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"Broke" Bear Lives Large in Big Apple

7/17/2007 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

This gives new meaning to going for broke: TMZ spies caught Brandon "Greasy Bear" Davis last night at an event at haughty auction house Christie's. Christie's? Don't you have to have money to bid on art and furniture -- especially pieces going for well into the thousands of dollars?

The allegedly impecunious inheritor started his night at a Salma Hayek-hosted event at Christie's, where a TMZ spy spotted his slickness trying to light up a ciggie inside the auction house. Not so fast, smokey bear! It's called "the law!" Then the oily one slid into Butter, where he bubbled at the downtown celeb-boite until the wee hours. No word on whether his cocktails were comped.

He then made his way back to his Midtown cave, the oh-so-bearly tolerable $700-a-night St. Regis.
Greasy Bear


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Zenophobe Alien    

So who is frontin for this joker? TMZ find out who is paying his way. Such a creep

2624 days ago


He is so repulsive on SO many levels. He and his brother need to go away forever. Bleh!

2624 days ago


"Brokey the Bear" and "Smokey the bear" didn't see eye to eye on this one...

2624 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

maybe he is living on wha the has life in his accounts. Sad that someone with so much , people like this, do not do anything ... How hard would it have been to go to college for 4 years, all expenses paid, major in anything, and pay epople to type for you, nd jsut have the family set yo uup in a business. Easy as 1-2-3.

Even goingto a junior college for 2 years and getting an associates degree and having the family money set himup in a business.

2624 days ago


How did he lose all of his money?

2624 days ago


Who cares if he's broke or not. Why is this guy important? Quit trying to make him famous.

2624 days ago

TrimSpa Baby    

I'm so sick of hearing about this sleazy guy. Who in the hell is he??? Why does TMZ keep writing about him? Very disgusting.

2624 days ago


He hasn't bathed in 3 months. Looks like a big, sweaty, ugly, greasy, polar bear. I guess when your a faithful crack-head & heroin user, you really don’t care how you leave the house, LOL, LOL, LOL

2624 days ago


Thank God he's still smoking!! Maybe he will die a fast but painful death to lung cancer!!

2624 days ago


okay, so this guy is an oil heir. Is there a reason the masses haven't murdered him slowly, yet? We're paying 3.50 a gallon for gas so that THIS useless human being can go out and party??? He's got no talent, no brains, and no sense of responsibility. Just born into money. Must be nice. DIE SLOW, prick.

2624 days ago


maybe his parents haven't cut off his credit cards...they get their money from oil not from being smart...

2624 days ago

chillout music girl    

He is hardly broke... he can afford $700 a night...
The guy will go home eventually and make nice with his family.
TMZ must be desperate for stories now.

2624 days ago


How disgusting. All of that money and nothing to do besides walk around looking fat, greasy and crazy while drinking/drugging practically every moment that you are not eating or sleeping. Pathetic.

2624 days ago

The Shoparazzi    

Seriously, when is TMZ gunna stop doing puff-pieces on Greasy Bear? I mean, TMZ scoops every other Mag'net of its kind, but still wastes man hours on this socialfat. After 100 firecrotch stories, I'm kinda ova it!

2624 days ago


While leaving an LA club with Paris Hilton in tow, he made a drunken, derogatory comment about Lindsey Lohen. He said something to affect, she ONLY made or is worth 25 million and he called her a ‘fire crotch’.
I’m no Lindsey fan, but at least Lindsey has carved out a REAL career for herself, geeze.

2624 days ago
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