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Usher F**ks With the Wrong Fan

7/19/2007 6:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Usher Raymond is determined to sanitize all the Usher news around, even if he's got to strong-arm his biggest fan site with legal action in order to keep it that way. But the webmaster of the site tells TMZ she's willing to slug it out in court with her fave R&B star, just to make her point.
Erika Jackson, webmaster of, tells TMZ that she's been hit with a full-scale legal blitz from a tag-team of both Usher's personal lawyer and his label's lawyers, and claims that the trouble started earlier this year when she refused to turn her site -- the self-proclaimed "biggest Usher site" on the Internet -- into a sanitized official site. (The legal threats were first reported by the New York Daily News.)

Not long after, says Jackson, the lawyers tried to bring the hammer down on her, demanding that she "assign the url" to LaFace Records, Usher's label, because it might confuse fans into thinking that it had an affiliation to Usher. Jackson points out that other sites -- like and -- that are closer in name to the singer -- haven't been accused of being "confusing."

Usher attacked the media and even fans last week in an open letter to People, saying that speculation about his relationship with fiancee Tameka Foster and the reported firing of his mom as manager were "disturbing." A defiant Jackson says that she won't lay down and that she's prepared to go to court with Usher.

Neither Usher's label rep nor his lawyer responded to requests for comment.


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2621 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Who gives a hoot!

2621 days ago


another Thug I am sure Al HO Sharpton will be in the news soon

2621 days ago

Cat Stevns    

Who cares?

2621 days ago


I went to her website and she even has a disclaimer statign that she is only a fan and no where is there a link for her to make any money. Usher needs to get over himself. He should be ashamed of himself for doing this to this girl. If i was this girl instead of all the positive things she has to say about him, I would be digging up as much dirt as possible to show his real character. Stars bitch and moan about us as fans.. but they have no problem taking our money. Remember this we made you, we can take it away. Good luck Erika... stand your ground and dont let this guy and his control freak fiance win!

2621 days ago


How full of himself can he be. I never did like him. I hope the website stays the way it is. He can't be intimidating people.

2621 days ago


shame on you Usher... Looks like the money has gone to your head...dont worry soon no one will care about you and you will be a has been like Britney spears

2621 days ago


The owner of that site that is being sued should call Glenn Greenwald, first amendedment a lawyer in New York City, and he would probably represent her for free and win some money for her.

2621 days ago

Vick Mafille    

Anyone have the porn video he made? Wanna' share?

2621 days ago


If this gets to court she will win and he will lose. I expect that Usher's lawyers know this too. They will try and break her financially with court costs instead. Just watch.

2621 days ago


what's wrong with Usher? he never cared about the site until she spoke out against his fiance. is it that the truth hurts? is that why Usher is fighting so hard to get people to stop talking about his fiancee? his reaction to everything is what is 'disturbing' to me.
let the girl have her website.... it's her first amendment right to say what she wants... Usher can get over it!!!

2621 days ago

Paris has just jumped the shark    

The webmaster says it's a "non-commercial" site. However, there are Google AdSense ads on the site where she makes money when people click the it is a commercial site and she will most likely lose a UDRP ( challenge. She better pray they don't skip the UDRP and file a federal lawsuit for trademark infringement. She has much to lose...but not much to gain, even if she wins.

2621 days ago


Usher, keep your crap up and you will be owing her $. What a stupid F@*k

2621 days ago


Hey, I'll go on record and say I think Usher's fiance herself just flat LOOKS disturbing (as in, like she used to be a man). Now, to each his own-- if you're into that, more power to you 'cause it ain't really nobody's business. BUT: if he's gonna be all up in everyone's stuff anytime they say something less than flattering about this woman, he better be ready to dig in, because it's gonna be a looooong haul. He'd best just man up and grow a thicker hide. Man! I bet Chilli's glad she dodged this particular bullet!

2621 days ago

Just my opinion    

Usher ought to know better - first he fires his mom as manager because she doesn't like his girlfriend (former stylist), then he threatens a DJ for talking about his girlfriend, he cusses out his fans in that ridiculous open letter, now he attacks his #1 fan site?

ALL BECAUSE OF HIS PREGNANT GIRLFRIEND who is 10 years older than him!!!

Usher, get a clue - if you turn your back on the fans who buy your album, you won't be a star much longer.

2621 days ago
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