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Miss New Jersey Exposes Blackmail Pics

7/12/2007 4:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miss New Jersey revealed some of those supposedly salacious blackmail photos this morning, and while they're a little embarrassing, one thing's for sure -- she's no Katie Rees!

Amy Polumbo showed the country some of the most "revealing" pics on the "Today" show, and while one shows her boyfriend chomping on her (clothed) breast and another finds her (fully clothed) legs spread wide in a limo, the rest of them (that were released) were decidedly PG. She decided to make the pics public in advance of a meeting today with New Jersey pageant officials, who will determine the fate of her crown.

Meanwhile, three snaps that the New York Daily News "turned up" of Polumbo partying at Disneyland turned out not to be Amy, she told Matt Lauer. They're actually of a "good friend," said the beauty queen.

Update: Pageant officials have just announced that Amy Polumbo will not be stripped of her crown.

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Just another DRAMA QUEEN! This was a big publicity stunt, and it worked. Last week nobody knew who she was, and now everyone does. What a waste!

If I ever see her on he Turnpike, ill surely flip her off!

2626 days ago

chillout music girl    

I hope they take back her title. lol

2626 days ago


Nothing wrong with those pictures. If pagent officals kick her out, they are wimps and - all future contestants will be open to blackmail. Who do they want to enter the pagents - nuns??? Move into the 21st century for cryin' out loud.

2626 days ago


No fat boyfriends! She must be a slut.

2626 days ago


The pictures are not as bad as some that have gotten out. My thing is, however, when are these girls that want to be a crownhead figure out it really is not good to make yourself out to be something you are not? And having a guy bite your boob, clothed or unclothed, does not a good girl make. And worse is the person who is blackmailing her because they are just feeling bad they did not win. Oh, just everyone play nice! What makes one person more beautiful is the inside anyway.

2626 days ago


Another dumb whore... she thinks by revealing them that it will psychologically be in her favor? Why do woman think it's fun being photographed with their legs in the air and having a few friends or someone they don't know grab their tit? I don't get it.. either way it's whorish.

2626 days ago


Nothing much to those pictures.

2626 days ago


If the "rest" of the photos are tamer, then WHY weren't ALL of the pictures released? Where there's smoke there's fire, - either that, or she contrived the entire fiasco, herself.

2626 days ago


Who really cares.......I mean really...who cares

2626 days ago


I agree completely 112, Comment. This behavior is rampant nowadays. So many think this OK. It is not, particularly for a crowned title holder, and potential miss America. Young girls look up to these women. She should lose her title. If she stays, more and more girls will emulate this behavior.

2626 days ago


They are letting her keep her crown. At least there's a little bit of sanity left in this world.

2626 days ago


Why should we be suprise when RANCHY and sometime PORN pics is reveal by

a beauty contestant ; They are attention seeking HOES who is one step from doing actual PORN if they haven't already.

2626 days ago


Is it just me, or did she already look about 40 years old, three years ago, or whenever these pictures were taken?

2626 days ago


They're pics of a bunch of young, American kids having a sexy good time! That's what I see and I wish I'd been there too!

2626 days ago


Much to do about nothing. Are you serious? Anyone who has not done the things the pictures depict by the time they are 21 have not lived a normal life. I grew up in the 60s and I think she would have been considered too straight. Anyone see Animal House? That was PG rated. Anyone go to Spring Break? Anyone go to Club Med? Come on!

If she did it for attention then I would take away her crown but if it is real situation it is a joke.

2626 days ago
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