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Britney Takes to the Cement Pond

7/9/2007 12:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A barefoot Britney in her new Betty Rubble-inspired bathing skirt and a weave from the Kiss '78 tour, took her boo-boos for a bath at her Malibu compound.

The naked Jayden is being handed off by the alleged bodyguard/new boyfriend, while Sean waits his turn. It's hard to find bathing suits in Bedrock.

Estranged Granny Lynne was not seen making chipmunk fritters.


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Just my opinion    

Those boys are adoreable.
Of course, I don't have the money she has but I've had my two granddaughters out in our pool skinny dipping. It's cute and NONE of our business.
Is anything off limits to TMZ?

Great picture for their memory book. They are soooo cute!

2663 days ago


Flygirl - you rock on all points!
The only thing you missed is that the paps a perverts and TMZ is disgusting for posting this pic.

2663 days ago


ok How many of us have let there children play in a pool sure alot.......At least she spending time with her kids.

2663 days ago


Texas, you are an idiot. Should she stay inside and be a hostage on her own property?

2663 days ago


I dont care for Brit. just as much as the next person but some of the comments ive been reading are just so immature. I read one that said "She is clearly cravin the attention"... How? I dont see how she is "craving" attention. She is in her own yard, at her own POOL, yes pool, not a pond [for those of you that dont know how to read past sarcasm] with her OWN KIDS. Its not like she called up the papparazzi and told them to come take pics of her. And lastly who cares if her kids are naked. Their Toddlers for petes sake. How would you like it if someone critisized you for the way you were handling/raising your kids? I bet you wouldnt like it one bit and I also bet you would tell that person to sit on it and turn and to mind their own buisness, so why critisize her for the way she is raising hers?

2663 days ago


Is it legal to take naked pictures of young kids and post them on the net?. HOW is this not considered child ponography?

2663 days ago

Playne Jayne    

I believe a having a Wall around your house... is asking for some privacy. Maybe that's just me and China?

I agree TMZ needs to take down the pictures... or maybe her lawyers should convince you.
Because why expose her children to more dangerous whackos from the internet.

Go chase after Parasite, Kim Stewart, surely lohan and mother are pounding Dark Eyes somewhere in "rehab"... just leave the babies out of it.

2663 days ago


Ok...big deal..Her house, her kids....If they pee in the pool it is not a big deal because the chlorine will take care of it...but if they poop...E choli could be present...You would have to shock the pool with a lot of chlorine and stay out for 24 hours...I hope she is aware of this fact. I think she is calming down and trying to be a good the rude comments are not called for...and these kids are cute as heck...I agree the paps should be ashamed....invasion of privacy...leave the kids alone....

2663 days ago


Lets agree to disagree that Britney shouldn’t let her babies swim naked in her OWN pool
Who is worse TMZ?
You are showing these poor babies to the world NAKED. Im so disturbed that this picture is on your site. I’m also very very disturbed and afraid that these photographers were allowed that close to these children. Britney needs to sue

2663 days ago

Tired of TMZ raggin' on Britney    

TMZ, give it a rest already! Have your kids never swam naked in a pool? I have 4 kids and everyone of them did! And for the "Betty" outfit remark......what the hell would you have her wear in her own back yard???? Do you put on your best clothes to hang out in your own yard? geez, I'm sick of the nit-picking that goes on here with Britney..............give the woman a break!!
Done with TMZ...buh bye

2663 days ago

Michigan Mom    

Oh brother, I let my son swim nude.......took pitures of him, when he was a baby. He's a normal adult now.
The people taking these pictures are the real criminals...........
Your drawing the line on this. This does not make her a unfit mother. Call protective services on this...I'm sure they would laugh there ass off at you

2663 days ago


Not too sure what to think about these pics. Although Brit must not care if the paps take naked pics of the boys since she knows they would be there to take any potential shots. Does she just see this as another photo opp to get her more publicity? Hard to tell.

Was this just supposed to be a dip in the pool on a hot day, or were the boys dirty and Brit was just too lazy to take them inside for a bath?

2663 days ago

Over Paris    

Interesting....Paris lies on Larry King about her drug usage, TMZ says practically nothing. Brittney spends some private one on one time with her kids, doing typical mommy/kid stuff and TMZ manages to invade her privacy AND talk smack about her hair and clothes.

Is Paris blowing TMZ?

2663 days ago

Billy Idol Still Rocks    

If Britney wants her kids to swim naked in her private swimming pool, that is her business. I, however, would not want my children to urinate and deficate in my swimming pool. The tans on babies are also unhealthy--perahps she gets them spray on tans!!

2663 days ago

Protect Your Children    

I don't think it's a huge deal that the babe's are naked swimming BUT I do think it is extremly poor judgement for her to have them in this type of private moment with 'That Man' that is suddenly in her life. How many different random men would you let be around your children...your naked children?!

2663 days ago
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