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Trump Talks LiLo

7/28/2007 9:52 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mega mogul/media whore Donald Trump should start his own celebrity Scared Straight program.

Page Six asked The Donald to weigh in on the Lindsay Lohan DUI debacle and the Combover-ed One had this to offer: "Find what you love doing (other than drugs and alcohol), work hard, stay focused, get a new set of parents."

Trump couldn't resist the urge to fit a plug in for his new TV show. "Then join me on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' which is shooting soon -- I'll keep you straight!"

Imus/CBS May Settle

Shock jock Don Imus may not get his day in court. The drama-loving talk DJ is miffed that just before being fired in April for calling the Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy headed hos," he signed a five-year $40 million contract, reports the Daily News. He's threatened to sue CBS for more than $120 million in lost wages and damages, but now it looks like Imus and his former employer will reach an agreement out of court.

CBS argued that Imus was fired for cause, while lawyers for Imus insisted that his broadcaster's contract included a clause specifying that his "irreverent" and "controversial" program was "consistent with company rules and policy."

No word on whether Imus will end up back on-air.

Jerry Garcia's Sink for Sale

What a long, strange trip it's been! Grateful Dead's long-dead guitarist Jerry Garcia's kitchen sink-along with odds and ends from his Marin County, Calif. home, and even the home itself, are for sale. David Koltys, who purchased the dancing bear's former cave ten years ago, has been systematically selling off Garcia's goods to benefit the Sophia Foundation, an organization that helps children during marital separations and divorces. Also up for auction: a Jacuzzi and stereo speakers.

Last year, Koltys held a similar auction. He sold Garcia's toilet for $2,500. What a flushing good time!

Party Favors...Cameron's Green Scene

The new IT bags taking Hollywood by environmentally-sound storm? Check out the Envirosax shopping bag. Green goddess Cameron Diaz is a huge fan.


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Trump needs to just shut up. God, what an egotistical bore he is. Everything is so about him and his fabulously successful tv shows. NOT I'd just as soon throw him under the bus. Who the hell cares what he has to say? As for Imus, I miss his show everyday and still can't believe that the lieing Al Sharpton was able to get his show cancelled show fast. This is a man who lies constantly but (sorry to have to say this), because he's black, he gets away with it. He is a loud mouthed, bigoted racist who needs to go away.

2652 days ago

Give cool a break    

When they will start selling Jerriy's earpicks, I can't wait.

2652 days ago


I think the Trump may be on to something I mean do you see his daughter acting that way?? Looks like he did something right

2652 days ago


Hollywood is so wrong in so many levels. Drugs, walking esqueletons, greed, egos, money, money, money and again, drugs and egos.

I wonder why celebrities think americans will pay attention to them in time of the presidencial election..Oh well, as I said before...ego!

(Lindsay Lohan parents should do time with her in jail)

2652 days ago


the ONLY reason trump never had any trouble with his kids is because they

ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOO BUTT UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2652 days ago

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be slut-whores    

Jerry Garcia is dead? How can you tell?

2652 days ago

stop the madness    

I recall reading in the paper some one stoled his estate"s toilet when they where working on his house

2652 days ago


I think Lindsay needs to do her jail time and take a long time to rehabilitate physically and mentally and get a judge's okay she is sound of mind and manner before she ventures into anything else ventured in the public's eye.

2652 days ago


Cameron Diaz a "goddess?" Only in her dreams, this woman is hurting, looks like a guy and has the ugliest mouth I have ever seen, UGH!

2652 days ago


Imus should take the check he gets, wave it in front of Al Sharpton's face because it'll be more than that fatass will see in a lifetime, and tell him to F*** OFF.

2652 days ago

Give cool a break    

I'd buy Jerry Garsia's medicine cabinet

2652 days ago


Am I getting this wrong or is this Lindsay chick 21 years old!!! She is NOT a child anymore. The ONE thing that REALLY irritates me about her is that she is major talented; she has been GIVEN a gift and an opportuntiy that many would-be actors would kill for and look what she does with that gift? She does not deserve that gift! I feel the same way about all these sports figures who also mess up their career.
What is wrong with people who do not realize the gifts they have been given and instead of making the best use of them and thanking themselves everyday for such blessings, they do what Lindsay and Brit do....act like morons, throwing away their gifts, and then blaming everyone but themsleves. GROW UP!

2652 days ago


Trump is an idiot. Lohan is an idiot. Imus belongs back on the airwaves and Garcia rocks. Nuff said 'bout that.

2652 days ago

Say No - To the Immigration Bill    

Trump is Right

Find what you love doing (other than drugs and alcohol), work hard, stay focused, get a new set of parents."

Lindsay has been used by her parents her entire life. Obviously, she can't find a new set of parents. If she can listen to someone and really try to take their advice.she can turn her life around.

I have faith in her recovery. She should just go to a small town somewhere and stay for a few years. See how real life is and meet some real people. Wear regular clothes, shop at walmart (that's a streach) but, it could help her see the way real people live. This is not the first time Hollywood has destroyed a young star. There are a string of them trying to make a living today.

2652 days ago


Imus looks like the walking dead, what a scary looking man

2652 days ago
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