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Is All Grown Up

7/12/2007 1:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Frankie Muniz is hardcore! Let's count the ways ...

Ironic hipster t-shirt? Check. Hideously tatted-up arms? Check. Shaved head and funky facial hair? Check.

Walking cliché former child star? Check.


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What the tat say? Zero? He's claiming to be a zero? Love it !!!

2629 days ago


TMZ goes out of its way to be unnecessarily cruel.

leave the kid alone.

sheesh. dont you guys ever feel bad?

2629 days ago


I think he looks good, at least he has finally taken on his own style instead of a facade of perfect little Malcom.

2629 days ago


I adore him, tats or not. I hung out with him in his dressing room a couple of summers ago & he was VERY sweet & down to earth. I hope he stays on a safe track.

2629 days ago


Aww, I love Frankie. Let's hope he's not on a self-destruct or anything.

2629 days ago


Damn, I forgot this kid existed. Hahaha, Guess we can now call him former child star! Another trouble child, next were going to hear about him robbing a liquor store for cash and getting arrested.

That's what he gets for being a bossy little snob when he was a semi-star. Did anyone see him on punk trying to get all crazy cuz someone took or rect his car. He's a little punk! Trying to be all hard but he is nothing.

2629 days ago


Dee: are you trying to tell me that if you thought someone stole your crazy expensive car, you wouldn't freak out? Personally, I think you're trying too hard.
He's a kid! You don't know that he's going to start a downward spiral and eventually end up in jail! You're an idiot! You've been nothing but negative in all of these comment sections, and you're bringing my mood down along a a few others I'd imagine. To think that there are actually bitches like you around, good GOD.

2629 days ago


THANK YOU WADE! I'm sick of negative people!

2629 days ago


Wow, Perez Hilton's boards are much nicer than TMZ. I agree with observer: Dee is outta line. I'm outta here - you people suck.

2629 days ago


He was a cute kid. Now, well...

2629 days ago


Another soon to be forgotten retard.

2629 days ago


he'd prolly be alright if we didnt make a big deal over every lil detail in the stars lives.. leave the kid alone, he didnt do anything wrong (yet) well.. he did get a bad tattoo, but thats not 100% his fault. just hope he didnt pay too much for it.

2629 days ago


So what? He's not a kid anymore and he's not trying to be in the spotlight, so leave him alone.

2628 days ago

Never inked up!    

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO done with all the TATS!!!!!!!!!!! Do you peole ever think about the future? To have them removed is even MORE painful and to walk around with them when your middle age is JOKE!!!!!

Esp. for us gals. Yuk, Yuk , Yuk, and more yuk. Nothing worse then a all tatooed up woman.
Talk about trashy. Just because something is trendy dosen't mean its a good idea.

Remember when that skinny eyebrow was all the rage? Now some of these women are STILL trying to grow back their eyebrows. Thanks Madonna for that one.

2628 days ago

Stink Finger    

Its an age old Hollywood story, just like webster, macauly caulkin, and so many others. When there young there actually hired not because they are talented but because the are very cute, small, and have a unique look, than they get older and the look turns into a ugly little runt and its impossible to cast them.

Malcolm save your money, your career is over, say Hi to david faustino.....

2628 days ago
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