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Love Hurts

7/17/2007 3:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Either the '90s are back -- or Courtney Love is spearheading the return of "heroin not-so chic!" Paging Kate Moss!

Ms. Love was snapped leaving a plastic surgeon's office in Beverly Hills on Monday, looking hollow, gaunt and broken. Supermodel!

Courtney is performing tonight in Hollywood and could use her beauty rest -- about a decade's worth!


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Bindi Your Mother Has Whored You Out    

She just turned 43 years old, and she has some serious living on her face and body. Genetics will out. To be honest, I have totally lost count of how many plastic surgeries she has undergone, but any responsible surgeon would not operate on her again. A number ten scalpel is not going to solve your problems, Miss Love. Laughing, to think that TMZ is critical of 61-year old Liza Minelli who to this wreckage-- AND with hip surgery.

2662 days ago


What is sad is she looks like she's a junkie again when she worked so hard to get clean she's actually doing this look to her self. Eat a damn cookie and give up those protien shakes.

2662 days ago


This woman was never attractive except for a short time when she was young. She has lead a very unhealthy life, filling her body and brain with dope, dope and more dope. People become what they take into their bodies....DOPEY.

It's not too late, girl, GET YOUR HEAD TOGETHER!

2662 days ago


I don't care what anybody says about her, I freaken adore her! She's such a great rock star and I soo wish I was going to her show tonight!

2662 days ago

Finally exposed - shes a wierdo    

She looks like "the crypt keeper"...

2662 days ago


I totally agree with Farah! That is a great idea for a reality show. Oprah take note.

2662 days ago


My gosh she has no make up big deal......she just came from the plastic surgeons office probably had to take her make up off...and I know if I was turning around looking in the back seat.....neck all stretched out I wouldn't look that great....LOL

2662 days ago


meth face ..EW!

2662 days ago

Deport All Illegals    

WOW. looks like Courtney is using the same surgeon responsible for the Jackson clan nose job special...careful not to sneeze to hard honey and lose the tip.

2662 days ago


The title is so poetically correct it's sickening.

Damn it! I've tried to help that woman, genuinely, so many times. If she wasn't so paranoid then maybe a clue would've clicked in long ago. I'm NOT saying or implying anything about her, but there have been two too many stories flashed by the media this week regarding Ms. Love. I wish she could truly Love herself, and not be self-destructive any longer. It's just not cool. When will it sink in that the "damaged artist syndrome" is not something to hold close to heart and the mind especially? And it won't be productive fuel for her muse or output. For someone who is such a Rolling Stones fan you'd think some beneficial life lessons would've visually rubbed off by now, or at least seeped into her pores, some, past the foundation. I definitely don't want to see this woman destruct any longer, whether it be methodically or subconsciously because she can't stand her own skin. (Shakes head). I truly hope she comes to grips with whatever ails her (besides missing and being a part of the public eye). It's sad.

What happened to the drive and splendor of taking life by the reins and being that independant, and strong woman that you held so dear. It's up to you, one way or the other Courtney. In the cycle of life that you're in now, all steps are forward, none will be good to step back. Don't try to relive. Live. The sky is still the limit, don't be so hard on yourself.

2662 days ago


TMZ called this article "Love Hurts",,,,,Just looking at her HURTS,,,,,,,,,,,,,WHAT the hell happened to this chick?!?!? WOW
She looks rough-to put it mildly

2662 days ago


thanks titania,

90's to grunge:
I really do think it would be a great show.
They do the "biggest loser show for people to lose weight"
They are doing shows to try to help people, so then why not
For a worthy cause like the homelessness. It would be helping them
and yet it would have entertainment value in a good way.
Rooting for the homeless, giving them another chance at life,
and finding out and analyzing what got them their in the first place,
and maybe help others from every being homeless again. I hope
a director and producer read this and really go with it. It is a good cause.
It would also provide people with extra jobs in order to follow through with this show, and it would also allow for good advertising to support the show. It's a win win in a positive way.

2662 days ago

chillout music girl    

Maybe she will get better soon

2662 days ago

Vicki Q    

Please leave her alone, she is off drugs. She is also under court mandate to take routine drug tests...... All of which she has passed. She is trying to get her life under control and deserves a break.... We all get old... and have our moments of looking not so pretty.... Cut some slack, she is a mother. I would hate for her daughter to read all the ugly press.... Lets be nice.....

2662 days ago

Justice for Kurt    

Still think she had something to do with Kurt Cobain's death! She got away with conspiracy to murder.

2662 days ago
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