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Lohan Arrest

Coke Found

7/24/2007 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0724_lohan_ex_tmz_275-1Lindsay Lohan was popped for possession of cocaine, driving under the influence, transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility and driving on a suspended license. Sources say her blood alcohol level was between .12 and .13, well over the .08 legal limit.

Cops tell TMZ cocaine was found in her pants pocket.


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Concerned Mom    

She had to have gotten the drugs from her so called " friends". Don't they realize they are not being her friend by getting her drugs. Also, she needs to do what Paris did and cut the fair weather friends out of her life. I do feel sorry for her, but if she doesn't get more jail time then Paris did , something is definately wrong with the system.

2647 days ago

laughing at you now    

This is the sweet little juicy bit of goodness that has boosted my morning. I guess it really is true that 'stupid is as stupid does' and Lindsay is the queen of stupid.

It's a sad fate for the whore of Hollywood: knocked up, rehabbed, jailed or dead.

Who wants to take bets on Lindsay's future? Me, I know I will be laughing my ass off!

2647 days ago


crazy ass coke head!!! i wonder how long she will get behind bars?!... hopefully a few years... but honestly i dont think that will even teach her anything. its aweful to say but i doubt she'll live past 25... its such a shame, but she made those choices...

2647 days ago


that's kinda sexy -)
chicks who do coke turn me on like crazy

2647 days ago

Rock Rules    

Why don't these dumbass young hollywood types hire drivers.Are they really that stupid guess so.

2647 days ago


Can she not afford a driver. I work soooo hard for my life. She has a good life and keeps screwing it up. Brittneywill be next for a DUI.

2647 days ago


Can she not afford a driver. I work soooo hard for my life. She has a good life and keeps screwing it up. Brittneywill be next for a DUI.

2647 days ago


What a dumbass!! Doesn't she ever watch COPS? Maybe she will be making a guest appearance on the next episode. You gotta be stupid to bring in contraband into a detention facility. That itself is a felony and with the 2 DUI's within a 3 month period, I guess that would make it 3 strikes for her now. This has movie of the week written all over it. She can now watch her life story on T.V. from her cell. DUMBASS!!

2647 days ago


Stick this girl in jail and elt her learn a lesson!!!!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous!

2647 days ago


After Paris now Lindsay followed, then who will be the next America's top prisoner?

2647 days ago


People need to stop paying too much attention to her and making a big deal about what she's doing. She's an attention whore!! If I was her mother I would first give her a good beating and then I would stop all this madness and send her to rehab. A real rehab not a vacation resort & Spa.

2647 days ago


Lindsay will end up doing porno and I will for sure buy her movies and jack off to her big beautiful breasts. She has a freaking hot body!!!

2647 days ago


and then when she gets her county jail or state prison judgment (cocaine possession is a felony) you will see tears. They don't think and smarten up before given multiple chances. They continue with their stupidity then use tears later to try to get away from the consequences. I hope the system will not look at her celebrety status and make her a sample to show the equality of the law.

No suspended or probation sentence please. It is not the 1st arrrest.

2646 days ago


ohhh can't wait to laugh when she starts crying in court and beg for reduce sentence.

2646 days ago


ok now will they throw this drunk coke whore in jail..i mean how many DUIs can u get before they take ur license? what is she on 3..or 4?

2646 days ago
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