Rev. Tori Blesses More Gays, Then Spins

7/13/2007 1:20 PM PDT
Tori Spelling just can't stop blessing homosexuals! 9021-Mo!

After officiating at a gay commitment ceremony last week, the newly-ordained, non-denominational priestess anointed the audience at the opening of L.A.'s Outfest Film Festival on Thursday. Lord, have mercy! Tori, who was raised Jewish, greeted the crowd with the biblical salutation, "Hey, bitches!" -- then had the predominantly gay festivalgoers hold hands while she delivered a lighthearted sermon. Praise Neimans! Tori's benediction included, "Let's pray that the paparazzi only shoot our good sides" -- unlikely!

After the premiere of "Save Me," Tori hit the after party and started deejaying. Mother. Reverend. DJ. Is there anything Tori can't do ... er, besides act?!