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Cops: "Little" Star Hit Bar, Drove Car

7/31/2007 3:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The pint-sized pop on the TLC reality show "Little People, Big World" has been hiding a pretty big secret -- he was busted for DUI last month.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, 45-year-old Matthew Roloff was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of intoxicants, around midnight on June 19 after cops claim that Roloff's van had been swerving on the road.

Roloff, who then failed a field sobriety test, was taken to Washington County Jail, where he was cited and released.


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cee cee    

There are other field sobriety tests that do not require walking...such as touching your hand to your nose...

2638 days ago


I feel really sad for the watchers of Little People and for the family. Matt needs to use this as a teaching tool for others and come out in the program with it. No one is perfect but what you do afterwards is what counts. Let's hope Matt gets help with this and we need not to turn our backs on him. What are celebrities thinking when they know people look up to them then they do something this stupid? How about our atheletes and our "Girls Gone Wild", our ministers. Where are our good examples for our children and grandchildren?

2638 days ago


he always portrays himself as a family guy on the show, they never drink booze on the show, when they "toast" its always with that fake champagne stuff..Nice to see he's a boozer like the rest of us. I wonder if he gets wasted and throws his dwarf son in the catapult..?

2638 days ago


This week on Little People, Big World, a very special episode about Jailhouse Rape.

2638 days ago


H e refused the breath test, what do you think that means? If he was innocent he would have just done it to prove his innocence. I don't care if he is handicapped or not, he still doesn't have the right to kill or handicap other ppl because of it. If his smaller size makes it easier to get drunk then he needs to be aware of that and call someone for a ride. This isn't his first DUI either, what a good role model for his kids. Someone said he seems so family oriented, to me he seems like a bossy self centered man.

2638 days ago


Well, the arrest was for suspicion of driving under the influence. They dont say if he was convicted. I hope not, His time in jail was SHORT. He just stopped to grab a beer to ease the pain of Amy's teeth marks, scrapping him. He didnt mean anything by it. If only he listened to the directions out of there correctly, he wouldnt have been caught. We told him "FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD, FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD" and he would have avoided the Cops, witches and flying monkeys. No....He goes off singing "ROLOFF THE BARREL, ROLOFF THE BARREL OF FUN. ROLOFF THE BARREL, WE GOT THE COPS ON THE RUN.

2638 days ago

Hollywood Rockers    

Bad Press Is Good Press...i Love this Little Man He loves hes Family Hes a Good dad If you saw those Kids And The Wife they Constantly Pick On him,you would too go out and get just shows no one is perfect...Good Luck Next time call a cab...50 bucks Bam home And no problems....

2638 days ago


He sure looks happy! I still love ya, Matt!

2638 days ago


Matt...bad choice to drive,you know that . Try to use this in some positive way on the show.

2638 days ago

joe b    

He was just a LITTLE drunk !!! Get IT?

2638 days ago


LMAO at the person who only commented on his hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2638 days ago

Megan Browning    

I will still watch his show , because regardless of his past mistakes, I think his show is wonderful and I also think he is a real family man. Everyone makes mistakes, so what give him a break.

2638 days ago

my two cents    

Love their show. Little People Big World. I hope he gets no time for this.

2638 days ago

Dirty South Whip    

I don't care if he's a little person,an old person or if he has two heads if you are drinking don't drive. How hard is it to get someone to drive you home if you want to have a few drinks. some people feel sorry for him because he is "handicapped" my
father-in-law is a quadraplegic because twenty years ago he chose to drink and drive and he was the only one injured in the crash. My father-in-law says he's not handicapped he's just lucky to be here at all ! I also think those people who feel sorry for the little person may feel very differently if they or someone they know and love would have been injured or even killed by this nice looking man. Lots of people look like a nice person but looks can be deceiving.

2638 days ago

katie o.    

DUR DUR he cant pass that test he has crutch thingys!! do a breath test or somethin! I DONT BELIVE YOU GUYS! I STILL LOVE MATT! GO ROLOFFS!

2638 days ago
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