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Taylor Hicks' Auto-bore-ography

7/18/2007 4:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought Taylor Hicks' music was boring -- wait 'til you read his autobiography! Snore Patrol!
Taylor HIcks
The 30-year-old Season 5 "American Idol" "winner" has just released his "inspirational memoir" called "Heart Full of Soul." Zzzzzzzzz.

In addition to covering his lackluster post-"Idol" career, the 272-page lullaby mentions how Hicks realized "Eminem has it right: when you only have one shot, you'd better lose yourself in the music." Mission accomplished Taylor -- you lost it alright!


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What does he need to do to be interesting....DRUGS, drive under the influence of alcohol, get arrested, have tantrums ???? better still ,should he date a string of Hollywood air heads ????? Please!!! It is time for LaLa land to celebrate and encourage a REAL person living a REAL LIFE. It is the Crazy Crowd most people find boring!!! Encouraging "down to earth," genuine, sane people for a change could actually be a good thing!!

2637 days ago

Micki D    

Wow - this is ugly .. Chris seems nice - he seems very talented .. having said that - I love Taylor. He is amazing to see in person, love his cd - love his book .. Why are people so mean spirited here? Yikes .. if you don't like him - fine more of him to go around to those who do!!! Oh - the TMZ photo that ran of him on the beach with his girlfriend is "touched up" to make him look heavier - typIcal TMZ crap... and why or why are people rehashing who got more votes two years ago? Good Grief - Leave it to TMZ to pull this kind of crap.

2637 days ago

rachel B.    

You people are ridiclous! I personally know Taylor and am reading the book as we speak. If any of you negative people would take the time to actually pick up the book or actully LISTEN to his original music you might find a incredible of perseverance, God given talent, passion, strrugles and ultimately truimph. Something we could all use more of! BTW...He is an amazing person and sorry if he isn't flashly and always in trouble! We need more like him today!!!!

2637 days ago


I think almost all of the Taylor hicks bashing on here are Katharine fans they obviously dont know real talent . They wont think taylors a sucess until hes taken his clothes off to practically nothing and posed in trashy magazines. I guess having a book and huge solo tour and great sales arent good enough but then again thier used to thier dismal idols sales..

2636 days ago


and Katherine McFREE is doing any better? Please. I voted for Taylor because I thought the was the best of the two. I vote for the person who sounds the best on the show at the time, not who will have the best career, which ole Katherine ain't. She can't sing so she's taking off her clothes.

2636 days ago


I thought his book was great. I'm thinking about getting the auto-book too..
Your big fan Lisa

2636 days ago


Taylor is an obvious threat to these bashers - remember, players only try to tackle the guy with the ball.

You go Taylor! Loved the book, the CD and I'm sure your UPCOMING DVD LIVE AT THE WARFIELD will be glorious! You're live shows are the best!!!!

2635 days ago

Bettye Doe    

I love Taylor Hicks and I am almost 80 years old. I still would like to adopt him as my grandson. I love to watch him sing as he really feels the music. I am disappointed that I do not see as much iabout him in the media that I would like. I think that since Simon does not like him that people in the media do not give him the recognition that he deserves.

Let us see more of Taylor Hicks.

2631 days ago

appreciates him    

I must agree, TMZ is just as bad as those people from VOTE FOT THE WORST, anything to get the mean spirit in people to come out. If you don't care for Taylor and his music, then, don't buy his stuff, turn the radio to another channel...etc etc etc! But, for petes sake people, what is it that you get out of writing all this garbage? I think you are all looking to see your name in print, and the fact that he has his name in print,...make you GREEN with envy!
He is not everyones cup of tea, thats why we have menus, why we have different color and makes of cars...get the picture? Stop being ignorant hate mongers!

2630 days ago


take this crap with a grain of salt....taylor is not a cookie cutter musician.....he actually has talent and class....but unfortunately in this society (with all the braindead morons watching the flashing tv box) , talent and class never make the "news".....


2630 days ago

Taylor fan from the beginning    

Taylor is a tremendous talented guy. Those who know music can hear how great of a voice he really has. And don't forget his harmonica playing. My only wish is that he had incorporated more of it on his album. Yeah, maybe his album could have sold more if he had made the music more main stream, but he didn't. He stayed true to himself. But if you watched AI, you know that he could sing other types of music. I think if Taylor's objective was to have over-the-top record sales, he would have made an album that was more mainstream. Maybe he just wanted to expose the simple minded to other types of music. Soul and blues is not down the middle of the road. As for the book, I have not purchased it yet, but I'm still going to buy it even if there are people out there bashing him. Why are you even reading and writing about Taylor? Puuleease! You bashers need to get a life. Those of us who are supporting Taylor have a life. We are reading and writing about things that interest us. I could give a rats **s if you don't like Taylor. So long as Taylor keeps making music, I'm going to buy it.

2630 days ago


Taylor Hicks isn't trashy enough for this site. We need more snarky gossip about Nicole, Paris, Lindsay, etc.

2630 days ago


You guys don't know Taylor at all so you have no right in bashing him... even I thought I knew Taylor since I am a fan but really, I didn't, until I read the book. You guys are just bashing him because other people are too... what if someone bashed Justin Timberlake huh? You wouldn't just stand right there and bash him some more... you'd probably end it! All you know about Taylor is that he's gray-haired and has jerky dance moves! But there's much more in that! All you guys see is the outside... well start looking in the inside once in a while people because that's what the fans of him love him for. So just read the fricken book because there is so much that you don't know, and it's not a BORE fest!

oh yea... His book, "Heart Full Of Soul" is a bestseller and in some stores, they're already sold out. I guess you didn't know that because TMZ didn't put that on to make their story better. Look at the facts first before commenting!!

2628 days ago


How can you say that Taylor's career has gone idle? Have you seen his schedule? He's hot!! He's his own man, and this is why the news media, such as you, write derogatory comments about him. I admire him for what he's done for his musical career. He loves his fans and really tries to put on the best performance that he can. Get off his back!!!!!

2625 days ago


I think in the near future we will find that TMZ was right about this one. I predict lackluster sales.

2651 days ago
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