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Eddie Murphy Pops the Question

7/29/2007 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dreamgirls" star Eddie Murphy proved that girlfriend Tracey Edmonds is his favorite girl of all, by presenting her with a ginormous yellow diamond engagement ring this past week.

The ring was massive, but don't expect a blowout wedding. Murphy's first wedding to Nicole Mitchell in 1993 (they split in 2005), was a lavish $1.5 million affair, and is ranked by Forbes in the top ten most expensive celeb weddings of all time. This one, a friend told OK! magazine, "will be a private wedding. Something low key and very romantic."

Murphy is currently embroiled in a bitter battle with former girlfriend/baby mama Scary Spice aka Melanie Brown, with whom he has a child. He and Mel split right before he met Edmonds.


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Common Sense Too    

Dayum, you people are REALLY HATERS!!! Can't yall just be happy for someone? Are your own lives that miserable that you have to be so negative? What the he(( is wrong with you people?
Also, he didn't run from his responsibility of parenthood, he asked for a DNA test. I believe alot of you need a DNA test, has anyone seen Maury lately?

2605 days ago

Common Sense Too    

You people are true HATERS! Dayum, give a brother a break!

2605 days ago



They BOTH deserve each other. She can have Nicole and Mel's leftovers..and Eddie is is eating where LAReid and Babyface have been. They're all one big happy music (back biting) industry family.



2605 days ago

Reynolds Wrap    

Tracey, Tracey, Tracey, you can't be that naive, (airhead) can you? For you to settle with this "dude" and all of his baggage will be equilavent of wrapping plastic around your head; "you won't last!" You've asked him once if he was gay, keep asking him until he comes out the closet.

2605 days ago


He is:
1. A trannylover
2. On the DL
3. A coke-head
4. Paying child support for half a dozen kids
5. Denying the child (his 7th) he spawned with a has-been
6. ...and now marrying a woman he met while his girlfriend was pregnant

What a rolemodel, he should do lecturing tours!

2605 days ago



2605 days ago


He has great taste in women.She is beautiful.He always finds the best looking women in town.

2605 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

Do not feel sorry for Mel B. Eddie and Mel B. dated like June/July- Dec.
Eddie had heard that she may have been seeing other guys when they were dating and he hired a private investigator to follow her.
Why would Mel B., or a woman with sense, get knocked up by a guy you just met and was not married too. Mel B. is a dumb biotch who thought she could nail Eddie and get mega millions by getting pregnant. She will get child support ,but Eddie is not going to set the child or Mel B. with millions a year.
And Eddie was stupid because he should have had a vesectomy after he divorced
This guy has like 8 kids by three different women.

2605 days ago

The King of the World    

Eddie Murphy has aged well, to say the least, he could carry those looks to the bank for another 10 years if he wanted to, but probably doesn't need the money. She look kinda of plastic and phony. Almost too perfect. I don't like that look.

He's getting more handsome with age.

I hope they bliss out in luxury for years to come. And He better do right by the other mama baby's.

2605 days ago


Maybe Tracey should marry Usher.

2605 days ago


Enjoyed all of Eddie Murphy's movies and he is talented. His long-term wife, Nicole, is a classic beauty and non-Hollywood mother (Sacramento).

Obviously, as he ages he's looking for a comeback career (last year) and has decided he needs to be partnered with someone bright who is involved with the industry--Tracy Edmonds is beautiful, too.

As far as Scary, I feel she used him to have another out-of-wedlock child with her biological clock ticking away. It is inconceivable that a father of SEVEN children from his first marriage would agree to have an EIGHTH child with someone he had known only six months!

2605 days ago


Seriously, stay away from trannylovers on the DL. That's even more important than sunscreen. The song should have been "But trust me, stay away from trannylovers on the DL"

Which, incidentally can be the name of the book she Tracy can co-author with Mel B

2605 days ago


I just can't stand him he has a long list of issues hes a user and how can you deny youre own baby. I guess he is going broke with all the other kids he has im sure he has more he dont know about .He is such a man whore.I hate him

2605 days ago


Tracey could do a whole lot better than Eddie Murphy.........especially after being married to dream boat Baby Face! This is totally a step backward for her. :(

2605 days ago


How could you idiots think Tracey is a gold digger, and that she is marrying Eddie for money? DUH! Tracey's got B-A-N-K! Not only was she married to Kenny "Baby Face" Edmonds......but she's a big time producer, and makes her own cash. If you don't know what you're talking about.......please don't bother to comment. And, for the person who commented that Tracey looks too plastic and too perfect.....stop hating, just because she is blessed with natural beauty. Now, have a good day. Ya hear?

2604 days ago
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