"Beckham, Party of 600, Your City is Ready"

7/23/2007 5:52 PM PDT
Sure, David Spade had the Governator stop by his party, but David Beckham had the real award-winning guest list at his Welcome to L.A. bash last night.

TMZ was there as Posh & Becks showed up arm-in-arm with TomKat and Will and Jada Smith at the Museum of Contemporary Arts on Sunday night -- with all the ladies sporting their very own interpretation of the Posh-bob. Cruise even flew in from Germany, where he's currently filming that Hitler movie, just to attend the party.

Other celebs who celebrated the British invasion included just wed Eva Longoria, super-couple Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Brooke Shields, Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy, producing partners Brian Glazer and Ron Howard, and perhaps most random of all, Wesley Snipes.