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Got a New Pucking Dude

7/26/2007 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like Hilary Duff is off the market again, and her new dude seems to be a pretty good catch, eh?

Hilary and fresh boy toy Mike Comrie were spotted having a romantic dinner last night at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. Try the veal cutlet! Comrie is the center for the New York Islanders hockey team, but his "net worth" doesn't stop there; the Canadian pucker comes with quite a wad of cash -- as heir to the Brick Warehouse fortune. Score!

Sources tell us that the twosome have been hot and heavy since a wet weekend of jet skiing in Idaho.


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OMG! all this is doing is making the canadians and americans argue. like geez we are all people who just happen to live on the same planet. like what have canadians done to make the americans all argue like this geez. and what have the americans done to make the canadians argue. Like, i dont get it. We should all respect one another. And if Hilary Duff has a new hockey boyfriend then u know that shes happy, and thats all that counts is her being happy.

2552 days ago


"Canadian Gal here - and Comrie hater. He's rude, arrogant, and ignorant. Got into a scuffle with him once and he's a puss. And he is not THE "Heir to the Brick Fortune" - he has brothers, who actually work at The Brick. She deserves better.
As for those of you who claim that Canadians "suck" and that Edmonton is "an armpit", all you're proving is the world-wide view of Americans - you're rude, arrogant, and ignorant. Look at that, Comrie belongs down there!

C'mon home Mikey, so we can boo you some more, you wussy, whiney home wrecker! "

Canadian Guy here...and Oiler/Edmonton HATER. Sorry but Edmonton is a hole. It has nothing to offer. For those hockey fans out there, the city can't even get a decent player to sign with the team as NO decent players (unless they're from the area and being overpaid - like Sheldon Souray) will want to play in that 'armpit' of a city (great analogy) - its so lame with little to offer (besides an aging megamall - whoopdidoo).

Congrats to Comrie for finally realizing it and leaving those Edmontonians/Oiler-fans in the dust - don't look back MC (even the Great One never looked back at those losers!!).

City of Champions my a** - more like City of Chumps!!!

Stay away from that city...stay far away.

2552 days ago


We are supposed to be talking about Hilary Duff...correct? I am sick of reading all of these comments! Does anyone ever wonder why our world is falling apart? Have any of you thought about the fact that EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion? If people were writing about the intended topics the ignorant raging would stop! I believe it is time for all of you to grow up and stop bickering back and forth and saying demeaning things to each other! This world has enough hatred without the arguements started over who Hilary Duff is dating. God has the right to judge us, we DO NOT have the right to judge each other.

2552 days ago

Oilers Fan    

Must be from Calgary. :P

We all have things we love and hate about our cities. I grew up here; I love it here. There's lots to offer. If you can tell me you've spent more than a few weeks in this city and not found it's lovely side, you are a liar, or again, a Calgarian. Have your opinion; I'll have mine.

And yes, our team sucks and we can't get a good player. Blame it on the management; Lowe needs to stop sucking the tit and clean house. Not going to argue with that.

I can say from personal experience, that no matter how good of a player that Mike Comrie is - and yes, he is a very talented player - he's still rude, arrogant, and ignorant. I have first hand experience with this, from meeting him and his family. His father, Bill, is a great guy, his brother, Paul, a few too many concussions from when HE played in the NHL, but a nice enough fellow. Mike Comrie? Class A jerk.

2552 days ago



No I am not from Calgary but have visited the city and it has 100X more to offer than Deadmonton (& BTW I lived in Deadmonton for 2 years - so I know the place well, and hope I never have to return).

And I know Bill, I knew his late wife Thereasa, I know Mike, I know Paul, I know their sister Cathy as well. I knew them personally and I've known them for years. From your one negative experience of meeting the guy - you classify him as rude, arrogant, and ignorant. Give me a break. Because you're from deadmonton and might have ran into him one night and had a bad experience - you can't pigeon hole the guy into all of those classifications. He left deadmonton for good reason(s). His cheap-boss (Lowe) wanted him to take a paycut (which was absurd - and Lowe has continued to burn brigdes with his players or former players - re: Ryan Smyth, as well as turn the franchise into a joke), the fans were harassing him constantly (the guy couldn't even fill up his vehicle with gas without having to be bothered by all you star-strucked loonie Oiler-fans for 2 hrs) - anyone in his position would have wanted out.

You saying, from your very limited knowledge of the guy, that he is rude/arrogant/ignorant just highlights the fact that you are all of the above if, in one experience (or very limited experience) - you can classify someone as all those things is just ridiculous.

Get over it...he's left the city - he doesn't spend his time worrying what you deadmontonians think...he's moved on, you should too.

2552 days ago


I know Mike Well:

Great post...those of us who know him, know him and his family are class-acts all the way.

2552 days ago


Hilary Duff seems to have a great head on her shoulders. She's aware that she has a young audience and has shown to be responsible thus far. Not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous!

2552 days ago

An Edmontonian    

I am an Edmontonian and a Canadian. We are not perfect but as long as you live in the United States of America, take a good look at yourselves and realize you have no right to criticize anybody. And yes, I'm surprised myself that I'm posting a comment here but the Duff/Comrie item was in our major newspaper this morning (about which I care not a tinker's damn worth) along with the "kind" comments of a few of your posters about our city and country, which irritated me a lot more. Kids from Edmonton have died in a war your country's policies are responsible for starting.

2552 days ago

Oilers Fan    

Your assumptions that I have only met the man once are just that - assumptions. Do not have the idea in your head that you are the only one who has ever spent time with him. I know from my personal experiences with him that he was not a very nice person. He may be respected in the NHL; I haven't debated that, I am simply saying that MY dealings with him were not pleasant in any way. I did not find him to be polite, or respectful, or a joy to deal with the many, many times I wound up in a room with him.

I'm sorry, but maybe you do not realize this, but people can often treat different people in different ways.

I've had dealings with his father, as well, and always found him to be a joy; however, others who dealt with Bill did not like him, either. Do not think to yourself for one minute that I speak on the basis of one experience. Everyone has a bad day; hell, five days each month, I'm no joy to be around, but I am speaking from long term, constant experiences. If you don't agree; that was your experience.

2552 days ago


#13 "If your country is so superior, then why are you reading American websites about American celebrities? Entertain yourselves and shut up."

Why is Your American celebrity dating a Canadian then if the US is so much better?

2552 days ago

Dee from Newport    

Way to go Hilary. Glad to see you moved on. I hope both parties are happy.

2552 days ago



2551 days ago


Good for Hilary, fine Canadaian boy. BTW, Canada is a great place, the only problem is their wacked out Christian government, they formed from a church group called the Alliance, a real joke. Learned about them in one of my political classes in College.

2551 days ago


First, Canada is NOT above the U.S. geographically or in any other way. North is not UP. It is north. Second, why be so hostile when TMZ compared The Brick House to Sears? Who cares? Third, just one picture? That's it? Gee. More Hillary pics, please.

2551 days ago


Ok, to all my fellow Canadians (and I'm proud to be a Canuck too, so don't be hatin' on me): Lighten up about TMZ mistaking the Brick for a low-brow Canadian Sears. It's really no big deal. And seriously, get over yourself. It's a TMZ comments board. Ya really think Canadian pride is on the line? *Pssht*

Now, back to the important topic at hand: Hilary and Comrie. If she thinks she's gonna get a meaningful relationship out of him, she better keep looking. He's an absolute prick and a cheat (like most NHL hockey players are). Really, I'm not a fan of the Duff, but she can do better.

2551 days ago
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