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Travolta in Airport Trauma

7/21/2007 1:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

High-flying John Travolta is in an uproar over an airport near his $8 million home in Florida. Travolta contends he was lied to(!) by owners of the Greystone Airport near Ocala, Fla., because they didn't want him to land his Boeing 707 there.

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, the new Mrs. Edna Turnblad claims that Greystone owners James and Christine Garemore falsely told Travolta that they couldn't accommodate his jumbo jet. It's so tough owning your own plane!

Travolta says he used to use the Greystone airport all the time, but in 2006, the Garemore's changed the airport's master record to indicate that large planes could no longer land there. The Garemores cite deteriorating runway conditions as a major reason for the change.

But Travolta isn't buying it.

Said Michael J. McDermott, Travolta's attorney, "It's spin in order to cover his butt because he knows that he is in big trouble for doing what he did, and we intend to establish that."


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I think people should leave John and his family alone, hes earned his money and hes been flying into that airport for awhile and if it really is cracking the runway im sure Mr. Travolta would have no problem helping replace it, but people complain that hes a baby and spoiled well guess what people hes earned that and if we had the money he did we would be pissed too if we couldnt fly our plane into the airport, and one more thing you call him fat boy well hopefully the ones who are saying that only way 100 pounds soak and wet... Leave the man alone.... Keep up your good work Mr. Travolta

2643 days ago


First off Sylver, Arthur Jones is still alive, so you don't know squat about him. Second, he built the runway to HIS specifications for his 707's, not 767's, and not to Boeing specifications over 20 years ago. He only used it a few years and it sat untouched for many years. Then Travolta moved in. Since then it has had very little work done on it. FAA suggests the life of paved surfaces is 10 to 12 years. Fat boy comes in there and hammers his plane down and destroys the runway. Truth of the matter is the FAA has prevented him from landing there due to damage on the underside of his 707 from flying pieces of the runway hitting his plane. He has to save face, so he picks on the little guy. Johnny boy, if you are reading this, I hope they fry you in court. You have no respect for the safety of the people in the neighborhood.

2642 days ago


They are have plane envy. If you live in a fly in community you would think you would like and admire others planes.

2659 days ago


With a belly as big as TRAVOLTA'S, I wouldn't want him landing near me either!!!

2659 days ago


Heir Scientologist should build himself a space craft. Between his lack of proper treatment for his son, and his comments about psychotropic drugs being the cause of all school shootings....this guy is on another planet.
I grew up a HUGE fan of Vinny Barbarino and all his other charecters, but now he is just a narcissistic whale of a species.
I will never spend another penny on Cruise of Travolta.

2659 days ago


When Stephen Colbert and Matt Groening were flying in Matt Groening's private jet to Ocala to discuss the making of an animated version of "Strangers With Candy," those two ran into the same situation. Their solution was to divert the Boeing 707 to Pensacola and then hop a cab.

2659 days ago

Ricky Ticky Tock    

Steven Colbert is annoying. He never can answer a straight up question without playing around to dodge it.

John Travolta doesn't even make good movies anymore... He needs to get back to his mid 90s golden age when he was making movies like Broken Arrow, Pulp Fiction, Face Off, etc. Not Michael though, that movie sucked. LOL

2659 days ago

ooh that hurts good    

hop a cab for pcola to ocala, you are not from florida are you, that is about a 6 hour drive.

2659 days ago


If he's so upset, he should have the airport landing strips re-paved. How does he know jerks like him landing their big-ass airplanes there didn't cause the current crap conditions of the landing areas? Perhaps the owner went out with a jackhammer and broke it up just so Travolta couldn't land there anymore, huh? ...What an ego. Ohhh, and the owner "knows he's in big trouble for doing what he did"? What are we in 2nd grade? Let me guess no dessert or TV for a week? Get over yourself, Travolta (and lawyer)!

2659 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Geez. man boobs. How disgusting. must be at least a C cup

2659 days ago

The Beyonder    

All the starving to Death people in the World,and the Fat Boy is crying that he cant Land his multimillon Dollar Plane at a Airport.Poor Baby life is just so unfair for you poor spoiled Hollywoods Types poor Baby.

2659 days ago


i didn't really get the last part but no matter wat i'm with John he is soooo cool and funny. i'm like his number one fan. lol so i'm with him.

2659 days ago


What an idiot!! The reason the owners gave, makes logical sense. The runways are damaged, in need of repair, therfore, they cant accomodate heavy planes.

Travolta, is making unwarranted claims. Why wouldnt they want him or his plane there? I am sure the owners do not have it out for him, is he crazy?

Travolta, is making this up, because he knows the airport needs repairs, and he is trying to force the owners to pay for it, when they may not have the money, so they are banning large planes. Isnt that their choice? I beleive its a privately owned runways. If he wants to use them, then pay to have it fixed.

2659 days ago


if they lied then he should sue them what if he needed to land they should be sued

2659 days ago


Why are the owners in "big trouble" ? If they own it, don't they have say so about who can use it? I'm not familiar with the laws. And Travolta's so rich, why doesn't he just build his own airstrip?

2659 days ago
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