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Goes on Strike

With a Mic

7/12/2007 4:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rap superstar T.I. doesn't take s**t from anyone -- especially when he's on stage! What a performer!

According to several TMZ spies, T.I. was pissed when a fan launched a cup at the rapper during a performance at an ESPY pre-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday night. We're told T.I. was so upset, he jumped off the stage, leaping over stars like Brody Jenner and the Duff sisters to confront the person face-to-face.

When he got to suspected tumbler tosser, T.I. allegedly struck the individual with his microphone, and the bloody patron was quickly escorted out of the hotel.

Calls to T.I.'s reps were not immediately returned.


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Gay Aiken (F. YOU)    

"Whatcha know about dat" typical democrat !!!!

2605 days ago


Screw that rappin idiot.

2605 days ago


I think he was right 2 do what he did cuz i would have did the same thing once again if u don't like y come the the show it ain't like they were threatened to come that was ignorant of that person to come and juss throw a cup at him like that if you ask me they were just shame because i bet they think he would do anything just because he is a celebrity but he stood up for himself and i applaude him and for the ppl who think he was soooo ignorant for sticking up for himself ya'll need to shutup ya'll would have did the same thing if somebody would have a threw a cup at ya'll ya'll just racist and if u got somthing 2 say about that hit me up at my email address

2604 days ago

Repping Beantown to the Fullest blog    

Dam y'a;ll do'nt have no video?

2604 days ago


then your as stupid as he is, no wonder you all kill each other because your only way to solve problems is with violence. Ohh and dont even try the damn race card its so yesterday.

2604 days ago


good for T.I. dont let them think they can walk all up on you, beat his ass and teach him a lesson, too many haters out there.

2604 days ago


This is ridiculous, I've been to tons of shows, and seen things like GLASS BOTTLES get thrown at performers, it's part of it. An empty cup is not that bad. To all those who think this is an appropriate reaction you guys need to grow up, doing things like this will just encourage more negativity. I was at one show and someone lugged a bottle at a bass player, he caught it in mid air, then let it drop, came in on the chorus, didn't miss a beat, the crowd went wild. I love T.I. but these rappers could learn a lot from the rock kids

2604 days ago

lori all talk    


2604 days ago


You people are all so ENTERTAINING! Keep up w/the comments... the article wasn't all that interesting but I LOVE the comments!

2604 days ago



As #53, I said I love the comments. BUT I just read #51 and that is RUDE and unnecessary.

2604 days ago


For those who said that nobody is checking for about T.I appearently 500,000 ppl cause thats how many ppl bought his album this week

2604 days ago


I love how there is this strong racial undercurrent going on in here; the black culture is not a mirror image of T.I. Goes to show how narrow-minded most of you are in here, and in the world in general. The race card is gonna be valid and will be employed until people - black and white - will start opening their ears, eyes, and minds up. I love how we're still refered to as "you all". THAT is soooo yesterday.

2604 days ago


Good grief! Grow up. Isn't there security at these functions? And is it not their JOB and what they are PAID FOR to handle crowd members who get out of hand or pose a threat to a performer? Or, is T.I. on some sort of budget?

Quite frankly, any performer that needs to resort to TABLOID FODDER ANTICS in order to get media attention, really should rethink their skills! Pathetic.

2604 days ago


For those who defend his actions:
You are the same people who are contributing to this violent society that we live in today. Promoting violence is sounds really great to you until it affects your life.

Get your thumb out of your mouth and the gun out of your diaper, kids!

2604 days ago


There is always more than one side to a story and you all judge based off one report or race. All the ignorant comments you all made about Rappers... GET A LIFE!

2604 days ago
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