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Goes on Strike

With a Mic

7/12/2007 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rap superstar T.I. doesn't take s**t from anyone -- especially when he's on stage! What a performer!

According to several TMZ spies, T.I. was pissed when a fan launched a cup at the rapper during a performance at an ESPY pre-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday night. We're told T.I. was so upset, he jumped off the stage, leaping over stars like Brody Jenner and the Duff sisters to confront the person face-to-face.

When he got to suspected tumbler tosser, T.I. allegedly struck the individual with his microphone, and the bloody patron was quickly escorted out of the hotel.

Calls to T.I.'s reps were not immediately returned.


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Democrats are evil    

Once a gangster, always a gangster. Times are a definitely changing. Spoiled and ungrateful entertainers will become more and more common because todays generation is angry and has always had everything given to them. No discipline, no control, no class. Better get used to it people. This is the new me generation! Brittany, Lindsey, and now this nobody. Excuse me, I've gotta puke.

2639 days ago

Michael Richards    

#21....are you a rocket scientist, brain surgeon or mesa member?

2639 days ago


T.I. performed at my college and claimed someone threw something at him there, too. He threatened to leave, but eventually continued the performance. I think it might just be an act, because no one threw anything. People were saying that he does the cup thing often, and that it's B.S.

2639 days ago

simon birch    

What a cry baby...if you can't take the heat bitch....craw back in the ho you came out of. Thugs and money don't mix..just look at the NBA!...Sharpton won't take this as any racial thang yall. Where he be when crap[ like dis go down...neva waay...

2639 days ago

2 be true    

#14 get a life and go compete in a real martial arts tournament. Your sensei would be highly disappointed with your comments. Martial Arts is for self defense and control over the mind and the body, hense the word "Arts." Keep at it because you have a long way to go! Pick up a Bruce Lee book or two.

What has the world come to when we all hate each other this much?? TI should not have jumped off the stage and retaliated. That was a stupid mistake. He just invited a bunch of people, especially rap haters to ridicule and call him "ignorant" "thug", and "monkey"...

2639 days ago


Since when is Brandy... ahumm, I mean Brody Jenner a star?

TMZ has to pretend that these losers are stars to rationalize why they put them on TMZ so much. TMZ you guys are retards.

2639 days ago


I'm wondering if this is part of his act. He was caught on Youtube confrtonting someone in the audience who did the same thing. Hmmm.

2639 days ago

Rated R    

To all you ignorant people, how would you feel if someone threw something at you on stage while you were doing your job? If you were at your desk pushing pencils and your co worker came over and slap you upside your head you wouldnt retaliate? Give me a break-so to all the people who said he is stupid for reacting, let me come over to your job and slap you and lets see if you walk away! No one should ever get treated that way!

2639 days ago


"He jumped off the stage, leaping over STARS like Brody Jenner."

I thought that was quite hilarious in itself.

2639 days ago


I also wanted to add that TMZ is not racial, you people just see i that way cause you're program to spot all comments as racial and not humor. TMZ has ragged on many people of all color and creed but it's not like you notice cause it's more important to keep racialism alive. I wish you all would wake up and see what sharpton is doing but it's like begging for world peace, it's not ever going to happen.

2639 days ago

Jim Crow    

Well the good news isthat even if the projectile had been an ICBM
(Inter Continental Balistic Missile), and it had struck said Person in the head,
it would have done no damage whatsoever, Due to the fact that, this "Persons"
Cranium is acctually harder than an Anvil , and is imperviouse to damage..

It is virtually indistructable, (skull of said groid) and can with stand an amazing amount of impact. So for all of the fans dont worry, you gatta hit one real real hard to make em stop.

Wink Wink

2639 days ago

ms. kkjewels    

lets not act like ALL people dont do irrationals things...Jason from Laguna beach....the Stewart Kid....Britney Spears and her umbrella assault..I feel that there is fair coverage of people ASSAULTING other people...however the comments on here act as if it is so different wehn black people do this

2639 days ago


Some of these comments are ridiculous. The racism is so prevalent on blogs like this. I'm not condoning what TI did but he was OBVIOUSLY physically provoked.

2639 days ago


Another jackass celeb who can assault people and get away with it. It was a cup, dammit....let me see...rap concert - nothing thrown on stage....what are the odds? I agree - I hope the patron sues this moron, like the guy that Akon tossed off stage. These celebs are out of control.

2639 days ago


When tmz puts stuff up on about black people you always see alot of racial comments and barely any comments that are just funny with out any racial slurs.

2639 days ago
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