Sanjaya -- Screw You "Haters!"

4/21/2007 4:00 AM PDT

Sanjaya -- Screw You "Haters!"

Sanjaya believes that his fans, not Howard Stern, kept him alive on "Idol."

Malakar, the Ponyhawked Wonder who was given the ax this week, was a constant joke for the shock jock, who urged his listeners to vote for Sanjaya to screw with the "Idol" system -- by intentionally voting for "the worst."

Malakar tells Ellen DeGeneres he doesn't believe that Stern's fans and other "haters" voted enough "to make a dent in the system." While confident, and perhaps delusional, Sanjy feels it was his own large fan base that kept the straining singer around for so long.

Sanjy also reveals, in an interview airing Monday on Ellen's talk show, that if he were to shave his hair, he'd donate it to the Britney-esque Phil Stacey -- though it's doubtful Phil would consider it a good luck charm!