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C-Love -- Celebrity Skin and Bones

7/13/2007 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courtney Love's grandmother performed for a packed crowd at Hiro Ballroom in Manhattan last night. Oh, wait -- that IS Courtney Love. Nurse!

Love's skeleton, which turned 43 on Monday, rocked out with a few new tracks -- one of which is titled, "How Dirty Girls Get Clean."

Miss Love was then given her Metamucil, her Centrum Silver, and sent to bed. Goodnight, Nana!


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I seriously doubt she's ever gotten clean. As far as the rude comments go, if you don't like what TMZ has to say, don't read it!

2625 days ago

Kris Peterson    

She has NEVER worked out , and now since she gained and lost all of that weight, it is showing. She NEEDS to go to the gym now. Look at her upper arms.

2625 days ago

Mike Miller    


2625 days ago


"America's Sweetheart" is such an amazing CD. I love you and can't wait for any new music! You looked fantastic in "Mono." I think you look great now, too!

2625 days ago

old hide    

I'm 73 years old. grandma and greatgrandma. I don't understand this site. who's the lady with the skinny arms and what the hell has she got to sing about. she should save her strength. I'm going to be beamed up soon, but she had better take care of herself or she may beat me to it.

2625 days ago


I am curious to see the hot pictures of the people posting negative comment on here. NO one is perfect and unless you die, you WILL get old. Wake up people!!!!

2625 days ago


all i know is she had sex with greasy bear davis..

i can't respect that

2625 days ago

Where are people's morals??    

ok, first she's too heavy then she's too skinny. everyone wonders why teens and so many other women have body issues. stop judging. look at yourselves and see if you can judge anyone for anything! who knows what she may be going through. but, you all still think angelina jolie is hot! what a double standard, it is just because of who she is that you all are harsh. i'd hate to see how you all get judged. people need to lay off of every woman, whether she is to skinny or fat, deal with yourselves.

2625 days ago


I am curious, how old are the contributing writers of TMZ? With their attitude , simplistic view of things, unoriginal text, I imagine they must be kids from local high schools. TMZ your writers are pathetic, hopefully once the school year starts again and they get back to yearbook classs they can pick some new pointers on how to be a writer.

2625 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

1. You people criticize when she is heavy- now that she is thin, you are even worse. Poor thing- no wodner Hollywood's elite are all jacked up!

Yuck. I don't remember Courtney Love ever being "heavy", but this is not thin; this looks like dangerously anorexic. She's beginning to look like one of the Olsen Twins. With all the tons of plastic surgery she's had done & now her "stick thin" build, she's definitely impinging on her health. Plus, she doesn't look good like this; she needs some meat on her bones...

2625 days ago

Dawn Day    

You would think that if you were going to perform, you'd at least spring for a manicure. At first I thought 'well she is of the grunge era' but then I notice the hair and outfit don't fit 'grunge' but the nails sure do!!!

2625 days ago

Who's That?    

TMZ, please take a moment to examine your conscienes. Malice has not place in today's world.

Let's focus on the positive. It's a lot more fun anyway! Many thanks!

2625 days ago


Well, I had to comment on this one and was thrilled to see others sharing my view. I think she looks more beautiful now than she has in years. She does not look like a Grandma but rather a woman comfortable in her own skin. Shame on you TMZ!!

2624 days ago


Ohhh ya! She's not on drugs! Who is she fooling!?!?!?!

2624 days ago


TMZ, You guys crap on Courtney when she's "fat", "skinny", "dirty" or "sober" and I think that sucks. Courtney, I think you look great and as a clean and sober woman, I applaud all the hard work you've done. I am on the same path and I know how hard it can be some days. Can't wait to hear the new album!

Swords Woman

2624 days ago
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