TMZ Shoutout on "The View"

7/10/2007 3:33 PM PDT
TMZ hasn't done many stories on "The View" since Rosie ditched the coffeeklatsch -- but when they namedrop us, it's hard not to!

Alexandra Wentworth, comedian/actress wife of perky ABC newsman George Stephanopoulos, was guest co-host this morning, when the yentas tackled the subject of Katie Couric's move to CBS Evening News. As Babwa and the gang talked about how younger people don't watch news on television, Wentworth said she gets all the info she needs from "Jon Stewart, then I go to SNL and then I go to TMZ," leaving hubby Georgie off the list!

First "Entourage," then TIME names us one of the 25 sites they can't live without, and now "The View," -- this TMZ thing sho iz gettin' popular!