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Sanjaya Blows on the Road

7/13/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The talent-free hairball that is Sanjaya is on the "American Idol" summer tour, and wouldn't you know it, he still can't sing a lick!

TMZ caught up with the vocally challenged Idol in Greenville, South Carolina where he successfully turned a cover of the classic "Life is a Highway" into road kill -- singing only a couple of the right words,running out of breath mid-performance, and resorting to the same head-shaking antics that previously made you want to throw your television out the nearest window. A little pitchy!

Chris Sligh joined Sanjy on stage, but looked like he didn't want anything to do with the singing part of the "performance" -- quietly playing his guitar on the opposite side of the stage while the lyric butchering commenced. While my guitar gently weeps!


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Sanjaya rocks! I listen to that clip over and over because he sounds great. I don't even hear him running out of breath, but even he was uh hello he has been working the crowd not only for that night but for every night of the tour. Sanjaya is great!

2636 days ago


I have one question to ask here, which is if Sanjaya is so bad, how come he's getting mostly great reviews in professional articles written by professional critics who obviously know what they're talking about and do not have some hate agenda axe to grind with this kid? Why does it pain some of you people sooooo bad to realize, hey, maybe you were wrong? He has been receiving a ton of praise even from people who were non-fans before. His duet with Melinda is smokin' hot, and every time he performs, the crowds are going nuts! I know because I have seen it for myself. And I have seen many come forward to praise him for the sweet, giving person and incredible performer that he is.

You people, as I said, obviously have an axe to grind and judging from some of the comments of your sheepherd followers, it's NOT about the singing. And it never was. Let's be honest here. You won't admit it, of course, because you don't want to own up to the ugliness inside yourselves. But that's okay. Cause it comes through loud and clear to the rest of us.

2636 days ago


I have seen videos from the Idol show and Sanjaya does really well. His "The Way You Make Me Feel" is sexy, energetic, and he really connects with the audience. He is maturing and he has a certain appealing charm. The girls love him. I think he will end up doing well as he gets more experienced. His voice is getting stronger, and I really like the way he sounds. He has fun and wants the audience to have fun.

Please stop picking on him so much. Give him credit for believing in himself and not being a quitter despite the put-downs. Come on TMZ, give the kid a break. Say something nice once in a while. He is just a 17 year old kid, and he shows a lot of courage. Give him a chance to grow up before making a final judgement.

2636 days ago


sanjaya is the best. he is better than Taylor Hicks

2636 days ago


I saw him in concert and he was great. Blake had technical difficulty and so did Sanjaya. Jordin fell and missed some words! It is LIVE! With Melinda on Proud Mary - he rocked! Read the Birmingham newspaper review! You haters are so yesterday. He is not going anywhere! Get used to it!

This kid is a star! Wonder who is getting the loudest cheers? Blake, Chris R. and Sanjaya! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$! Simon was totally wrong!

2636 days ago


He is just a kid trying to live his dream, and there is nothing wrong with that. Why do so many people have to be nasty?? Okay he may not be the best singer in the world but still I wish him the best in his music/entertainment career!!

2636 days ago

Dawn Buttimer    

I hear he keeps stealing Gina Glocksen's outfits, and Haylie Scarnato's intimates to wear on the tour bus....and that he has the largest makeup area of any of the girls.

Allegedly LaKisha and Melinda are the only ones who can remotely tolerate the diva Miss Va-jaya...his hot rollers and comb-out technique is to die for~

2636 days ago


Wow. You sifted through 2+ hours of concert footage to pick out this nugget of not so flattering footage of Sanjaya. How, um ... subjective. No mention of his great job with covering Michael Jackson's 'The Way You Make Me Feel' or his rousing 'Proud Mary' duet with Melinda, huh? Guess we have to read a real news story to hear about that.

BTW - Why did the piece cut off so suddenly? Didn't want to air the WILDLY ENTHUSIASTIC CROWD REACTION? Would've kind made you sound kinda FOOLISH - your harsh words drowned out by the Sanjaya lovin' crowd!

And all you haters, keep telling yourself Sanjaya sucks. One day even YOU may believe it!

2636 days ago

hello, it    

37. He's a Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag!

Posted at 6:35PM on Jul 13th 2007 by SlappDaddy

And you're a MOOOOOOORAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2635 days ago

hello, it    

52. Why do so many of you hate gay people? Is it insecurity? Are you afraid you're going to somehow contract "gayness" unless you're defensively hostile? Are you not more secure in your own sexuality, to allow gay people to just exist and be themselves? Do you think it's contagious?Why do they threaten you? As a mom of three, I just don't understand the hostility that young people that post here have toward gay people.

Posted at 11:30PM on Jul 13th 2007 by baffledindc

I wish it was only young people, but it's not. For that matter, is he even gay? Only he and a partner, if he has/had one would know. Even if he or anyone else is, what does it matter?

2635 days ago


Omg wow...........and speaking of which sanjaya must have a cousin go to about 1:07 on this clip and tell me if this doesn't look like a sanjaya clone malfunction LOL

2634 days ago


I love Sanjaya, and he sings just great. A super entertainer, and a handsome young man with personality and humor. He'll go far in this business because people enjoy seeing him and watching him perform. And that's what it's all about.

2634 days ago


I wonder if they have ever kicked off anyone from the Idol Tour?.....If not...I hope they start now..cause...Sanjia is the worst.....
Im hoping his novelty wears off very soon. Whats happening to our America?...we got Sanjia, Lindsey, Paris , Nicole, Brittany, and of course...the very idiotic President......
Hey...lets put them all in a room and blow it up......Im sure TMZ would love an exclusive to that........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2625 days ago
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