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Dourdan's B.S. Statement

7/18/2007 8:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gary DourdanStill too pissed off to speak with TMZ, Gary Dourdan's reps released (to another media outlet) a sorry excuse for an official explanation of Dourdan's vicious attack on a TMZ cameraman last night.

Despite video evidence of Dourdan beating and then chasing our photographer, the coward's people blamed TMZ, saying, "Gary has always been respectful of the media and the paparazzi but also values his privacy. It's our belief that this is a minor incident exaggerated by an eager paparazzo in order to create a story."

Sure, our photog was eager to have his head repeatedly slammed into the ground. Watch the video again -- it speaks for itself.


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2651 days ago


Who is incharge of the website at TMZ today? Please tell me it is the 18 y/o intern you guys have for summer from some community college who is suffering from losing the 'love of her life' this week to another girl. Because this kind of whining is just amazing for any 'media' source.

There are plenty of internet 'rags' out there to get celeb news from...and at point TMZ was on top of the heep. But drop this whining non-existent story and move on...or join the ranks of the mocked.

2651 days ago


I really wish TMZ would stop all of their whining. That's why I go to X17 Online instead, and the only reason I'm on this site is because I linked to it from AOL to see what Gary had to say. I don't think he had any right to physically attack someone...that was wrong on his part, in my opinion. However, with that said....TMZ photographers are rude and obnoxious and when someone asks you to stop filming, you should. Sure, maybe you'll lose that "money shot," but perhaps it would be better to let that almighty dollar go instead of risking your face being broken into a million pieces. Magazines have no business paying so much for these pictures, because if they didn't, these blood thirsty insects from these agencies wouldn't break their balls for the shots....or have them broken by someone else, should I say.

All in all, the best agency is X17. They bug celebrities just like the rest, but they are friendly and the nicest of the bunch without a doubt. So, as far as I'm concerned, TMZ got what they had coming to them!! GO GARY GO!

2651 days ago


During most of this "supposed" chase with this photog running in fear for his life, he only asks the taxi driver "once" to take him to the police. During the entire 15 minutes, he's constantly saying "they are trying to kill me," yet he never phones 911. He's on the phone with God knows who, but he never manages to call the cops. Sounds fishy to me. The photog and this story is a crock.

2651 days ago


Oh my gosh TMZ you people are ridiculous!!

First of all, it didn't seem like much of a violent unwarranted beat down slamming his head down and then chasing his Pap-ass all over the place.

And secondly, you guys ALWAYS act like you are innocent bystanders but you are completely invading someone's space (I call BS on the whole "Sidewalk is a sidewalk we can film here" crap ) and hounding them endlessly and then act like "Whoa whoa eeeeeasy Gary man take it easy" while your cameras roll making it seem like you are all cool and rational after you've gotten someone to such an angry point and that YOU are the innocent ones.


Gah. I'm not coming to this site anymore.

2651 days ago

Jake Thomas    

maceo has said it better than anyone. Please take note, TMZ.

2651 days ago

I know    

Sorry TMZ

But you must CONSIDER that the PHOTOG is LYING. It probably TAPED WHAT HE WANTED.


Something Doesn't RING TRUE.

2651 days ago


His head was not beat into the ground. X17 has photos and it looks like they were fighting over the camera and they both fell.

As far as the photog being chased it actually all looks made up. There isn't a single picture of Gary chasing the photog and never once do you hear Gary in the background. If the photog really was being chased and feared of a beat down then why didn't he take the taxi right to the police?

It's all bull. A made up story and it's sad that TMZ would stoop so low.

2651 days ago

Reggie McFadden    

this is a hoax. nice try TMZ, your photographers could die and no one would care. there's zero drama for unsympathetic characters.

2651 days ago


Can any one say blair which project, I mean comeone you all are kidding that you believe this.
I mean come on..... This looks way to fake. Someone is trying to kill me but I am not going to stop and call the polices at the store. YEA RIGHT.

So TMZ how much are you getting for this tape?

2651 days ago

Heather Dawn    

Doesn't look like too many TMZ fans agree with you on this one. Better pull all the tapes and stories quick! Normally I read you because it's funny.....but today and tonight it was pathetic. Whine On TMZ!

2651 days ago

Bandita Chavez    

It's about time celebs stand up for themselves - first, Rumer Willis' entouRAGE beats down an intrusive paparazzi and now, Gary D. puts an abusive photog in his place. Way to go! And for those enabler morons who say famous people have to accept harassment from paparazzi as part of their celebrity, turnabout is fair play. Paparazzi should expect retaliation when they provoke their targets.

I look forward to the day when a paparazzi gets killed in one of these encounters. Hopefully, it will be caught on video, so TMZ can proffer it to appreciative paparazzi haters the world over.

2651 days ago


Well, TMZ, stalking does have its downs like being attacked by the unfortunate celebrity who is the recipient of your photog's unwelcome attention. You can't expect people to smile and take your intrusion in their lives with welcoming arms. Make sure to give your photog a hazard pay and let this issue go.

2651 days ago


These guys deserve what they got. They hang around waiting for stars to come out, they take the good and the bad and they push for the bad, it sells better. I say Go Gary there is a time and a place for pics and whan someone doesn't want their pic taken it should be respected.TMZ potogrophers and some of the worse for pushing and pushing and then when they are pushed back they whine like little girls and want to go to the cops.Geta life or a different job. Gary you are HOT HOT HOT

2651 days ago


Hey Harvey you are a lawyer,there is no evidence on that video so you can't prove time have a stronger cameraman who can stand up to the fight ,beside the one who is running like a chiken.

2651 days ago
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