McGowan Upset, Stewart Obsessed with Teen Pap

7/13/2007 3:45 PM PDT
Austin is the paparazzo with the best gimmick -- he's only 14 -- but not everyone is a fan.

TMZ cameras were outside of Il Sole last night, where the fair-skinned Rose McGowan got her first glimpse of Hollywood's youngest photog. With a shocked look on her face, the once one-legged zombie killer exclaimed, "What's wrong with this town?!" calling his snapping "just so wrong." She then, of course, posed for him, but said she needed to work on her "sanity" as she jumped into her car.

Aviatrix Kim Stewart was a bit more excited to see Austin when she saw him outside the Travis Barker show at Sugar, claiming she "was obsessed" with him -- after he showed off his iPhone. Baby babe magnet!