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Was Lindsay Actually Driving the Car?

7/26/2007 9:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cops say that Lindsay Lohan was reeking of booze -- and had powder in her pocket -- when they arrested her on Tuesday for DUI, but was she actually driving the car she's accused of driving?

Her uncle, Chris Sullivan, tells the New York Post that she "may well not have been driving the car," and "hopefully the truth will come out." Sullivan calls Tarin Graham, Lindsay's former assistant embroiled in the incident, "a problem individual and Lindsay was trying to help her out," however, Sullivan offered no alternate explanation.

Meanwhile, former "Laguna Beach" star Jessica Smith -- herself a DUI chargee -- tells that LiLo "deserves whatever punishment she gets," and that it would be "ridiculous" for Lohan to get special treatment. Speaking of treatment, Page Six conjures the curse of Cooperman -- Dori Cooperman, that is -- the New York socialite who's been conspicuously spotted partying with Tara Reid, Lizzie Grubman, and now Lindsay just before they got into various forms of trouble.

Paris Does Another Dog

Paris Hilton has plenty of dogs in her life -- and just got another one, reports People, when she snapped up a Chihuahua at Pets of Bel Air yesterday. The store is the same place where Britney Spears got her $3,000 Yorkie/hand accessory a couple weeks back. Lest we forget, Paris herself bought a Yorkie that she called Cinderella, and another Chihuahua, Tinkerbell, and used to have a kinkajou called Baby Luv, until she had to give it up.

Will Britney Spears Marry Michael Jackson?

If you believe in Brit, you can bet on Brit. Gambling website has seventeen different bets on what will happen to Britney Spears. The biggest payoffs include wagers on whether Britney will be "permanently moving out of the country" or "end up requesting asylum on Hollywood Squares."

Want better odds? You'll be safer putting your money down on Britney being arrested for DUI or coming out as a lesbian. Place your bets, y'all.

Party Favors: Oprah Five-Times Simon ... Jacko Plays at Air & Space, Avoids Depo

Not that you might've wondered, but Oprah Winfrey is the biggest earner in TV -- again -- pulling in an estimated $260 million a year, according to TV Guide. The next highest haul? Simon Cowell, with a relatively meager $45 million. ... Michael Jackson was supposed to be in L.A. last week for depositions, but was actually in Virginia doing some sightseeing, reports FOX News. He's being sued by his former manager.


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I am a dog lover also. I say if Paris can afford these dogs(which she can) then whats the big deal. They are very comforting in times of need. Which I am sure she enjoys.

2644 days ago

in the know    

#19 You are either mentally ill or mentally challenged. Since this is summer I am sure your school has recommended books to read to advance your vocabulary. Maybe you are a drop out. I use to love TMZ. Now it appears they are competing with Perez and failing terribly. Perez is unique and you had your nitch in the market. Now you just print random crazy stuff that you could find anywhere or for that matter make up. The people who posted here seemed more intelligent and educated and could state an opinion without using the same words over and over such as skank, hoe, ugly ,loser, and the most over used word on this site, TRAINWRECK. Now it seems the people who post here have jumped from Perez's site to post here judging by the comments. Their hate filled comments and over used words show they can't expand their vocabulary because they spend their entire free time on the computer actually experiencing life.

2644 days ago

Zenophobe Alien    

PETA should be going after these dumb ass bimbos. They certainly stalked beyonce at lunch the other day. These dogs are living being. Not some fake feather boa. These a re women who can't take care of themselves. Let alone a dog. Come on people. Don't let them have a dog or any other living being. God why did Britney have to have kids?

2644 days ago


15. lindsay is so beautiful...why do u people feel the need to slam her on the internet. ive looked up to her for years and she is a good person..STOP BEING SO JEALOUS PEOPLE~

Posted at 9:34AM on Jul 26th 2007 by kelsey
Kelsey, I don't think people are jealous here (with a few exceptions). Me, I hope she does really well & makes millions of dollars. What irks me & others is her arrogance & stupidity. In her situation, she's got this incredible gift of talent, and seems anxious to piss it all away by being a drunk & a drug addict. That, by itself, would be OK, as long as she chose to do so in private.

However, she now endangers everyone's life who's driving. A drunk like her doesn't care about others; she's self centered, which means she'll do whatever she wants to, regardless of who she hurts. She knowingly endangers others with her actions. There's no justification or rationalization that can excuse this; she's a danger to everyone around her. Unfortunately, she's refusing to accept responsibility for her actions, and is just going through the motions of pretending to change her behavior, just to get people off her back. That's why people are being so critical here; anyone who does this deserves to get slagged...

2644 days ago


SAME OL" CRAP again today...blah blah blah.........

