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Britney Incognito -- in a Pink Wig

7/16/2007 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What do you do when your weave is wrecked and you've got to get out? You hide your ratty mess under a hot pink bobbed wig, y'all!

The mirror-challenged mother of two was seen outside a rehearsal hall performing a masterful left-handed five-finger grab -- big cup, cigs, and crapsational purse on pinky! Britney carried her new pal, a tiny dog, in her right hand. Get along little dogie!

The day before, the Malibu hillbilly slapped-on her "Valley of the Dolls" headband/weaveholder and popped into a tennis pro shop wearing a pair of Daisy Dukes, halter top and Willy Wonka sunglasses. Will the homeless women styling Britney please identify yourselves?


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This poor girl is total mess. It's a shame after the years of work and the success she reached at such a young age that somewhere along the way she just appears to have lost her mind. No decent guy in his right mind would have her; K-Fed is appearing to be the more stable of the two in the parenting department and generally in the way he is conducting his life post-Britney. I believe Brittney is headed for a sad ending like so many others before her and most recently Anna Nicole Smith.

2600 days ago


most everyone on this site seems to be saying some good but some negative things about you. i don't think you are a trainwreck. that is a ridiculous thing to say about you.
brittney, you a really sweet soul. your in the public eye, do you not want to be pappd anymore? if you do, you should take a vacation, do some shopping and get dolled up
for the public. you are so pretty. don't waste your youth. one day you will be old and grey.
enjoy your youth now and your children. you should do a total make over like Pretty Woman.
you have the money and a great figure so why not go out and shop and get made over.
you will make a come back if you want to. you have a lot of fans. do you want to try to look really good for the young girls and your kids when they grow up to see pictures of you?
forget all the past crap, and see if you can try to move forward and start getting yourself into better shape on the outside with clothes and materialistic items. yes, i said materialistic. you are the prettiest of all of the pop princesses out there, so you should look like one if you want too. i hope you do. i care about how you dress and look. god knows i certainly need to work on myself. so brittney, take a vacation from all of the b/s and go shopping!!!! Have some fun. You are beautiful and don't fall into a trap where others try to bring you down. Stop rebelling against the media and to yourself. forget the past papp crap and move on. tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life, which will be a long and happy one. one day your kids will have kids and you will be a grandma. there are so many girls that would love to have your money and fame. don't forget it's the fans that helped you. so maybe you could dress up for them and for yourself? I think it will make you feel better. Buy some extra handbags for me so when the papps get you i can see the latest styles. you are gorgeous. Listen to Mariah Carey's theme song...You can't take that away. don't let words hurt you, you can walk away from words or you can use them constructive way. Can you dress up and show your fans the newest styles Britt???? Please??? I love Fashion. and i am a caring fan. Please Britt.

2600 days ago


Britney, you look so confused... forget you had two children? You need help. Ignorant slut.

2600 days ago

Marshall Jefferson    

I wish that she would come out of the house one day with a decent outfit on, and with her hair done.

2599 days ago


What a kook! And um where are her boys? She'll travel all over town with her big ticket puppy, and ignore her little ones once again. Those babies need to be placed in a good foster home!

2599 days ago


Dont like but for someone who has popped a kid, her abs are in decent shape. Her mind however, is a totally diff story!

2599 days ago


She looks like Stylin' Stephanie!

2599 days ago


Who is this? Is this a retarded midget?

2599 days ago


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. What happen to her. She look awful. Somebody please help this poor thing.

2599 days ago


The best way to go unnoticed.....go around with all your T&A hanging out and dye your hair on Rodeo drive with an entourage and travel in a stretch SUV with blacked out, bullet proof windows. That spells "girl next door" to me.

2599 days ago


THE OTHER THING - how many photo's were actually taken??? I am guessing the person picking the photo's must have a pretty darn good job!!! Pick the worst one (you know they got at least 10-20),you get paid - isn't that how it works for "YA'LL" - better tell Britney thank you, she funds this website with the pics you get from her, don't anyone deny it(TMZ has Mcdonalds as a banner...PAYDAY)!!! Oh and send a thank you card to Paris too, she funds the accounts too!!! Don't hate the player hate the game people!!!

2599 days ago

I Can't Go 4 That    

Britney Spears is sooo beautiful and I wish I was her BFF so I could have told her to stay away from KFed. You can see that Brit is so genuine and sweet and that ahole took everything he could get out of her. What I don't understand is if he wanted to uphold the idea that he loved her, why take alimony, his first concern should be about her wellbeing as well as the children. She's country but he's trash. Too bad Jess Biel got to JT something tells me he could have been a good father.

2599 days ago


boy she looks stoned in that picture!!!!!!!!!

2599 days ago



2598 days ago


Britney is gone, She is so vulgar and gros to look at. I can't stand the sight of her.

2597 days ago
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