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Spears' Attorney Fears Kidnapping

7/30/2007 7:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a declaration filed today by Britney Spears' lawyer, expressing fear that "criminals ... might target the minor children for financial gain."
Wasser declaration

Attorney Laura Wasser asked the judge this afternoon to seal the child custody portion of the divorce between Spears and Kevin Federline. In her declaration, Wasser wrote that the document -- which divides custody 50/50 -- details the specific timeshare schedule and transportation matters. Wasser fears if the document becomes public, the media would have "a greater ability to ascertain the physical whereabouts of the minor children."

Wasser wrote: "Such information greatly increases the chances that the actions of the media could threaten the safety of the minor children by, for example, causing a traffic accident or by exposing the minor children to criminals who might target the minor children for financial gain." Wasser did not use the word 'kidnapping,' but the intimation was certainly there.

The judge granted Wasser's motion to seal the custody documents, pending a full hearing next month. The judge also agreed to keep secret the child support provisions of the divorce.


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If anyone has any genuine care for the kids, then be quiet about how lousy of a mother she is so her kids dont grow up reading this garbage. This is what will do the damage the most...the media...not just the mother. Leave it alone and worry about how good a mother you are or your neighbors. We can't prove anything on someone we don't know for sure. I am sure she isn't the best mother, but I don't know of a mother around that hasn't made mistakes. However, those mothers aren't in the media tormenting their childrens image of thier mothers.

2644 days ago


I think everyone on here is hypocritical and the perfect parents. I don't care for her either because she is just the typical "American" white trash whore, but all Americans love what is viewed as the perverbial all American "white girl". So shut up and get over it. When you all glorify certain people and races this is what you get. Stop being race card playing whiners. Further more she is no worse than the average american who makes sure their kids are kept busy and burned out so the parents can go do what they want this is the true American. What has she done but wear slutty clothes, a bald head and married a cheating man, that's American. Boo hoo hoo. Get the F- over it! and by the way get a life!

2644 days ago

montana mike    

well bliss-seeing is believing. if you don't think all the pictures of brit's crazy actions are proof enough, and what we write online is what's going to ruin the kid's lives, then you are the one that should leave it alone. i hope you don't think the paps run into her by accident, because you know damn well, someone is calling them to let them know where she's is going to be. DAMN, I WONDER WHO THAT IS

2644 days ago


This nut job is now using her children for publicity. Isn't there anyone who can save these children from this unfit mother. I, originally thought that it was post-partum depression. Now I am sure it is. I hope this doesn't end like the Andrea Yates case. God bless the children.

2644 days ago


LOL maybe someone else could raise them children better than her........ it really could be a blessing
honestly her kids arent all that cute for someone to want to take them...

2644 days ago


What Brit's attorney asked for is totally reasonable.

I think some of you are working for Federline and hoping to turn the public against her.

Brit hasn't done anything wrong as a mother, so either most of you are jealous of a rich, young mother, going about her life, or your part of some weird campaign against her.

Everyone has issues, but Brit is feeding bathing, traveling and attending to her children. What exactly are your children doing at the moment?

2644 days ago


I'm more concerned over global warming than someone taking her kids... Beware kidnappers if you take her kids your going to see a BALD HEADED nut case beating in your mini van....and she wont be wearing underware.

2644 days ago

Sraeps Tirb    

Next stop the circus. And the freak show goes on...

2644 days ago


Let's have a show of hands on this blog as to how many women who are casting stones at this young woman have SUCCESSFULLY raised a child or children?

First Hand! I'm one though I didn't get married until age 38 years (after a career at the top of a Fortune 500 I inherited two stepchildren ages 2 and 4 and had my biological son at the age of 42 years who is now 20 years (only after two miscarriages). Additionally, I've had no LIVING biological family since the age 15 years and had to do it alone.

Inspite of all that and my success, I am not going to be disparaging of this young woman. Between the birth of her first son and the pregnancy of her second son, she literally had (three months) between birth of the first and conception of the second which isn't adequate time for one's body to return to shape, a complexed hormonal system to become balanced, brain to become realigned, nor one to psychologically adapt to the immense needs of one baby let alone the awareness of conceiving another so quickly. We're talking about a famous and young child entertainer who was taught to bend over backwards for the public, had all of her physical and emotional(?) needs taken care of during her career and, most likely, all her decisions made by others. It would appear she did not have a NORMAL cycle for individuating as a teenager and (then) suddenly she's confronting her sexuality in the public eye along with devastating judgment surrounding early marriages, including the father of her children. Young women who marry far too early are, generally, looking for a missed opportunity with one or both parents.

Before any women on these blogs criticize this young woman, walk a mile in her shoes. It's not all about money, who's the better image parent this past 1-1/2 years, et al. It's about a young woman due to extreme scrutiny with the paparazzi surrounding her at every turn like locusts in the next Dust Bowl and poor judgment regarding who she permits heself to be surrounded (look at ANS the last 10 to 12 years of her life). I can imagine Britney doesn't trust anyone at this point in her life and she's ineffectively struggling (say the least) with attempting to pull it all together when she needs the most professional therapist (outside of California) and business counselors to work with her on restructuring a LIFE.

2644 days ago


well thank god there is at least one person, Attorney Laura Wasser, worried about those kids, britney wouldn't even notice if they were missing

2643 days ago


mary #49
don't hurt yourself patting your own back
I think a lot of us have been there and DIDN'T do that

2643 days ago

Parents Need to Know    

Would be a blessing in disguise to get those kids away from wacked out Britney - sounds like this attorney is trying to set up something to screw K-Fed for full custody.

Neither of these two people can take care of themselves, let alone children.

Sperm donor and laid eggs does not make a father and mother.

2643 days ago

Democrats are evil    

OK, can someone please explain what the letters ROFLAMO means. Multiple posts have used it and I'm either too stupid or lame to figure it out.

2643 days ago


Mary #49 is really dead on. I'm not a fan of The Brit (although her insane life does provide me with lots and lots of entertainment these days) but the girl didn't have a normal life. I know how hard my teenage years were and how it has impacted my life today...I can only imagine how much tougher it was for her to go through all the pressures of becoming a global star so early and the criticsm, the people constantly following her, the money...just all of it.
When it comes down to it, we probably see her 1% of her day (on TMZ and Perez and other media when she leaves home) who knows what kind of mother she really is. A little while back we saw a pic of her with her kids having a swim here on looked like a normal family but we all (including me) bitched that it wasn't a pool and that the kid was naked...honestly, I was naked all the time when I was a kind. Then we called her a horrible mother...WHY? B/C she was actually spending time with her kids?
She is obviously going through some rough times right now...YES, it's great entertainment for us, but lets keep in mind that she is a real person with a great struggle...lets keep in mind that she is a mother to children who love and need her. Lets keep our entertainment under check.

2643 days ago


Mary - BLAH BLAH BLAH - you old hag. I don't care that you were working at a Fortune 500 company - who cares? And why did you have a kid at such an old age? LOSER!!!

2643 days ago
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