drummer's Hand

7/6/2007 4:55 PM PDT
A 16-year-old punk drummer in San Francisco may have lost her musical career for good when her hand was badly injured by a hurled July 4th firecracker -- and her father's losing his s**t over the incident, offering $20,000 to find the culprit.

Roisin Isner of punk trio Tinkture was watching the sparklers in San Francisco's Dolores Park, when an unidentified pyrotechnic object was tossed next to Isner and her friend. "They were just sitting there chatting, then they saw a bright flash between them and [Isner] started screaming," said San Francisco police Sgt. Steve Mannina, in the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to what appears to be an open Internet letter from Roisin's father, Chris Isner, the teen will "most likely" lose her index finger, with her second and third fingers being "permanently impaired and disfigured." Isner sure isn't holding back his rage. "I want this f**ker," he writes. "People know who did it and I'm offering $20,000 for a name."