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Lohan Does Playboy ... Sorta

7/10/2007 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Playboy has a new energy drink ... and so far, celebrity hotspots are the only places you're gonna get a taste. For now, you can just look at the pictures and fantasize.
Lindsay Lohan
The magazine's new "Black Label" beverage has only been rolled out at a few outlets this summer, including Jeff Beacher's Madhouse presented by 944 Magazine at The Hard Rock in Vegas, and the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu -- which hosted a 4th of July party attended by Lindsay Lohan.

The drink, which not yet in stores, is only available only in chest markets.


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She will have some saggy sacks when she's older - hello scalpel!

2669 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Oh this one brought out the bitter haters... Lindsay drinking a non alcoholic drink... can she ever win in your eyes?

So sick of the vein covered saggy chested hags that criticize the Lohans? Where were you when Lindsay's mom was attacked by Tara????????

Any man that doesn't find LIndsay and/or Dilo white hot must be impotent... PATHETIC HATERS BURN IN HELL

Have a blessed day

2669 days ago


playboy drink is good stuff!! way to go lindsey!!

2669 days ago


lindsey is so fun she even drinks the same drink that i like, playboy energy, thats a cool chick in my book!

2669 days ago
35. is racists......    

These white ho's just keep coming out to get noticed. Look!!! it is malibu lindsey beach ho. Keep up the great work lindsey. You go ahead and continue to show that pasty white non-tanned body of your's like it is the shiiiiit. That is one skanky nasty asssss white ho.

2669 days ago

Shaniqua Brown    

luv the way she is holding on to that playboy drink! i would to if i was holding one!

2669 days ago
37. is racists......    

36. lindsey is so fun she even drinks the same drink that i like, playboy energy, thats a cool chick in my book!

Posted at 10:04PM on Jul 10th 2007 by nicole williams

35. playboy drink is good stuff!! way to go lindsey!!

Posted at 9:52PM on Jul 10th 2007 by isabelle gianellia

These two are some real losers. Can you kiss asssss any harder? I am pretty sure you both could. Way to lindsey your the greatest. My body is just like your's lindsey. I like being a ho just like you lindsey. I was just giving you two some helpful hints on how you can kiss her assss.

2669 days ago

Elise Kilmer    

i dranked playboy drinks at the madhouse show on june 30th that is good stuff,rite on lindsey you know whats up with the playboy drinks!

2669 days ago

Danielle Fallon    

lindsey is great she drinks playboy energy,so do i,nice!

2669 days ago


Everything about her is fake.
Her hair. Her tan.Her personality.
She is NOT attractive at all.
She was a much better actress as a child.
Now she's just a slobbering drunk who cannot manage her money, or life.
Go Away Lohan. Who cares?

2668 days ago


apparently shes been drinking carrot juice, how else do you explain her orange glow? i hope she's not a spokesperson for sunset tan;" hey, wanna be orange like Lindsay Logan?"

2668 days ago


What a whore! What a waste of what used to be a charming Disney actress.

2668 days ago


i love lindsay and all of u out there are proably just jealous of her

2668 days ago


What Trailer Park Trash!!!!! She is so fugly!!! No talent has been!!! And her so called parents are all to blame! They are such a disgrace and raised a poor excuse for a human being! What a waste!

2668 days ago


Associating herself with an amphetemine-like beverage distributed by a company which produces 'pornogrophy', does not seem a wise move if Lohan is making any effort whatsoever to repair her seriously damaged image, which now includes problems with alcoholism and compulsive sex.

And, I'm not sure why, but I have a bad feeling about the product's brand identity: 'Black Label'. Is it just me, or isn't Johnny Walker the first thing that comes to mind? It sure isn't Playboy.

It comes as no surprise to any reader that there is an epidemic of mental and or emotional distress that currently is causing young 'celebrities' to crash and burn.

I believe that fault clearly lies with the parents...period. Even if there were problems caused by the 'business', it was still the parents' RESPONSIBILITY to put their daughter's health (physical AND emotional) before their own greed. If any facet of the business was causing harm to their child, they should have taken whatever action was necessary, up to and including walking away from entertainment entirely. Parents -- isn't it great to be famous now??? So glad you got what you wanted -- sort of.

Current stage moms take note: Childhood celebrity rarely produces a stable, healthy, confident, happy adult. A few have certainly beaten the odds (e.g., Ron Howard). But, personally, I wouldn't risk it with my kids.

The care and nurturing of a human soul IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN THE UNIVERSE! These girls' parents chose to bring them into the world, and they owed these innocents every protection, not exploitation!

The current crop of young 'celebrities', who obviously had disastrous parenting, are beyond their family authority and reach. In fact, I don't believe that their families can help in any way. There's too much history. Professionals are called for. I hope the wounded adult-children who are acting out so self-destructively will each have a moment of clarity long enough to recognize what has become of them, and to reach out for help on the road to recovery from whatever ails them.


2667 days ago
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