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Britney, Boo Boo and Boob

7/23/2007 12:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hey y'all. Britz was out a'sailin' in Malibu this weekend, but the seafarin' fright-weaved mom/mess could only take it for less than 30 minutes. It's unclear whether the ocean made her nauseous, or she caught sight of her hair in the reflection of a yacht window.

Mama bit her lip and carried her boo boo, the cranky Jayden James Federline, away from the ship, while barely managing to keep her babe balanced and boob covered.

Britney also debuted a new weavehider headband, which appears to have been fashioned from an old bicycle tire. Ahoy, y'all!


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Zenophobe Alien    

Damn, she still breast feeding?

2618 days ago


*sigh* You guys just aren't funny.

2618 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

slurp, slurp, slurp. Thanks mom.

2618 days ago


I know Brit Brit has done A LOT of stupid things in the past...but I think she actually looks pretty good. At least she is trying right? She has done stupid $hit but she is trying. It is a little resreshing to actually see her with her babies for once!!!

2618 days ago

brian scott miller    

Sad Sad Sad

2618 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

Hic cup Burp hic cup

2618 days ago


So sad that no one has anything to say about her anymore..............LOSER.

2618 days ago


Does she own any clothes with sleeves or enough material to cover her boobs and stomach??! This woman has millions of dollars and stylists at her beck and call, yet always looks like a hooker when she leaves the house.

2618 days ago

for real    

That's like real funny.....NOT. Your supposed funny lines are not funny. They are about stupid. Who ever is responsible for this nightmare of comments should have their picture of on TMZ so that we can make fun of him or her for this NON (even close) Funny bunch of crap.
The word "Ya'll" is widely used in the south, why you think that is funny that Brittney may say it is beyond me. Everytime you can, you bust on Brittney for absolutely doing nothing but trying to get by in life like the rest of us. And NO-ONE is mistake free. As far as her shaving her head and wearing a weave or hair extensions to cover it, that is so old and not funny. As far as some of you bloggers, with such a mean ass, hateful attitude towards someone you only know through pictures and the media. Get a Life, obviously you would be so mean spirited and viscious towards someone YOU DON'T KNOW. You should think of all the nice things she has done, like over a period of time, given her money to charities. Leave Brit alone. It's cruel!

2618 days ago

The Mrs    

dang....when will you guys be happy...when she commits suicide and leaves two babies without a mom....I dont know how she overcomes the pressure of always being in the spot light with people waiting for her to mess up, or make up something like the thing with her boob when nothing else exciting is happening. I think its time you gave her a break, let her try to piece back her life. Its not easy being followed 24/7. Could you withstand the pressure?

2618 days ago


she's so pathetic. she needs to work on her issues, not parade around everywhere exposing herself. when is she gonna vanish for good? i mean, really, does anyone need her around? maybe she will quit real life soon. i know children need their mother but they're better off being raised by ANYONE rather than her

2618 days ago


We ALL have seen EVERYTHING she has to show!!! Cover up! Have some decency for your children, if not yourself. Kevin looks GOOD beside you - isn't that telling you something - hardhead gurl!!!

2618 days ago


Jayden is probably cranky because he doesn't know who the hell the strange woman holding him is!

2618 days ago


Enough already! Just leave her and her children alone. Is it really that much of a "scoop" to get a picture of Brit boating with her son?

2618 days ago


Her boys always look cranky in photos. Bad mommy.

2618 days ago
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