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TMZ Shoutout on "The View"

7/10/2007 3:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ hasn't done many stories on "The View" since Rosie ditched the coffeeklatsch -- but when they namedrop us, it's hard not to!

Alexandra Wentworth, comedian/actress wife of perky ABC newsman George Stephanopoulos, was guest co-host this morning, when the yentas tackled the subject of Katie Couric's move to CBS Evening News. As Babwa and the gang talked about how younger people don't watch news on television, Wentworth said she gets all the info she needs from "Jon Stewart, then I go to SNL and then I go to TMZ," leaving hubby Georgie off the list!

First "Entourage," then TIME names us one of the 25 sites they can't live without, and now "The View," -- this TMZ thing sho iz gettin' popular!


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Seriously, girlfriend is sportin' some serious bags under her eyes! She'd look 10 years younger if she had those fixed.

2632 days ago


If TMZ would CLEAN up their Act and start

having some DECENT Photos and Articles,

THEN Much more people will get to your site.

The Only Reason why so many people have

come to your site is because of the

Anna Nicole Story.

Why doesn't TMZ have more Real Updates

regarding Court dates on the

INQUEST for Daniel Smith and other things.

Again, that is what is Driving so many people to your site.

The Vast MAJORITY of your Bloggers


Make it More Appealing and you will have

more people visiting your site than you know

what to do with!!!

2632 days ago


Get rid of Barbara - she's past her expiry date!!

Joy, Elizabeth and a guest host every week (or daily) would do just fine - and throw a guy in once in a while to spice it up a little.

oh ya, give them lessons in how to speak in turn instead of all at once - guess they didn't learn that in school! So annoying!!

2632 days ago

jProud American Author    

Of course that is what everyone does! TMZ is the best (except we need more news on the slow weekends! ZZZZzzzz) TMZ Rocks!

2632 days ago


George Stephanopolous is an ex clintonista and a hack from the democrats. As such you certainly could not expect his wife to watch anything that is not leftist liberal in scope. Now could you?

2632 days ago


Is "The View" still on the air? It has become such a snoozefest again that I wondered.

2632 days ago

Sick Of It    

#33 - Tweety - you have hit the nail on the head; it;s getting more difficult to find any sensible posts here, and, what a waste of space, i.e. Paris Hilton and now, (again) Al Sharpton, next will be Nicole Richtie, (is she, or isn't she?). Harvey has pulled a bait and switch on us, he has dropped the Anna Nicole story like a hot potato.

2632 days ago

Linda - Hi to PJ in Nashville    

I read TMZ several times a day. You always scoop CNN!

2631 days ago

Kris Peterson    

I haven't liked Katie Couric since she inched out Deboral Norville from her job at the Today Show. Couric took Norvilles job when Couric replaced Norville for Norville's maternity leave some years back. Couric is a soulless barraccuda and I hope that her raitings get so bad that they have to let her go. I hate those kinds of people.

2631 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

I saw Alexandra Wentworth recently on Jay Leno. She's a hoot! She would be a fun permanent host on The View. I'm enjoying The View again now that the two Windbags are gone - Rosie and Star. They both are "Know-it-All Bores" - really repulsive women. Sure Barbara Walters is getting old. She's 75 years old and I think she looks great. Would that we all could look that good! Barbara has always been a class act.

2631 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#37, you are absolutely right about Katie Couric. I've always thought she seemed so insincere. Her cutesy voice and demeanor doesn't work well with the hard news. Brian Williams just isn't Tom Brokaw so we've starting watching ABC news. Gibson is just better than the others.

2631 days ago


I really liked Allie on the view today i thought she was so funny.

2631 days ago


I HAVE to get my daily dose of TMZ...more sleaze please !! :)

2631 days ago

You're All Losers    

What the HELL is that woman wearing??!!!!?????

2631 days ago


she wasn't serious TMZ don't get your hopes up.
She was being sarcastic with a smile.

2631 days ago
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