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Dubya: Fashion Fascist!

7/26/2007 1:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With 543 days left in office, George W. Bush has beefed up security at the White House so much, he's now enlisted the services of one of the most dreaded forces in the Western world -- the Fashion Police!
Pres. Bush
Despite approval ratings at record lows, the ongoing war in Iraq and a health care system in dire straits, Dubya has decided to take on the very serious issue of -- tour group attire! The terror alert has been raised to: Fanny Pack! Signs have reportedly been put up around White House entrances to remind visitors of the dress code: no jeans, sneakers, shorts, mini-skirts, t-shirts, tank tops, and most importantly, NO FLIP FLOPS! Paging the Northwestern women's lacrosse team!

With the new policy, the White House now has a more stringent dress code than the Vatican! Further proof that Bushie wants only conservatives in his White House. The Pontiff merely asks for covered shoulders, no shorts or skirts above the knee. Holy chic!


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I suppose lefty-America prefers presidents who play cigar games with slutty interns???

2646 days ago

Jo Jo    

That's right!
Bill Clinton raped Juannita Brodderick......molested Kathleen himself to various women. If his lesbian wife hadn't covered up his crimes he would be in jail at this very moment.

Level 3 sex offender is what Bill Clinton is.

2646 days ago


Reasonable dress code in a contemporary society is a very good thing as so many appear to lack common sense (I'm shocked at what a large percentage of government workers wear in the State of California)!

Wonder if the nasty (rich) home-on-the-range boots Bush-Cheney wear will be banned? Guess it will take another 543 days for that gift to be given to the people of the United States.

2646 days ago


Funny though, Sunshine, (very inappropriate name) You don't sound independent, just a very angry person, still "hanging on" to the chad saga, now blaming his brother and faulty machines. Since he's not :"your" president, why don't you just leave the country and find a better one, let's say like China, Cuba?
Back to the story, it's something like this, which Bush most likely had nothing to do with, that brings all the hate mongers out. I feel sorry for you. Dems and "so called" independents, so full of hate.

2646 days ago

el polacko    

this strikes me as just another instance of the bushies trying to distance themselves as some kind of aristocracy from 'the rabble' . the last time i looked, the white house belonged to THE PEOPLE. barring security measures, an american citizen can wear any damned thing they like to visit a public building. i can sympathize with those who wish that folks weren't so slovenly, but it is not the business of goverment to dictate fashion.

2646 days ago


You would think the redneck would appreciate people wearing flip flops, at least the secret service would know that those people are not one of those "shoe bombers". I cannot wait until he is out of office, he makes me sick!

2646 days ago


I find it funny here that the progressives/liberals/democrats are the ones with the incoherent rants, and the conservaties/republicans are giving level-headed, non-heated, educated answers. Please don't give your political party a bad name the way most of your leaders are. I used to be a democrat and now I'm so embarassed by the way things have been going with the party that I've stopped claiming any political party at all.

2646 days ago


post #2 is pushing the legal limit on a threat against the prez

2646 days ago

el polacko    

When George W Antionette sez : "Let them wear Manolo Blahniks ! " it's time to storm the bastille.

2646 days ago


Good Lord!!!

TMZ puts up something about George Bush and it brings out the Right-Wing Christians who've probably never had a (life force) orgasm in their life?

How did this turn into sex and Clinton? Nobody can know for certain what's "hidden in this George Bush's closet" (at least we know his father wasn't exempt from extramarital affairs).

Now that you've brought it up, what about Ted Haggard in Colorado Springs....leader of the Right-Wing Christians (free world) who were stupid enough to give him back his job so he can "save" all of you? Being gay should not be shameful though it appears to be to the Right-Wing Christian who do not truly understand history nor the hidden messages of the Bible.

2646 days ago


"trying to bring back values" seriously, does it really matter what people are wearing to work so long as they are getting the job done? S.O.C.I.A.L.I.S.M is here to stay

2646 days ago


Hey, it's the WHITE HOUSE, people!! I have no problem at ALL with there being a dress code. Bush himself may be a reprehensible swine, but the Executive Mansion still deserves some respect!

2646 days ago

Ida Clair    

I just got back from DC. It's really, really hot and muggy there. I can understand not wanting to put on extra stuff to visit the WH.

I was saddened by the condition of the WH. It really looks run down and like they fired the gardener. I'm serious, it looks like crap.

2646 days ago


Well well well tmz is finally showing their liberal bias.But no matter what bushes approval rating is it higher that the democratic lead senates is 14% lololol

2646 days ago


These restrictions SHOULD NOT affect anyone. What kind of freaking trash would go to the White House in shorts or a mini? It's not the local fast food joint. Does anyone have any class anymore?

2646 days ago
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