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Stevie Wonder Driven to Sing ... By Isaiah?

7/20/2007 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Things are certainly looking up for Isaiah Washington. First, he lands a part on one of the hottest new shows this Fall ("Bionic Woman") and a development deal with NBC. Now, he's got none other than Stevie Wonder singing songs in his honor. My Cherie Amour!
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Isaiah was on Stevie's radio show on KJLH in Los Angeles on Thursday , when Stevie and the crew spontaneously broke into a song about Mr. Washington himself. It's really just a chant for about a minute, but then Stevie himself breaks out a verse and it is truly on.

It's hard to be mad at anyone when the man who wrote "Songs in the Key of Life" is singing.


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J Byrd    

As a huge Stevie Wonder fan, it saddens me that he's showing support for Washington. Stevie is in a class by himself, some of his songs are the most beautiful and his lyrics are just as brilliant (Check out "Innervisions" and "Songs in the Key of Life"). He doesnt need to be associated with this loser Washington.

2617 days ago


Whatever the "dust-up" was about, there seemed to be name calling on the part of Washington. What the name was or who the target was is yet unclear. But Washington will ride this publicity rocket to the next level. Unfortunately, I am no longer a fan because he cannot seem to shut-up!! Dempsey is doing the right thing, shut-up and move on! Prove yourself with dignity & competence. Washington, so far, has only proven himself to be a "court jester", you, as they say, are not representing well.

2617 days ago


Yhis guy is a bigit........He makes me sick He remins me of the REV.ALL SHARTON.
Hes a big bully and shoule never act again hes not that great of a actor anyway.


2617 days ago


Obviously Stevie can't hear either....or he would know this guy is a homophobic racist of the worst order. Maybe Stevie prefers like so many others to turn a deaf ear to the garbage that spews out of this arrogant loser's mouth....because it's so much easier to continue to play the race card. I ....personally... am SO over this reverse racism disguised as wanted got it....but found out this was't what you really were wanted to turn the tables and give attitude to whites. This isn't just my feeling being white.....numerous black people I know are actually the one's who've told me this. Sadly...the first one was my grandaughter's close friend....whose father is white and mother is black.....just driving two teens home from school...the conversation led to a current movie top Hollywood star in particular....and the first thing out of this girl's mouth was "he's a racist." If this race card doesn't get taken out of the deck with the jokers....this story will know no end.

2617 days ago


Man's a jerk.

2617 days ago


Isaiah is already on to greater and MUCH BETTER things than stupid boring unoriginal Grey's... Dumbest thing Grey's ever did was fire him...the show will suck WORSE than before..

You go Isaiah! I'm pullin' for you~

BTW: McDreamy and McCuddly SUCK.

2617 days ago


I'm so happy for Isiah. ABC can go to hell alone with TR and Kathrine H. They know very well that Isiah did not call TR a f. McStupid could have ended this mess at the get go but chose not to. TR shIIIIIIIIIt went on Ellen and lied like the dog he is just to get pitty. If f's can back TR then Blacks can back Isiah.

2616 days ago


Isaiah is a talented man and a great person. He never called anyone a slur. TR Knight is a liar who is now being rewarded with an Emmy nomination. After misleading the press and causing all of this ridiculous overreaction on the part of fans of Greys Anatomy and others who don't even watch the show, Knight is the one who should have been fired. Isaiah hasn't blamed anyone but himself for actually repeating the word in his denial that he ever referred to Knight using a slur. He is simply telling the truth about what happened. I wish Isaiah nothing but the best and have already switched my allegiance from ABC to NBC. The way he has been treated on this website based on rumor, speculation, and outright lies is disgusting. He is not now nor has he ever been homophobic. He owes no one any more apologies. Keep your head up Ike. You have people who love you.

2614 days ago


It may interest people who read the comments on your website to know that Nicole Ari Parker on her website disputes your claims that Isaiah had problems on the set of Soul Food. She claims the rumors of problems on the set of that show were false and misleading and the reports of a heated argument between Isaiah and her over an over zealous kiss were completely untrue. It is so sad that people believe the nonsense and pass judgment based on nothing substantiated. How easy it is to jump to the conclusion that a handsome, successful, talented Black man, pleased with his life and confident in his ability must be brought down. No wonder there are questions about the racial undertones to this entire media bashing that he has had to live through and finally move past. I am sure there is someone more worthy of the hate and derision being spewed by supposedly compassionate people worried about human rights and dignity.

2614 days ago


In a world where you want rights for all, Mr. Washington has a right to his opinion...

2611 days ago


Great@! Stebie

1509 days ago
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