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'I Wasn't Driving,

the Black Kid Was'

7/27/2007 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Just before Lindsay Lohan was arrested early Tuesday morning, she commandeered a car and took three men hostage -- this, according to the three men who were in the car with her.
Lindsay's Wild Ride!
TMZ interviewed all three, and here's the lowdown: Rewind to Monday afternoon. Dante Nigro, Jakon Sutter and Ronnie Blake drove to Malibu with the boyfriend of Lindsay Lohan's assistant. Lindsay and her assistant ran into Dante and friends. Later, the assistant text-messaged Dante, saying Lindsay wanted to invite him to a Malibu party that night.

Part One

Later, Dante says, he and his friends drove to the party. Dante and the assistant's boyfriend were let in, but Jakon and Ronnie were rejected and stayed outside. Dante says Lindsay was never without a drink during the evening and he even did a shot with her.

At one point, Lindsay's assistant and her boyfriend walked outside and got into an argument. Lindsay came out and got angry at her assistant. The assistant then said, "I quit," which enraged Lindsay.

Part Two

Ronnie says Lindsay looked "very messed up" and "raging."

Dante and crew were ready to leave. The GMC Denali they were in belonged to Dante, but he was sitting in the front passenger seat. Ronnie and Jakon were in the back seat. The assistant's boyfriend was behind the wheel. The keys were in the ignition when the assistant's boyfriend got out and continued the argument with his girlfriend. She then got in her car and left.

According to the group, Lindsay suddenly jumped in the driver's seat of the Denali, started the engine and began driving -- chasing the assistant's car. Ronnie says he was so fearful, he jumped out of the vehicle as it accelerated. Just as he hit the ground, he says Lindsay ran over his foot and just kept going.

Dante and Jakon say Lindsay then hit Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu. Dante says he tried to grab the wheel, prompting Lindsay to say, "If you touch me I'll sue you." Jakon says they pleaded with her to stop.

Part Three

Dante says they were going 100 mph. They say Lindsay caught up with the assistant and began doing circles on PCH, around the assistant's car.

They say at one point, Lindsay boasted, "I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity. I can do whatever the f*** I want."

Part Four

The now former assistant finally lost Lindsay on PCH. Dante says Lindsay thought the assistant was going to her mother's house in Santa Monica so Lindsay went there. It just so happened that the assistant's mother was pulling into the driveway as Lindsay arrived.

Dante says the mother panicked at Lindsay's crazy driving, and backed out of the driveway in fear -- not knowing who was behind the wheel. The guys say Lindsay then began to chase her at speeds of up to 80 mph through Santa Monica, blowing multiple red lights.

Dante realized the mother was driving to the police station and warned Lindsay if she didn't stop she'd get in hot water. He says Lindsay responded, "I'm a celebrity. I'm not going to get in trouble."

The two cars stopped in a parking lot near the cop shop. When police arrived, Dante says it seemed as if Lindsay told officers, "I wasn't driving. The black kid was driving."

Dante and Jakon say they saw Lindsay flunk the field sobriety test. They say when she tried touching her nose, she almost fell over.

As Ronnie put it "It was pretty much the worst night of my whole summer."

Lohan's reps had no comment.


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do you expect me to believe lindsay 10 shots of Jose Cuervo lohan forced three men to let her drive their vehicle. There is no way a 118 pound girl could do that to three men unless they were the biggest panzies on the planet . not even with a gun could she do that.Two of them could of held her while the other called the cops. CAN YOU SAY ACCOMPLICES ? These three guys story is a fake as pamela andersons breasts.

2644 days ago

Rob Kapps    

these kids are a bunch of ''clowns'' just looking for fame for themselves or to try an make money like .cmon give the girl a break shes 21 years old jus like another kid wanting to party an have a good time.the main problem is is that shes famous an every1 whoose jealous of her is lookkin to rat her out an get her in trouble its honestly not right.she should be able to do what she wants on her own time an thats the bottom line.theres alotta other problems in this world the lindsay lohan gettting in trouble cmon give her a break. if you see this lindsay make you way to staten island , new york look for me lol you''ll be aright babe lol

2644 days ago


Yes #2 Give it a rest. Thats why you read these thing in becase your so sick of hearing about it, So stop reading it. She needs to do some jail time.They all do . It just might save there lifes.

2644 days ago


LOL this was the fakes interview I've ever seen. I'm not saying shes perfect but these three sound like they planned this to get some cash out of a story.

2644 days ago

no static    

To begin with, enough celebrity b/s, aren't we all a little tired of it. You know the bad thing about it is that she probably will get away with it, or at best she will do very little jail time. They will throw her back into rehab, put out a statement that she is very sorry for what she did and that will be the end of it. If it was any of us we would be under the jail, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonds on us. Please she was under $25,000.00 bond, that sends a clear message that the courts are not taking this seriously. They are probably all sitting around laughing about it saying, another celebrity in breaks the law well that is to be expected. It should not be any different for them than anyone else.

2644 days ago


I'm missing something here . . . there are lots of beautiful, smart, talented performance artists out there who work hard, for years, to even get a fleeting glimpse of a chance at the mainstream film and music businesses, and aren't drugged out nutcases. I'm thinking, this girl is old news, the execs must realize this - they can choose from an endless supply of future potential Lindsays and Brittanys and simply invent a new one. If I were running this program, I'd be cutting my losses now, and gearing up my next starlette to fill in Lindsay's soon to be apparent vacancy.

2644 days ago


the end is near

2644 days ago

Larry from Illinois    

someone needs to remind these "celebrities' that they are not that important in the scheme of life. They had better stop taking their fame so seriously. When you are on the top it's a long way down the ladder when you fall. Be careful, boys and girls. Larry in Illinois

2644 days ago


I just don't care period. I don't care about it at all and its stupid to care about what Lindsay does or doesn't do she is no different then we are. She's just a girl who just barely became a full fledged adult so everyone just shut up about her. You guys are driving me nuts always nagging and nagging every thing she does get a life. And I am sure all of us are no different then she is but yet you blame her for her actions just because shes a celebrity if I did the same things she did no one would care less since I am not all rich and famous like she is so whats the big deal about her doing the same stuff we have done before?

2644 days ago

Duane Chipman    


2644 days ago


For you people who think Lindsay is insane the only insane people here is you

2644 days ago





2644 days ago


Lock her up before she kills a car full of innocent people. This girls isn't sick...she is simply trash with money....just like Vick....trash with money.

2644 days ago


Put that crazy bitch in jail already! Enough is enough!

2644 days ago

E. Doss    

She is a drunk, out of control drug addict, but she was still able to form a lie to blame the "black kid". I am convinced that this kind of racism is genetic. It is a damn good thing that O.J. was not in the neighborhood.
The sad thing, in addition to this drug addict's death wish is that there are quite a few "black kids" in jail because of the same lie, told in desperation.

2644 days ago
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