2644 days ago


No wonder this girl will never learn. If it isn't her doing the denying, "not my drugs"... then her family members are getting in on the act. I guess Dina is too busy laying low/realizing that she embarasses herself every time she opens her piehole, so she has to get someone else in the family to spin the lies for her!!!!

2644 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Oprahis beyond , we know. At least Oprah, unlike these brats and somany who are Oprah's age, Oprah puts her money where her mouth is, always did.

Lyndsay was driving. the Santa Monica Police Dept . and arresting officers would not be SO STUPID to arrest her for no such things as RUI( Riding Under The influence) or WUI ( Walking Under The Influence). GET REAL!!!

You can ride while drunk and drugged. You can walk while drunk and drugged. You cannot DRIVE while drunk and drugged.

LLohan has PROBLEMS and has hit her rock bottom. If she, with her crazy mother's help and support, gets out of this ,there will be public outrage so there goes her movie career and studios cannot insure her for the high cost and risk, and Lohan will surely be on her way to meeting Anna Nicole Smith.

2644 days ago


Oh, Kelsey, it's people like you who give people like Lindsay a reason to not change their habits. Instead of enabling, they should be confronting her. Tough love is exactly what it says, tough love. This reminds me of the Janice Joplin era, except Lindsay has more resources today to help her battle her addictions.

2644 days ago


Oh uncle who's just as codependent and dysfunctional as the rest of Lindsay Lohan's family.

2644 days ago


I have no doubt Paris' pets are well cared for. You really should not waste your time worrying about them.

Uncle Chris Sullivan is making a complete fool of himself. Does this famiy think we are all that stupid to believe their lies? They are looking more ridiculous by the day.

2644 days ago


#15: Kelsey, if you've looked up to Lindsay Lohan for years...and really don't get that this girl has huge, huge problems...then someone screwed up in raising you. Just because someone is beautiful (which is subjective) does not make them a good person. And she may or may not have a good heart, but she is also an addict who is addicted to alcohol and cocaine as her drugs of choice and who refuses to accept any responsibility for her addictions.

I raised two girls. I can safely say that neither of them believe that Lindsay Lohan should be idolized.

2644 days ago


Kelsey, people aren't jealous of Lindsay Lohan. They're sick and tired of her, and the spin. She is NOT a child. She is an ADULT, and with that adulthood comes responsibility.

I don't know the woman but that doesn't matter. The point is, these are spoiled rich brats that have everything handed to them on a silver platter. Nobody ever tells them NO, either out of fear that they will lose their meal ticket or they just don't care. They do what they want, and think that they don't have to take responsibility for their actions. If I was the one driving drunk or I was in possession of cocaine regardless of whether or not it was mine, I wouldn't be out and about. I would be sitting in the slammer for at least six months and rightfully so.

When is Lindsay Lohan going to take responsibility for her actions? If she's not out there saying that the drugs aren't hers or she wasn't drunk, she has others doing it for her. Her uncle doesn't know anything about the latest arrest, and for him to come out and say that she wasn't driving is BS. He wasn't there. He doesn't know. All he knows is the BS that Lindsay or someone else is telling him. The chick was DRUNK. She couldn't even walk a straight line, but we're supposed to believe that she wasn't behind the wheel? Please!! Spare me the sob story because I'm tired of hearing it. Boo hoo to her if she "won't survive" jail. She should have thought about that before she CHOSE to get drunk and drive with cocaine in her pocket.

And the latest story according to a FOX NEWS "source" is that it's not Lindsay's fault that she's a drunk and a drug addict. It's Oscar winners and nominees that led her down this path. Funny, but nobody forces you to drink or do drugs. You decide to do that yourself!!

If she actually accepted responsibility for what she's done, maybe I'd have a ounce of respect for her. But the truth of the matter is that I don't because this WOMAN doesn't know how to accept responsibility. Everyone excuses her behavior with "she's just a child, she's just a little girl, and everyone her age does this." She's not a child. She's not a little girl. She's a 21 year old ADULT that should know better than to drink and drive. She's a 21 year old ADULT that should know better than to do drugs. And not everyone her age does this.

2644 days ago

yeah ok    

We dog lovers do appreciate your effort in decreasing the dog population Malteslover

Don't Adopt

Kill a dog

2644 days ago


Enough already with Brit and Lindsey!! Who cares what a train wreck they are. Is there not anything better to post than this???

2644 days ago


LL is so full of crap its unbelievable is that going to be her defense "I was not driving and not my drugs" I wonder how much she paid her uncle to say that she is getting desperate HEY LOSER IF YOUR READING THIS GROW UP AND TAKE RESPONSIBLTY FOR YOURSELF

2644 days ago
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