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Britney: My Hair's Growin' Back, Y'all!

7/19/2007 11:26 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She always said she was a Bush supporter ...
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Surrounded by a gaggle of not-really-that-shocked-anymore photographers, Britney Spears stripped down to her bra and underwear in Malibu yesterday and sprinted into the ocean -- exposing both of her hairlines.

Yup, she did it again.


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She has nice muscles in her legs from all that dancing!

2621 days ago


This girl should not have her kids. Nobody needs to grow up in that environment. Just because you are a celebrity does not give you the right to abandon your kids like she does. She should be a mom first before anything else.

2621 days ago

Sparkling City by the Sea    

And what because you are a mom you are not allowed to have any fun please. All of you on here bashing Britney have nothing better to do. All of you say that she needs to take of her kids and that she is an unfit mother, but yet you all are really fit with the mouths some of you have. Is that what you teach your children to degrade people based on images and bit and pieces of her life only. Get a life.

2621 days ago


It amazes me that there are so many ignorant comments posted. When will you get it through your head people that she has done nothing wrong to have her kids taken away. Nothing that she has done is a crime. It is not for you or I to judge her on her parenting skills. I went through a time at her age when I wanted to party and I had 3 kids. My kids have turned out great. Her kids are not being starved, beaten, do not live in squalor, etc...... It seems to me that she is out at night with her friends when her children are at home SLEEPING. I don't see anything wrong with that. None of what she does is considered child abuse. Look to the true victims of child abuse there is a big difference.

2621 days ago

Michael Richards    

I'd hit it!!!! Nice bod for a mother of two kids!!

2621 days ago


Truly, never ever have observed anyone more proud of a hic body... truly hilarious. If Britney attends Monique's Charm School, everyone would probably watch to see when she gets cut.

2621 days ago


Good grief, what is WRONG with this girl??????

2621 days ago


This girl needs to hire a PR firm to help her with her image. I see something like what happened to Anna Nicole happening to her in the very near future.

2621 days ago


That is not pubic hair and not a tattoo. It is her scar from C section. It's only the shadow and how the camera caught it. For all we know, because TMZ is unethical, they could have shaded that darker to make it look like pubic hair. The uncensored pics of Brit's crotch was completely shaven so this is not hair. TMZ get a life and forget about Photoshop.

2621 days ago

Legally Bonde    

Britney, you need to go back to the Fittness Center and hire another personal trainer to work off that belly, just my opinion, of course! I don't care if Britney has hair on the "bottom of her feet"!

2621 days ago


if were lucky she will just fade away real soon I cant help but be embarrassed for her kids....

2621 days ago


What happened to the tattoos on her stomach? Did she get them lased off? I know she had a cross on her left hip. I think that's not pubes but tattoos?

2621 days ago


Can we say dumb bitch? Why would u go swimming in underwear in front of paps?

2621 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Brit is not mentally healthy.
She thrives on attention from the media. Her career is gone. She used drugs and or alcohol. She looks preggars.
She is pur etrash. I feel sorry forher when I see stuff like this, but I do not feel sorry for her when you look at thewhole picutre. She did not have to go after K-Fed and marry him. Make that tv show about them. She has familytryingto help her but she slaps her mom inthe face and sues her.

2621 days ago


Someone offer her a part in her own porn flick! I bet you $500 she would definitly be happy to star in a porno! She is SO hurting for attention, I think she was BORN to do porn, she is a natural stripper, by the way she dances (or used to). She'll be neeeding money in the near future, and I KNOW she'll be willing to do anyting for $$$. Her mama sure didnt teach her anything about how to even slightly be a "lady". Her mom just raised her to make bucks, and she's paying the price for it now. (we are too!) Thanks for the entertainment Brit, but its time to pull your head out, and grow up, just a little.

What would be a good name for a porno starring the girl from Alabama??

2621 days ago
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