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The Tush Beefin' With Whitney Houston?!

7/10/2007 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It doesn't seem like Kim Kardashian has the greatest love of all for Whitney Houston -- and when The Tush comes to shove, move the hell ovah!

Miss Badonkadonk was interviewed on Los Angeles based hip-hop station 93.5 KDAY where she insisted that she has no beef with Whitney -- who was romantically linked to Kim's sex tape partner Ray J -- but used a line from one of the diva's hits to describe her feelings about the situation: "It's not right, but it's okay -- I'm going to make it anyway." Hmm -- no beef? Suuuure.

KardASSian went on to say that her relationship with footballin' hottie Reggie Bush will remain private -- because she has learned from her past mistakes. Sex tape, bad! Mouth shut, good!


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seems like shes into black guys or vice versa.double entendre entended.hmm i wonder why.oh could it be.......

2641 days ago


Interesting story TMZ, but I don't think you made enough references to Kim's butt. I don't know if you noticed, but it's kinda big.

2641 days ago


I wonder if she has had a butt implant; believe it or not those are very popular here in Miami because there are a lot of Latin American girls here and I've heard that kind of surgery is common in Latin American countries, even more so than a boob job. She is very pretty though.

2641 days ago

Caribbean Goddess    

#19, yes Kim had butt implants/injections. She loves to show it off in all her photos now. It looks very lucious. Why are so many woman getting it done? Woman want to have a curvacious backside to make them look sexier. A large percentage of white get it because they love black men and they know that black men loves big asses. Look at Kim for example. It seems like white woman do not date white men anymore. I went to the beach the other day and I saw two white woman with black men. Both of them had bi-racial children and I wondered to myself. Do white men get upset when they see white woman with black men. I think that everyone is entitled to date whom ever they want.

2641 days ago


Kim, you stupid bitch. Go to the hospital and get your STD's attended to. You are a very easy slut. You look so stupid on tv trying to SELL your store. You might have more success if yo try to sell it like you sell your ass. Why don't you go and DO O.J.---oh yeah, you already did!

2641 days ago


lmfao..Reginald..u funny....but its time..this hoe will learn how to keep her legs closed in front of a video camera w/ a freak like Ray J.....y was she even invited to go to the radio station anyway?!

2641 days ago


She's no celeb, she has no class & opens her legs more often than a drive thru window - whitney will beat that girl's plastic ass!

Reggie better be wearing titanium condoms cause she's another Paris.

2641 days ago


This girl is nasty. Great body but if I had a dad that made money I wouldn't w****** myself out like this. By the way that tape shows Reggie is getting seconds a$$ mentioned above.

2641 days ago

Eric Vaughan    

Yes, it's true, I've falen on hard times,
and the American press is no friend...of mine

I have a boyfriend with a bleeding nose,
and we fight, lawd knows it shooo-oooh-ooows

And my face, my face has weathered the storms,
and Diana Ross... Diana has called me forlorned

but America will always love me, yeah,
meeeeeee, yeah, meeee-eeeee

flaunt your younger ass
for now it doesn't sag,
and your tiddys
don't hang like a bag-aaag,

that's alright, that's your right
let's hope that will always be soooooooo

But through the night, that flag-torn night,
America will always kno-oooow,

that they will always love me, me, me, me

2641 days ago


Oh Reggie, just don't do it.

2641 days ago

Rosie O'donnel is way too gross for words    

Blah, blah, blah. When the interviews are few and far between and people are like Kim who?(not far away, really), I think it's safe to say that there will be a Reggie Bush(or some other random guy)/Kim Kardashian sex tape made, "stolen" and released.

2641 days ago


Why is TMZ making a big deal of her ass implants?

2641 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

Kim really sucks... she did me last night; she was amazing. Kim sucking...mmmmm....

2641 days ago

John Denver Rules    

Who the HELL is this whore anyway?

2641 days ago


Wow..only in Hollywood can you go from being a no name professional closet organizer like Kim used to be (I guess some people cant organize their own closets) and then make sure your sex tape hits the net...inflate your ass...and get to be interviewed on a radio show! How shallow has this world become?

2641 days ago
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