Barker Backtracks on Custody -- Still a "Work in Progress"

It didn't didn't take very long for Travis Barker to change his tune on child custody.

TMZ caught daddy Travis late last night after his show at Sugar -- with guests like Vanilla Ice (membah him?) and Jamie Kennedy. Trav told our camera guy that custody of his two kids with Shanna Moakler was "a work in progress." Translation: lawyers.

The night before, Travis said flat out, he was going to get custody of his kids. Then his lawyers called TMZ and basically said Travis may have mispoken -- that he meant he was just going to pick up the children. Really?

Yesterday, TMZ cameras shot video of Barker's ex performing some parental duties of her own; taking their mohawked son, Landon Asher, on a Kitson Kids shopping spree, where the 4-year-old mini-Travis looked pretty comfortable playing with some toys and sucking on a red blowpop. The duo later hit up the posh (and photog-friendly) eatery, The Ivy. Nothin' like a paparazzi-filled day with mom!