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Firecracker Maims Teen Drummer's Hand

7/6/2007 4:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A 16-year-old punk drummer in San Francisco may have lost her musical career for good when her hand was badly injured by a hurled July 4th firecracker -- and her father's losing his s**t over the incident, offering $20,000 to find the culprit.

Roisin Isner of punk trio Tinkture was watching the sparklers in San Francisco's Dolores Park, when an unidentified pyrotechnic object was tossed next to Isner and her friend. "They were just sitting there chatting, then they saw a bright flash between them and [Isner] started screaming," said San Francisco police Sgt. Steve Mannina, in the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to what appears to be an open Internet letter from Roisin's father, Chris Isner, the teen will "most likely" lose her index finger, with her second and third fingers being "permanently impaired and disfigured." Isner sure isn't holding back his rage. "I want this f**ker," he writes. "People know who did it and I'm offering $20,000 for a name."


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hello, it    

Oh that poor child! (Even if I have no idea who she is)

2668 days ago

Old Greywoolf    

I agree with the father. Anything powerfull enough to have done that level of damage has to be illegal (cherry bomb or M80 type). If you choose to throw around what is equaivalent to a quarter stick of dynamite, then you have to do it responsibly which this idiot obviously did not. When Dad finishes with him, I want two minutes.

2668 days ago

the great flamingo    

what a waste of talent--the kid that did it should pay dearly

2668 days ago


MAN! That sucks....poor girl. Looks like daddy lost his meal ticket.

2668 days ago


the father needs to sue the city for allowing fire works to go on even though against the law . Police should have put an end to the illegal fire works when they started.
Sue the city and the mayor

2668 days ago


Where's the Ka-Boom?

2668 days ago


I did it! I'd like that in 20's and 50's, thanks!

2668 days ago


That is awful, but she may not lose her career.. does anyone not remember the one armed drummer?

2668 days ago


It would be a great gimmick for the band. A drummer with a hook.

It's gold.

2668 days ago


It is amazing to me what huge a-holes people can be. And you can bet the genetic rejects that pulled this stunt were totally heehawing with horse like laughter and highfiving each other while they sung each other's idiot praises.

Years ago I was walking home from the El Train near Humboldt and some fine upstanding specimens of human kind had placed a lit cherry bomb or other such firework in the road. I did not even realize it. I walked over it and slightly past it when the thing exploded and car full of probably illiterate inbred gangbangers sped off with a bunch of a-holes braying like donkeys out the windows. And this is why I say the people who maimed her must be quite proud of themselves, as this car full of complete morons were completely overjoyed with almost blowing my foot off.

2668 days ago


Whoever did to that kid, should pay the price...

2668 days ago


C'mon Def Lepard could do it..

2668 days ago


Ya, sue everyone, that's the answer!! idiot. It's only one persons fault, the person that
tossed the firecracker! How could the city be held responsible for a firecracker that
someone bought somewhere else, decided to toss at someone, oh, wait, this is America, the land of "lack of personal responsibility!" ya, sue everyone, nothings my
fault. it's everyone else, it's the white man, it's the black man, it's those women...

2668 days ago


And the drummer for Van Halen only has one arm…your point? Accidents happen…What about the poor girl that had her ankles ripped off by a six flags ride? I can understand being upset, but this guy sounds like he intends to cause bodily harm. Don’t fight fire with fists.

2668 days ago


Luke Skywalker was able to beat Darth Vader with one hand so how hard can it be to play Wipeout?

2668 days ago
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